Unit 1 Assessment

1. Formulate, describe and implement a challenging and self-directed programme of study, relating to your Project Proposal


  • Video and Film-making – an acknowledgement the fact that I am now going to use video….
  • the use of cinematic techniques in narrative and trying to understand more about what I am doing
  • examining filmmakers work ( plus some analogue references)
  • Includes interesting comments by Shona Illingworth which are even more relevant now-
  • Into Unknown Territory


  • Looking at the Digital and the Physical 
  • Thinking about their importance in my work.
  • An early recognition of ‘space’ ( but I hadn’t fully acknowledged it’s importance in my practice)
  • An introduction to digital/human space interface
  •  Digital and Physical


  • Analysing the Audiences and how I reached them ( or not) in The Reading Room Event
  • For future decisions re- methodology,
  • Publicity and how it worked as part of the Event
  • Retrospective Audience Analysis


  • Taking part in a performance workshop to extend my experience
  • Thinking about physical interface and working in public space.
  • Useful as it was with artists/ people from other disciplines
  • Florence Peake Workshop (I missed the public  performance but saw documentation later at the Test-Run event below)
  • Re-purposing Analogue Video Workshop at OVADA Oxford.
  • Analogue and digital messing about with other artists
  • An opportunity to show some work informally
  • ‘networking’ –

2. Critically engage with practice-based research and contribute actively to debate and discussion


  • Summary of things I felt worked and didn’t work
  • Summary of peoples comments on my work and my response.
  • This doesn’t cover discussions about colleagues work during the review
  • But does mention an ‘in -the-pub’ discussion I had after the Low. Res.!
  • Reflections on Mid-Point Review Presentation


  • Sorting out analogue and digital tech issues and thoughts about time and space.
  • Practical problems and how I was trying to solve them feeling very isolated.
  • I actually did more than this but but no photos or Blog – just relief that I had worked through it
  •  Connections and Communication


  • Body as a screen/ support.
  • I thought this was about something I would like to show…and it may still be…
  • but it actually made me realise the ‘people’ were at the core –
  • 4 way projection
  • Remediation.
  • Messing about in an obsessive way
  • Lead me to see lots of other events and work differently in terms of this process
  • And understand how I can use it more and differently-
  • Making it a methodology –
  • Latest Salt Way


  • Describing feelings of personal conflict around associations with the communities and concerns how I might resolve them
  • This has affected how I work with communities in the future or
  • What to be wary of if in the same situation again..
  • Reading Room – the beginning – 1st and 2nd visit 

3. Critically reflect upon your practice and articulate a clear understanding of methodology and context of your creative practice


  • How the process of writing my research paper has impacted on my methodology, context and subject.
  • Thee process of researching, writing and trying to fit the product into a formal research paper format told me a lot about my practice methodology and the main conceits of my work.
  • I’ve always produced essays and writing that ‘fitted the bill’. 
  • This time I couldn’t get what I wanted into the format ‘ Squaring a circle’
  • Research Paper – struggle and resolution


  • Investigating contemporary performance  – producing affect and digital engagement .
  • A really useful couple of sessions at Modern Art Oxford.
  • Met some old and new colleagues and saw some contemporary stuff LIVE
  • plus some good research papers.
  • Feeling of belonging to an artistic community
  • And useful technically
  • Test- run and Ruskin Shorts Performance- MOA
  • Working out essential elements of my practice and their association with future methodology .
  • Arriving back at work that I was doing before I started the MA
  • Understanding more what I was doing then ,
  • Plus the aspect of place, space and geography which somehow I had ignored!!!
  • There should be other posts as this process has continued but is hopefully reflected in my new Proposal. –
  • Control vs contingency


  • Reflections on modes of presentation and invisibility.
  • I was keeping my work hidden often.
  • I was confused about my audience. 
  • This shows that position
  • I hope it has shifted now and will try to make sure it doesn’t slide back
  • Who were you when you made the work?
  • Analysing the Activities at the Reading Room Event
  • How they operated wrt to the conceit of the event in both paces of ‘exhibition’ and from a practical pov. 
  • Things that will be concerns for all future work
  • And a starting place for these challenges as I move on from Unit 1.
  • What do I need to control to make the work ‘work’  
  • And what do I leave to chance and be part of the work…I think I will have to work that out each time 
  • Retrospective Analysis- Film, Live Stream , Conversation



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