Questioning the i Ching- games without frontiers continued

Following the trials in the studio I took the games up the Hill.

I tried unsuccessfully to play Mancala  with my ‘scoping technician, dog walker and friend Louise but the signal was poor, so not much  chat, and the dogs kept jumping on me… so we abandoned after 6 minutes.

I Ching

Louise went home and I stayed to read the i Ching. That wasn’t ‘ successful’ from the point of  view of interaction  either… but as an event and series of actions was done, it happened.

I used the i Ching because strange associations I found with digital ‘roots’, and my practice.

I’ll summarise as follows:

  • The links between the iChing and binary code described in this piece in the Guardian by Damien Walters and also this Wikipage which shows the list of 64 iChing Hexagrams and their Unicode character codes… so there is another link here between contemporary and ancient writing of text and the writing of code…somehow a link with contemporary linguistics………
  • Reading Philip K Dick’s novel  recently – The Man in the High Castle, which investigates a world where Germany and Japan won WW 2 and America is occupied by the Axis forces. In this, the ancient Chinese oracle is consulted to make moral decisions. I’m interested in the boundaries between rationalism, empiricism and mysticism and where they are positioned in different cultures…historically and in the present.
  • Although I used cards for the divination here, traditionally Yarrow stalks are used. As a practising herbalist, I use Yarrow as a tool and medium, and some of the plant grows on the Hill. I hope to do further work with it when the plant has regrown in the spring. There is a link between the set, my ‘other’ practise, distant cultures, ritual practice of investigation into the future and distortions of time and the alternative realities of science fiction.

More Yes and No : closed questions about Time and Space

At the beginning of April I managed to repeat the Yes and No game, but up the Hill.

I don’t usually like repletion and rehearsal of an event within my work ( the rituals and traditions have their own system of repetition and aside of that) However,  goes ( and the icing) are repeated ritual practices, so this felt comfortable within the conceit of the work.

The questions, this time, are about Time and Space, introducing some of the issues I had been considering in my Research Paper.

Again, the Yes and No had a large number of participants, with lots of chat,between viewers and myself.

One viewer was from a place I visited many years ago on a memorable cycling trip to Northern Spain.

I promised to search out my photos and memorabilia of the trip and show her them in a subsequent broadcast,which we arranged during the chat.

Also, and this wasn’t the first time, someone asked if I was from Blackpool ( as they were)… this is a reference to my Username…san(d) grown from the sand

Links with site, personal autobiographical memory, present experience really did lead to a very intimate exchange and ,for me at least, feeling son attachment to the viewersand followers… at least during and shortly after the Scope.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 12.45.14Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 12.37.44


Thinking and memory-making

This blog is, at present, a place where I am trying to concentrate and clarify my thoughts into something more accessible and easier to assimilate for future reference, whilst another complex almost random and unconscious process happens within me, day and night.

I am becoming more aware of how my methods of recording information, making notes and processing what I have read, act as an archive and look like as a representation of my process of memorialisation.

The images above show how I make my notes and record my thoughts as I read, watch, listen and talk to others.

I plan to handwrite the text from the post-its into a notebook and maybe use it in a post here on the blog.

Using the post-its concentrates my thoughts into small pieces or ‘bites/bytes’ for re- consumption.

Reading the almost prophetic work of Philip K. Dick – ‘We can remember it for you wholesale‘ which was filmed as TOTAL RECALL and Ray Bradbury – ‘Farenheit 451′, and Henri Bergson- Matter and Memory feeds into my process.
They all explore the way that experience and information is ‘laid down’ and accessed later in the human body and the implications this has for us as ‘self’ and humanity.

‘her’ (2013) by Spike Jonze is also extremely interesting, as the operating system in the title role responds and grows through its ‘digital’ memory of others and its own experiences via various interfaces.