I’ve been playing with Vine quite a lot lately.

Not at all competently, as you can see,

Many of my posts need rotating and editing see here but I can’t do that…Yet!

There are some of Ed Kelly’s Sound workshop during the Low Res which I did when I reached the limit of my understanding and attention and one of  DG interacting with the exhibit at South London Gallery.

Childish I know … but that’s what I love about Vine.

And the HOURS I could spend on it if I …had the hours!

I did make a few  of Vines of a Periscoped dice throwing action on Crouch Hill, which you can scroll through and find…and I’ve embedded the  one which works best here :

Dice-Rolling on Crouch Hill Periscope stream Vined

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 17.50.04


This seemed appropriate as a Ritual action on continual repeat..

I liked that…

There’s also a couple of my son faffing with some music ( sorry Ferg) and few Liked re-Vines with Cory and Aaron… daft but make me chortle in that bloke humour sort of way ( I try to ignore the sexism…same as always..and look to the banality only) and then in the middle of the banal is the beautifully crafted and the political satirical.

Wondering if this is a way to re- broadcast my Periscope stream from the saved Camera Roll.

Why would I want to…. is it appropriate..when should I do it if I do.

For the Dice Rolling it seems appropriate.

I’ll re think for each action I guess.

I did feel it was appropriate for the action of at all times and in all places but only the laying down of the piece itself.

I can’t edit Vine on my phone (Old 4S and it won’t let me do lots of things…the apps have moved fast …can’t get the updates) so despite spending hours on a demo of iExplorer I couldn’t get the clip I’d made into the App on my phone

(UPDATE  4th MAY – I’ve got a new SE and now can’t get it to find the vid…not trying any more..till next time..)

Anyway I made this  clip and put it on Vimeo.

Maybe it’ll make it’s way to Vine eventually…defeats the object of timeliness really but Hey Ho…

One interesting thing about Vine from a personal POV is that it pleased me when one of Ferg’s Vine friends, ( met in real life and time through Vine) then went to Paris to a meeting of Viners and met the Real ( yes, the Real) Cory!

Somehow in a sad, sad way I felt ‘connected’ to the Youth of Today……and it was a good feeling……….

 UPDATE- 4th May- maybe I should reconsider Vining my Periscope streams… especially since the demise of Katch …..

Remembering and re-researching Ritually Reading and Researching – what’s left on Social Media as an Archive?

Way back in 2012 I saw ]performance space[ and connection time at  The Performance Exchange  part of SVArts at Stroud Festival.

I was drawn to their work on several different levels.

Their use of a plan but not script.Their sense of chaotic collaboration.The way they involved live audience, directly and intimately.The lack of separation between performer, performance, audience, participant.Their use of Social Media ( Twitter) to extend their work outside the performance space of The Shed.

Later, in 2013,  I joined in their work  Ritually Reading and Researching  via Twitter.

Ritually Reading & Researching is a new live & web-based research laboratory. A durational -12 hour – experiment at the intersections of visual-performance processes and critical research. The lab takes place from midday to midnight, commencing at 12 midday (SHARP!) at ]performance s p a c e [, with lunch and an introductory discussion. Participants are then ruled by time (literally, there is an alarm on the hour, every hour) and move between ]ps[ and the Live Art Development Agency’s Study Room.

I’ve thought a lot about their work since then, especially with my continuing readings on Crouch Hill, which in many cases involve me reading and researching, in the space I am researching…., with the occasional coincidental appearance of others, often dogs and their owners, who make a contribution.

The ‘space ‘ of the hill is available 24 hours a day….to a ‘local’  which highlights this quote I noticed in the  RRR webpage documentation from Lucy Lippard’s Lure of the Local

Inherent in the local is the concept of place –  a portion of
land/town/cityscape seen from the inside, the resonance of a specific
location that is known and familiar. Most often place applies to our own
‘local’ entwined with personal memory known or unknown histories, marks
made in land that provoke and evoke. ( Lippard, 1997 p7)

I read this book some years ago and will re- read over the next few months...Strong residual memories of this work have lead to some of the methodologies in my practice, but adapted for me, in this space with my particular research concerns.

I also looked at this work Li-E  Chen’s 24 hours in Dreams at the Battersea Arts Centre which uses Twitter  for interaction.

The Twitter feed then also remains as an archive of the conversations and discussion which came out of the performance.


A question of identity – managing my social media

A short post to remind me of things for consideration.

VPN or no VPN: Both my sons use one for streaming from American sources.But from my point of view; I don’t travel much, I don’t really have a network to access, and I have no need to get round any access restrictions at the moment…But from a security point of view, it maybe wise…?

Would my location still be detected? In some ways this is necessary, I think for my work…as it references location, but from a security point of view , I’m not sure.

I also wonder if I could use one to play around with ‘my location’ from the POV of my work in the future….Part of me feels, ‘why should I?’ which is childish, I guess…I’ll carry on thinking about this

My different professional identities

I need some different social media accounts for the different branches of my work work.

I am aware of possible conflicts between areas of my present research process and other aspects of my community practice ( art and my other profession)

I already recognise the need for different websites/ blogs for these as they have different audiences and need different access but am uncertain about Twitter, Periscope and others. As I investigate more and want to link some accounts to others…create some sort of commonality but retain differing priorities in each area.

There are areas of my work where expressing political views is inappropriate and ill advised, and others where it is essential..

A hard bridge to negotiate and I feel it will be a process that continues.