Immediacy, Remediation, Hypermediation
By Roman Broberg and Lawrence Elezovic
Digital Imagining 1
Professor Claudia Jacques
December 12, 2012
Highlights of Immediacy: -The ability to immediately differentiate the scenery and objects in the picture with no confusion and to be in an immediate relationship with the contents of a medium.

-Has manifested itself significantly different from the Renaissance to the present day.

-Immediacy is also at work in two-and three-dimensional images projected on to traditional computer, film, or television screens.

Highlights of Hypermediacy: -In digital media today, the practice of Hypermediacy is most evident in the “window style” of the World Wide Web pages, the desktop interface, multimedia programs, and video games.

-It is a visual style that “privileges fragmentation, indeterminacy, and heterogeneity and emphasizes process or performance rather than the finished art object.” (William J. Mitchell)

Remediation: -Remediation is when the content of a work has been borrowed, but the medium has not been appropriated or quoted to remake an older work.

-Always operates under the current cultural assumptions about immediacy and hypermediacy.

-The digital medium can be more aggressive in its remediation. It can try to refashion the older medium or media entirely, while still marking the presence of the older media and therefore maintaining a sense of multiplicity or hypermediacy.


Immediacy: The quality of bringing one into direct and instant involvement with something.

Remediation: is the incorporation or representation of one medium in another medium. The remediation of old content to new content.

Hypermediation: Media being affected by other types of media excessively. Ex. A web page (Text, images, sound, video…)

Media is constantly changing and affecting other types of media, causing the creation of new types of media.

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