Final Show: #CrouchHillBanbury

Despite the recent Periscope app update which now allows permanent archive of Broadcasts with chat, I made the decision to allow auto-delete after 24 hours.

The ephemerality and impermanence is an essential component of my work and process, highlighting the concept of dynamic socially created space.

Traces of previous broadcasts are now no longer visible as they were previously

Paradoxically, the events below are heavily documented through Screen-shots from the Broadcasts, created within the 24 hrs before they became unavailable……

it’s really hard to let things go…especially when you need evidence of your process….


John Ruskin – Work:

15th July

I read aloud from John Ruskin’s lecture ‘ Work ‘ delivered at the Working Men’s Institute Camberwell in 1865,( which is now the South London Gallery……..?)

to link my location on Crouch Hill in Oxfordshire with Camberwell. This also served as a point for further reflections on work, labour, art and relative positions in contemporary society.

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There were 130 in the Lifestream audience at one point and generally retention was better with people usually sticking it out for a while on each brief Scope.I’m finding the stats interesting to analyse despite not searching for ‘Likes’.

I decided to leave the tent up for the duration of the Show, over the weekend and for the rest of the week until Tuesday evening.

I wrote a note to explain and left it in the tent. I left contact details as well, out of courtesy.

Often, teens camp-out and sometimes just leave the tents.

I didn’t want it to be damaged, removed, offend someone unnecessarily or occupied by another person!

Martin Fiennes – Broughton Castle:

16th July:

Martin’s parents are Lord and Lady Saye and Sele.

William FIENNES (1st Viscount Saye and Sele).The only son of Richard Fiennes, 7th Lord Saye and Sele, he was educated at New College, Oxford, and succeeded to his father’s lordship (barony) in 1613. English politician and promoter of colonization in America. He was a Puritan in religious sympathy and a leader in the House of Lords of the opposition to James I and Charles I.

I invited Martin to Crouch Hill, where he spoke of his visions for the preservation of areas of countryside, whilst accommodating the need for housing into the future. He also talked of  his imaginings of the Puritan and Royalist troops, noisily riding up and down past the foot of the Hill along what is now a busy B road, prior to the siege of Banbury Castle, and the Battle of Edge Hill in 1642.

It brought the past alive for a moment or two, and changed my visions of the present.

He was surprised and amused by the 249 viewers.

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Dozing in my Tent:

17th July

I just started to broadcast  and lay down in a warm tent for a doze…showed the sky to  over a hundred people…Strange, this periscope business…

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33 comments! and a surprising number of viewers.

also found a note when I opened the tent…. it said ‘PLEASE DON’T ‘

I wasn’t sure what they wanted me not to do?
Stay….? Go…?

Some dog-walkers came past and had a chat

Paul Mobbs (@ramblinactivist) :

17th July

I’d invited Paul to talk as he has a deep knowledge of the Quaker Civil War history of the area and an involvement in peace activism in contemporary conflict.

He forms a link from this final work to my initial investigations in Croughton , the Reading Room and RAF Croughton.

In fact, when he arrived he didn’t want to talk about those topics at all but lead a popular walk around the Hill discussing local geology and its implications.

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Edith Eisler, 

18th July

This was the anniversary of Edith’s death in 2011. A  violinist, teacher, noted musician and critic.This is  a recording of her playing Hindemith 

I told the story of how my father became friends with Edith and her family during WWII, following their movement from Vienna to Britain.

Also their subsequent correspondence whilst my father found and located in Japanese POW camp in the Far East, and following his release.

This family correspondence continued, even following my father’s death.

Her kindness has enabled me to pursue this Post-Graduate study.

(Along with a Vice- Chancellors Scholarship from The University of the Arts London).

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iChing and Philip K. Dick

19th July

I am interested in the link between subjective evaluation involved in Divination practice and ritual with the binary code which underlies all things digital.

See this article here in The Guardian

and this J Proteome Sci Comput Biol. 2012; 2012(1): 3. Published online 2012. doi: 10.7243/2050-2273-1-3

I had hoped to use yarrow stalks from the Hill but the season was late and there were few available.

I’d also thought of using Glo-sticks but their popularity at the Public View put paid to that…everyone wore them home..

So I used the cards I’d used in previous broadcasts.

The whole event became ludicrous…more so than other Scopes, as Tia and Purdy, the dogs belonging to my ‘assistant’ were in playful mood.

In the end one of the dogs, Purdy, selected one of the cards…

I read from Philip K Dick, the visionary writer, who cites the iChing in The Man in The High Castle.

His alternative outcome from WWII, and the implications, are  worth re- considering now, I believe. The sun set, the moon was almost full.

In total with Louise’s simultaneous broadcast of the event, there were over 750 viewers..


These were the cards selected.


Humbleness and sincerity when comprehending will increase knowledge.


Dense clouds suggest postponing the action till after the rain.


The steadfast and persistent traveller will have good luck.

Make of that, what you will….

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UAL Summer Show: Camberwell College of Arts, Wilson Road, London SE5 8LU

20th July

I went to the Final Crit with my cohort at Camberwell. Saw many of my colleagues and enjoyed seeing the Show.

It was odd walking into an exhibition containing my own work but where I had delegated set-up to colleagues. They had displayed many of the bowls around the building but as these are now empty they had been removed.

The last remaining had been give a plinth, two bowls placed one inside the other with a top light in a dark space. It looked tremendous! Donald Takeshita-Guy had been mainly responsible and is keen on developing his curation skills.

It worked really well


Later, Clara and I met with the collective of artists to talk about plans for our residency in Norway in 3 weeks time. Very exciting.

Little Venice Studio  with Clara Duran, Keir Williams,  Dave Meckin, Alice Helps, Joe Fairweather-Hole

and then…..NORWAY RESIDENCY and Neptune Developers Camp, Melbu, Nordland

Neptun Introduction

and as Manuel from MAFAD said

” So long and thanks for all the fish”

Its been amazing,  Thanks Jonathan K!

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#CrouchHill Banbury #Public View #Camberwellual

Louise messaged me this photo of the yarrow emerging on the morning on the Public View…

Better late than never…YARROW

Some of the people who had been involved in the events, gathered over the evening at the summit.

Several of us were broadcasting the event via Periscope and others who had been involved but couldn’t be there in person ‘hopped on’…

Some people managed both- to be there at a distance and then join in person…


Some of the sharing paraphernalia…

People brought Champagne and flowers



The Covenant of Salt, ‘Twitter’ chocolates, and Mystic Writing pads were enjoyed by many… even those who claimed no artistic talent!

Games had unexpected winners..or no winners at all depending on the play.

People were Periscoping people Periscoping people Periscoping ………etc


Clara Duran was taking photos of the Summer Show in Camberwell at the same time, and watching proceedings on Periscope on Jonathan’s phone ( see later)

I hadn’t realised that they had also announced Clara and my Residency Award in Norway  at the award ceremony.


Here are images of some of the group’s work : Clara, Tristan ( our work has some similarities..) Pete ( who I have still never met!), Pascale, Donald, Yvonne and Sharon


Some examples of the simultaneous images taken and simultaneous events ( if the clocks on our phones and cameras and image files are to be believed ) in Camberwell and on Crouch Hill.









Below are some screen shots which show the involvement of the Periscope audience when I went to find Clare Carswell, who also took many of the documentation photos – Thanks Clare)

She had been following proceedings on the phone but then drove to the Hill to try to find us.

I had thought of putting up signs but it would have changed the event and the Happenstance element for people who hadn’t had direct invitations

Also it was fun to see people randomly wandering around, getting lost, finding each other, talking to strangers, and eventually finding us at the summit!


‘ I’ve never seen so many Lost People!’ – Thanks JimStr

People made it to the top, physically and via our Live streams.


Drawing time is Catherine Lette,  who was documenting her visit to the Summer Show Private View in Wilson Road, Camberwell and simultaneous experience of Crouch Hill, Public View and some of my work in the process

The Screen shots below are from my Stream


These are from Catherine’s @drawingtime phone and stream


These are from Sharon Bertram’s


Here’s an example of chat during the stream…Anything from dog snacks to Brexit

Which at least gives it some time-reference.

Importantly, people  visiting the Show did seem to be accessing the Periscope Broadcasts at least via the Twitter feed from the Username on the Chocolates!

[EDIT 21st July:  There were large numbers in the LiveStream Audience by the end of the Show – over 700 for the last broadcast ]


Finishing with some amusing screen shot showing middle-ages people whth Glo=Stick necklaces.

I’ll never forget wending our way down the Hill carrying the tent etc, winding through the woodland in the dusk, Glo-necklaces bobbing up and down in the distance…Sadly not on the Broadcast


The event went well with some good interaction and a reasonable audience in both ‘locations’, from 30- 159 on the stream…not that I’m counting! ( Ha!)


Blog re-considered

I’ve been really struggling with writing this blog for some time now and have allowed it to become a barrier to my work. I have lots of drafts of half- written posts, uncompleted for a variety of reasons.

I have concerns over the content and whether or not it should be in the public domain (something I have discussed briefly in a previous post).

To some extent this is because of the ( possible) sensitivity of some of the content. I understand that some of this can be overcome through Password protection and Private posting so I have been re- considering ( long and hard) which, if either, is most appropriate for some of these posts.

Some of the issues are laid out here:

  • My community – based work is often with vulnerable people: the elderly, people with dementia and their carers and children, sometimes with disabilities.

Issues of confidentiality and safe-guarding are paramount when working in this area and the protocol is different for every organisation, so it seems and changes frequently.

I don’t always , at the moment, feel it is appropriate to display images of the groups I have been working with on this Blog.

Some of the meetings I attend as a community-based artist are with local district councils and other similar organisations and I do not feel it appropriate to discuss the policy content involved within these meetings on the blog.

  • My independent practice has involved some visits to public footpaths around used and disused military -sites.

At the moment I am still unclear as to what images should be distributed on-line.

I’m not clear about what my work is ‘doing’ and don’t want to post yet until things are more resolved.

I appreciate that writing the blog can help with this but sometimes I get so involved with the blog I get distracted from the work and would prefer to work through things in a different written medium. ( Diagram/ poster/ sketchbook/laying stuff out – a more ‘physical’ way)

  • I’ve also been finding that, instead of feeling inspired by the work of colleagues on the course, I have been feeling overwhelmed in a variety of ways, both in terms of quantity and content.

This has added to an unusual but pervasive lack of confidence. I’m investigating the reasons for  this! I know it’s about me not them!

I must keep reminding myself that ‘It’s not a competition! or a race!’ I’ve not encountered this feeling before…previously just been happy to ‘do my own thing’…..

  • Logging on to write has become unpleasant!

Having had a chat with Jon S, a colleague, about the thought process involved in writing with pete and paper and concentrating by removing ‘self’ from a digital environment, I’ve realised that one way to overcome this is to write in the old fashioned way in my sketch/notebook and then re-write in the Blog what is appropriate.

I have MacSpeech software so this shouldn’t be too laborious – and may help me to organise my thoughts more quickly.

  • Screens seem to bugger my eyes up and when my eyes are tired writing the blog is difficult. This increases my frustration and unusual but present negativity.

Another reason for the transcript idea!

And I must remind myself that, in the end…

This MA is about The Work not the Blog.

Work…process and progress?

This post is an introduction to a few future posts to put them into  a personal context.

I realise that most of my posts seem to be about other people’s work, workshops and exhibitions I’ve been to, lectures etc. Rather than my own work…. Also, that when I do post I don’t include a great deal of analysis… certainly not the analysis that goes on in my head when I am working or thinking about work…

I also still use a note book and pencil/ pen to write down all the little bits which float about in my head  and so on…I’m still really interested in the difference between how I write on here ... more a diary but with lots of the most significant things missing maybe…. and my notebook which is where I work through ideas in a different way… (How) and make list of things/ records of important information .. a practical resource in a way that this in not..

There is a difference still for me between the haptic quality of the notebook, smell etc which is not the same as being in my studio but is somewhat similar.

It removes me from ‘ here’ to ‘there’

At the moment I am finding it hard to get  ‘there’ enough.

Especially as this desktop is in my dining room and so has a domestic link which does not help.

My laptop is not as easy to use as this but was good for working when resting in bed and for in the studio ( despite no Broadband in the studio and phone tether dodgy…. must get a booster!)

Anyway , I realised that I have actually been doing a lot but just not writing about it on here.

There are some  reasons for that  ( ie.  I didn’t know what I was doing, I was cautious about some of my investigations and their sensitivity to members of the public)   but some is also about ME!

Its about ME and my tendency to be unwittingly secretive and uncomfortable with sharing information.

If I am doing something which I feel is very important to me and therefore very personal, I keep it to myself.

This is going to sound like some sort of post- therapy revelation but it IS relevant to me and my work and how I show it.

I have discussed briefly with Jonathan in an early tutorial that I often make work which I do not show and that maybe invisible or almost..

I wasn’t sure if this was the nature of the work or because i lacked courage or skill to show it.

Also there has always been the question of audience…..

I love to work with the public and communities and am very happy to do this and share  experience, collaboratively.

BUT I have since childhood, kept other things close to my chest.

The personal stuff, the way I feel about things.

I may act subversively in lots of ways but not that obviously.

WELL, this is now relevant to my work.

One of the things  we are encouraged to do is to answer the question ” Who was I when I made this work?”

A tricky question for me at 58.

I have been so many ‘me’s’!! and some of them have lacked the power to be explicit in my intention.

It is difficult when you don’t realise why you were doing something until after  has been done.

Now, with the work I am doing the issues of ‘secrecy’, non-disclosure,’performance’ of a role in a community are relevant.

Especially as this is not done with any overt intentionality…..???

I am unsure what I truly think and feel and maybe this is what I want to highlight..

The confusion dilemmas, the immediate feelings and the deeper associations and less dominant but still powerful emotions that affect us in conflicting ways when faced with ideologies which we feel antagonistic to but which are displayed in situations which we feel comfortable in and are familiar to us.

I am not making any sense but doing what I said I didn’t do on this Blog!!!! ( Hypocrit)

Just working things through in my head.

This Hypocrisy is important I think…it is a treachery of the self!

Some of the posts I make in the future, as well as the video links, will be Private, until I have worked through some of these issues.

What am I doing?

I wrote this sometime last week..Wednesday I think.

I have carried on with the analysis but it is very piecemeal and interrupted by work and so on.

Very frustrating….so this is what I was thinking some days ago!

So today I have set myself the task of trying to work out what I am really doing now, why and where it will lead….?

I’ve decided to try and work through it on here .

This in itself is quite a challenge as if I were writing in a notebook it would not be visible to anyone else. Working through things publicly is strange.

There has been so much on R4 lately with The Digital Human on Secrets and divulging things on line…

I am still in that state where things are so tentative I don’t really want people to be aware of what I am doing as I don’t really know myself…. I don’t want Comments at this stage or opinions…I just want to be with the idea and work through it at this stage alone…

I seem to have been diverted quite substantially from my proposal and I can sort of bring it back or carry on somewhere else.I know I often am a compromiser which in this case may be a bad thing… falling between stools and not making anything clear..

So, I’ve been collecting stills, video and sound recordings for the next stage and getting involved in the community, making connections and so on.

I have an idea of where I need to go next but if this is a blind alley I am nervous.

It seems too big a thing to be doing at this stage really and I fear I may just produce same old same old which is not why I am doing the MA.

Am I just going to make similar work but understand it more deeply and refine it..

This isn’t what I really want I don’t think.

There is this dichotomy in me between rural and city, traditional and future…

Is this what I want to highlight.

The trouble is i enjoy the mixing in a community, becoming a transient part of it, but then there is the risk that what I produce may not be liked by the majority and some may feel upset when it is not what they expected.

I have to get over that especially in this case as there is so much personal investment by so many people in the location.

Its also very odd blogging about this.

Anyway it is 10 am now so I will have a cup of coffee and start looking back over material and ‘ analysing’ what I am actually doing….


Ok, for some time I’ve been thinking about this but not got round to writing it. I am so mind-numbed after last nights First  Great Western Rail experience that I can’t do the ‘homework’ set a couple of weeks ago and just need to splurge out some stuff that requires no rational and linear thinking..

The GWR experience involves travelling back from Worcester to Banbury by train ( via Oxford to avoid the Bus Replacement Service that is in place due to landslip north of Banbury…I got caught in that one last Saturday night…and the consequent BRS!!!!)


Don’t you just love the jolly music!!!

Here is an ambient track I made whilst I was on this BRS…more jolliness… ooh that old camararderie!

Quite a contrast to the experiences of the hundreds of displaced people getting on and off the buses weary at the beginning and end of their extra long days….. One woman I met had left Hull at 5am to get to a meeting in Oxford for 9am. She was on the train with me at 11am, not yet in Oxford and had to return to Hull that night!!

This time I arrived at Evesham after 30 minutes gentle journey and remained there in a carriage for 90 minutes until we ( 20+ innocents) were left outside a cold (shut) station waiting another hour for  a coach ( well 3!) to arrive to drive us to Oxford.

Some poor people still had to make their way to London on trains disrupted because of previous landslide…2 people at Oxford to sort out the chaos.  I blagged a cab for the 20 miles home to Banbury otherwise I would have been on YET ANOTHER RBS which would have had me arrive in  Banbury after midnight! 6 hours from Worcester to Banbury!!

This is a record even for me who is a veteran of RBS’s  from Arriva trains Wales  and others.  

One day I’ll write a blog about my train experiences including being stuck in lavatory ( Yes Really) for most of the journey from Marylebone and emerging to the cheers of a carriage full of commuters after several blokes kicked the door in and unscrewed the lock.  

Also another recording of the train journey from Banbury to Oxford on Wednesday 4th Feb. for the meeting of CDAN described in the post above.

Lots of people who had got off the BRS and joined the train to Oxford already tired at the beginning of the day.

Very Quiet!

Anyway…I digress…

Back to the Blog.

When I started this I was reluctant toy use it as a notepad for myself and really saw it’s purpose as , I guess, a tool of documentation and for assessment for the MA rather than an arena for thought and personal reflection.

Over the months it has changed I think and I’ve been ware of my relationship to it and also other people’s ( some of my followers)

One friend…not a fellow student or colleague, became concerned by some of my darker personal thoughts and commented ( much to my further distress) on the Comments section of the Blog. She saw my internal wrangling with some of the topics raised by my reading and needed to comfort me!

Lovely but not appropriate I thought. This is a place for me to bare my soul and analyse/ reflect… but it is not a personal journal with a cover and  a lock that I can put in a drawer  ( unless I change the settings to Private). Her concern shocked and surprised me, particularly as it was visible on the blog.

Another colleague and her brother ( past collaborators!) also Follow and talk to me about what I am doing when we meet. It disturbs me…the fact that I haven’t told them… not really…I just wrote it on my blog…for the mA and all that…I didn’t really expect them to read it and take any notice!

Reflecting a little on these feelings, I am beginning to understand more about myself and the way I make work. I have discussed before the fact that sometimes I want to make work that is almost invisible.

That an audience hardly seems relevant. A formal audience is absolutely not what Iwant…or rather what I don’t want ( can I be that specific…?) That the action, once done is done and that is the work.

That the rest is documentation. I have realised that the use of Social Media  and Sharing , makes me feel uncomfortable. Despite my Twitter and websites, I share carefully and it does not come naturally.. I am a ‘single’ or only child and as a child was always told, when introduced to people, that I must therefore be spoilt and be unable to share! I realise now that to some extent this is true. I do not easily share thought and ideas. I often expect others to know what I am thinking or imagining without making it clear or visible. I find sharing these thought difficult and so the blog is probably restricted. I do not think that people will find these interesting or useful to them and yet I am happy to use others information and imagery…

Do I want people to know what I am thinking? What do I want to make visible and public? I have may thoughts which are jotted down on scraps of paper to add to this blog but they never make it this far.

PHOTO OF NOTES!! insert later

This week I have been to two long meetings with colleagues from Arts backgrounds and , as this is unusual for me, found it very difficult to describe myself and my ‘practices’ in full. When I did manage it it was in an area where we already shared ‘like mind’ and it was hugely beneficial and I feel as if I am on ‘ the right track’ …more on this later.

More about Sharing as I have been thinking about using Social Media to distribute my work rather than in a physical exhibition space. I’ve been investigating Snapchat and Vine as spaces for this.Both because of their ephemeral nature… However.

Of course, as a 55+ yr old woman my attempts to find friends on Snapchat have been relatively unsuccessful!

One invited friend said ‘ Don’t do Snap chat but lets meet for coffee’, my youngest son blocked me when he realised who it was, and i am left with one friend and my eldest son…

Maybe I do want another audience but I can’t get easily into that digital Social Space…? It has made me consider accessibility to digital spaces and the factors which restrict that.

Again, the geography and psycho-geography of logging in to these spaces.

I think I’ll have to read more Lefebvre. Some of this ties in with my next posts I hope…. This link for Snapchat is a wonderful example of very slick hyper and remediation which I will be talking about in a post soon.

Reflections on Tutorial 20.1.15

This post is a little delayed as on Tuesday I was rather unwell with a nausea thing, and yesterday was catching up with ‘paid work’…

I had a very useful and positive discussion with Jonathan about my rather’ fragmented and scattered’ approach and the fact that I was not making consolidated work, rather little bits and pieces. In his words ‘ That’s OK at this stage but if you are still doing this in a years time it’s something to worry about!’

So since the start of the term I’ve been thinking about what I have done rather than what I hadn’t which was the situation before Christmas. I explained how it had taken me a while to accumulate the tools, though basic, that I needed as I seem to be much more focused now on projection and what it does / means. I described my experiments with the slide projectors and others and how I had played with re-filming projected video.

This ? re-iteration/reflexivity is something I am interred in as well as the immateriality of th projection itself and how that materiality is made manifest. Wow! This blog is useful!! I’ve only just been able to express that in a vaguely coherent form whist writing this blog? Would I have done that in a note book..? Who knows..?

Anyway I am now planning to project old video in various locations related to the original onto various materials, mud/leaves/ wood/water  and re filming on an iPhone. I will then refilm that video as shown on the computer screen or phone screen and see what happens! fun at last!! I also reflected on how the reading and watching and observation of all things had emphasised my position in the current digital geography.

My interactions on my blog and Snapchat and other experiences, observed at distance have opened up for me a new vista, some of which is more accessible than other areas!

Also I’m planning on a 4- way projection on objects and the body but hat takes some co-ordination so will be a while…

Here are the videos I managed to make yesterday at dusk (4pm ish) guess I need to be noting the time. As daylength increase I will have to hurry up. I like that… the reliance on natural phenomena  and contingency. Glad to be working with it again after all those cables..

There is something fun and ridiculous also about trying not to get mud on a phone/ projector/ cables and crouching down projecting on a bridleway as dogs, horses and cyclists pass by!! Note to self..must do some work about the dog-walking….!! Also, I’ve been reminded of Hayley Newman and the self-reflexivity of here work which I’ve examined before. I will put in a link to this and also the videos when they’ve been uploaded

Also Jonathan suggested the book Remediation : Understanding New Media by Jay David Bolter which , although published in 200 should be relevant to my process.

I have got it and now a vaguely remember noticing it before but not ordering it….Now is the time!

We also discussed Key Dates for the written Research and other Unit 1 Assessments plus interim exhibiting and the Low- Residency week.

I’ve also realised how useful this big screen is on my new computer and how it ( or something else..!) seems to have stopped the ‘ flick’ eye problem which was preventing me reading and writing comfortably. I can’t type whilst ion bed now but Hey! you can’t have everything and this is probably better for a work- life balance ( a WHAT?!!!!)

Eating Pomegranates!-“Let me count the ways”

Last week I did my on-line shop and in the substitutes I got three pomegranates packed for the price of one loose!

When my son prepared it for eating, he did a neat thing where he bashed the bottom and all the seeds fell out in a bowl!

I have always used a pin and taken them out one by one…..That way you learn to savour each seed until you loose patience and tear them out. Usually eating some bitter membrane at the same time.

I’d shown him that method which was shown to me by my grandmother and mother.

I asked him where he’d learned the technique and, of course, said ‘YouTube!’

This made me think back about the group discussion we had about learning methods, sharing/dissemination of information and trans-literacy.

And the used of embedded advertising….

Here are some pomegranate examples ( there are a lot more, believe me!).

Just find the one that suits you. With thanks to all contributors!


 The Eco-Friendly Family