Digital Media Workshop at OVADA

Introduction to Digital Media for Artists- Ovada 

Ovada studios Oxford held  a Digital Media for Artists Workshop a couple of weeks ago in association with Magdalen Road Art Studios Oxford.

I haven’t managed to get to many of the events here recently  and have had still not managed to get to Magdalen Road  for a look around but thought this made be useful.

The Presentation  It All Works Together ,which is available on pdf here DigitalWorkshop  was by Katie Taylor, Studio Manager at MR and mainly about Twitter, how to use  Hashtags and direct messaging, how often and what to Tweet (and what not to Tweet), what to include on a professional profile and what to save for personal feeds. How it is best to link accounts etc.

It was fairly basic but there were some useful tips for me and it was good to catch up with colleagues, both painters,  afterwards and discuss whether they thought Social Media havre a role in their practice as promotion tool. We mulled over thoughts about digital social space and the real thing, how they operate, where they are, who they are, what they do etc and what they mean for my practice.We have very different perspectives and that’s always useful to thrash out!


One thing that was useful though thinking more about ‘how it all works together’ and so I’ve spent quite a while on updating and bringing some uniformity to my various Social Media Platforms to provide more consistency throughout. Its difficult with having different ‘hats’ for different jobs… my own personal practice, Community -based work, herbalist practice etc with various websites and links associated and often conflicting to some extent in content. At least now everything relating to my MA practice has the same image, I hope, and is linked visually as well as in contact. I’ve also tidied up my YouTube channel and Vimeo account and added some content on my profiles, descriptions of videos etc. to make a process easier to follow, I hope.

It was somewhat ironic that I’d come aware of  with Katie  some time ago through a ‘real social network’. A friend sat next to her at another friend’s  birthday party, got chatting, thought I may be interested in her work and we exchanged emails. As it goes we never met up, both busy… but here we were at a meeting about social media….

I had a chat with her afterwards about my use of Periscope and she asked me to visit her and mull over my experiences and insights in the near future. So that’s a prompt.

Magdalen Road is another option for involvement when I finish the MA

Unfortunately I can’t be involved beforehand but I can ‘watch and learn’, see what they are doing via Twitter and do more when the time comes.

A useful and pleasant evening.

Audiograft OVADA 2016

Just a quick note.

Went to see  Audiograft with my son. ‘ Scoped what I saw… hence poor quality vid… poor signal and phone…

This was Ray  Lee Wondrous Machine. Very interesting to move around and feel/ see/ hear my relationships to the sounds/ lights and movements.


Mike Blow Aeolus Cabinet ,contained the sounds of winds from around the world in wooden drawers of an index box.Simple. Effective

and Mike Nutt Untitled


Yesterday I went to the Videovada event : Re-purposing Analogue Video Workshop Oxford artist AD Pawley introduced the workshop and the aim was to create an installation from redundant Video equipment.      Make sculptures from VHS Tapes, build a low-powered TV transmitter and explore reflections and feedback with old TV screens and video cameras.

Looking at the video feedback experiments he had done was relevant to the re-mediation re-projection work I’ve been doing but is using VHS and analogue recording and TV’s.

In the end we had a screen woven from VHS tape. Some hanging stuff near the bar.. my failed attempt to make the space  sort of ‘tapey’, and several cameras filming and then transmitting to each other in a continuous loop of feedback which was fun and interesting and interactive too.

It provoked interesting discussion though especially at the evening screening. From 8-10pm there was a  Participatory screening – where people brought their own projectors. There was a Super8 and not super 8… and  splicer. The image quality from the Super8 was wonderfully nostalgic  and the colour so rich. Hugh Pryor  brought in home videos and animations.

A screening with no rules! and all projections were projected onto the walls of the OVADA Warehouse. Basically we just all found space and showed our stuff.

I took the Pico and projected from my iPhone. The original Salt Way just to see how big I could project without losing quality ..and also the final ( I think ) of the remediation projections on the Salt Way.

I had some discussion with Neil C Smith about the work and we discussed quality of the projection and size of projection and his interpretation of the ‘galaxy’ element of the work. We also discussed the rotation of the video and how this affected image quality when projected as it was filmed on the iPhone.

I’m still thinking about whether to keep the iPhone as my primary filming device… hand held etc or using a better quality camera and therefore image. Hard to decide for future work. I still like the idea of using the iPhone and agree with Dave Charlesworth that it is ‘lazy’ but that is surely the point…. the common practice and the subsequent ‘ cheapening ‘ of image…. disintegration and degradation….

Talking to Neil helped me think throughout these things some more but I am undecided which to pursue… He has done lots of work on interactive projection ( with Digital Prisoners ) including apparently some work local to Banbury with Banbury Museum in 2006  Sound Pool ( I missed this! How!) and projection onto natural materials like wood  Trees of the Cherwell Valley and so on so I will look more at his work and it was good to make contact with him.

The event was good from lots of points of view,… mixing with other local artists who were interested in what I do gave me confidence and contacts but also i still feel like I’m just learning to write the alphabet. Also these events are invaluable at acquiring new skills especially as I can’t access the things at Camberwell but there is so little time to focus on what I want to do in the next project.

He will be running a workshop next Saturday that is about coding for interactive video using PraxisLive  an open source software,so that should be good.

I’ve just got to focus a little on how I want to move forwards……I’ve been collecting material but not sure what to do with it now!!!

Anyway here are a selection of images and videos of the day.