Latest Salt Way

This time I managed to project and re-film the whole of The Salt Way (2008) but instead of with louise , who worked with me on the original and other recent clips, this was with Helen.

Hopefully she can add some useful comments to the process which was, as usual, amusing as well as physically uncomfortable.

She was familiar with the original work which I have chosen not to show here at the moment.

The layering of images and sound is getting interesting and at last I am excited by this work having been bored by a lot of what I have been doing before..

It’s quite cool if you play them both at the same time…or almost !!!

Well I like it…will reflect and analyse why I guess.

The sound is interesting which is useful as in a little while we have a session with Ed Kelly on this very area!!

Very Useful.


One thought on “Latest Salt Way”

  1. Well I went into that completely in the dark about what I was about to do! I happily projected the film onto the ground and found the movement, light and sound quite mesmerising – especially the way the ground in the film merged with the real ground it was projected onto. At the beginning of the process a family and their dog chanced upon us and stood watching these two strange ladies locked into statue like poses filming a film on the floor – I found it very difficult not to respond to the man who had lots of questions and was intrigued by what we were doing. I whispered and pulled meaningful faces to suggest I couldn’t talk as I didn’t know whether it would ruin the process. As I watched the light and shade shift on the floor I became more and more uncomfortable and kept trying to gently shift my weight and move my back without ruining the projection – by the end of 10 minutes plus my meditation skills (such as they are) were coming in very handy! As dusk settled, the filming finished and all that was left was for two ladies to try and move from the positions they’d locked into without falling over! Next time (if their is a next time) I will remember to start off in a much more comfortable stance….


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