Audiograft OVADA 2016

Just a quick note.

Went to see  Audiograft with my son. ‘ Scoped what I saw… hence poor quality vid… poor signal and phone…

This was Ray  Lee Wondrous Machine. Very interesting to move around and feel/ see/ hear my relationships to the sounds/ lights and movements.


Mike Blow Aeolus Cabinet ,contained the sounds of winds from around the world in wooden drawers of an index box.Simple. Effective

and Mike Nutt Untitled

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Reading Room Feedback from Group Crit.

 Below are roughly edited notes from the group crit on Tuesday 26.5.15

I was really pleased with the comments regarding the layering and how it works but I still have misgivings that it’s a bit of a naff way to show layering of time.

I hope that the unclear narrative means it is less line… that is what I want to show time and something which is non linear but layered in more than a past/ present future way..

Not that’s necessarily fits directly with the subject matter.

I think that I am thinking about the co-existence of different forms of communication in different times and the same place… and in different places at the same time…

After reading Walter B  and thinking about the letterpress/ print and its relationship to the internet and so on.

There are some core issues around certain areas of the material but i think I want these to be part of the main content but not the main focus of the work which will be the co-existance of this building and its history in the present day landscape.. both geographical and ? digital..

I am more and more interested in the psychogeographical side… especially as it comes to be related to the Pyschogeography of a digital space…

I will have to focus down at some point and after this crib went to get books from the library at CSM to think about things for our written research project.

I was interested in the comments below which seemed to fall into the following categories.

Speed: I was pleased the way the slowness worked…. hopefully to hightlight comparative speed in other areas… This was picked up on so that was good.

Layering:This seemed to work well for this group thought i still have misgivings at using it so obviously… maybe i can do other things to disrupt it in some way.

 Sound:This seemed to be effective and I DO like the ideas of layering this,.

I think the sound layering works very different from the visual layering and can be more confusing but there for disorienting which may be a good thing and also less ‘Romantic’ as away of disrupting time.

 I will look and listen to the site Jonathan mentioned.

 I agree with him absolutely that the sound needs to be more subtle… it was before I started faffing but was concerned that some ofd the main topics mayn’t be heard clearly.. maybe I should just allow ears to pick up the narrative as they wish , as I do the visual narrative.

 Symbols: I am sorry that the Sports Direct cards are too loaded with meaning  for Jonathan but understand what he means… I did worry about that but wanted to use them as a direct reference to the Building.

 I will try to alter them in some way but keep the reference… and not load the meaning more in the wrong direction… that could take an audience off down the wrong track.

 Also I was surprised how the individual objects were examined by the audience… I guess I am just used to seeing such objects in village halls and so on but others are not and they take on ‘extra special meanings’ particularly because of the ‘long- takes’.

 I just intended them to give a strong sense of place…… and with it  a possible dis jointing of time depending on their personal experiences… To an audience from a village near here they would not seem unusual but to a metropolitan city dweller in any city… they will be seen differently.

Some of my thoughts weren’t that obvious through he film … or weren’t picked up… the Hyper and layered mediation and the way of using the camera noise and movements to remove a sense of immediacy… though actually I think Yvonne did pic up on this. and said that it .”adds to sense of “this is a moment” and we are viewing peices but not priviledged to know what every detail means…it’s better because leaves room for interpretation” or at least I hope i understood this correctly.

So pleased to think about from the Crit. and I am so glad to be back in the group for this kind of thing.

I will post again soon about my next steps which are constantly in my mind but not making their way out very easily into work…..

I seem to have been reading and looking at so much different art that as Claire said… ‘ I need to go and lie down in a darkened room for a few weeks’ to let it all mesh together…Anyway

and some good ideas for watching films … which is fun research!!!

Quotes below:

I was trying to unravel your message, which in itself held my attention. I love the layering which was not at all chaotic, very calm. Internet juxtaposed with an old village hall…. the imagery was quite beautiful. I found the politics hard to place.
 The sound works well with the images, really transmitting various emotions.

At the start, the newspaper page flipping has an agitation about it, the noises of the people shuffling in, the political commentary becoming distant, removed from the very personal…it takes one in to reveal but not
something compelling and the layering begins to work. loved the imagery

Me too, I found the layering engaging, transparent qualities
 I found the narrative open or complext and difficult to grasp. 2) so myown sense of it was about the loacl/national and individual/group with the personal history juxtoposed against the national background of the election. 3) I enjoyed the pace of the video – it slowed me down

 I am listening on headphones here, so very aware of how the sound is also almost in layers or at least using left and right channels
 I haven’t tried it yet without the layering… but I was worried that it would be chaotic and confued cos theres lots going on.

The sound is so crisp

Did anyone notice the noise and jumpiness of the camera and if so any thoughts?
 but that adds to sense of “this is a moment” and we are viewing peices but not priviledged to know what every detail means…it’s better because leaves room for interpretation

some kind of threat to these places, village halls that is. It seemed kind of precious in your video… the serious tone of politics and giga something communities were a contrast?
 yes that is a good way to describe the sound – ‘crisp’ — at times however it felt that some sound was too dominant and a more subtle approach would help
 no the visuals didn’t look jumpy to me
 Was that intended?
Yes Jumpy and noise were intended
 yes the rode mic is very good, it is the editing where I think you can be more subtle
 the transition, audio and video based, were really smooth going and easy for me to move with
Yep I think it was better before i started messing with it…
 Levels wise.
yes adjusting the levels is just like adjusting the curves in an image, you have almost endless variations to play with
 It’s all new to me the sound thing and although I have headphones I can here stuff outside in the garden and get confused by it!!
Sound is a whole other dimension… so important for me

Jonathan Kearney:  about sound, there is a very technical but useful concept to think about here…
 diegetic sound and non-diegetic sound

Jonathan Kearney: you are beginning to play with this in this film but there is more you can explore
easiest definition here

Jonathan Kearney: so the sound of the turning newspaper page is diegetic, the sound of the radio discussion in non-diegetic

 that is especially relevant with some of the other things `i am working on but not fit to be shown yet,…
 The radio was on in the background as I made the screen recording.. I didn’t realise it would be recorded!Ha! but useful
Jonathan Kearney: it is a basic audio technique for film but it is also something you can play with conceptually as well

Yvonne Opalinski: Both tell a story…that’s how I see sound as a subtext that supports or subverts the visual
great way of putting it, ‘support or subvert the visuals
Thats really useful Yvonne as a way of describing how I want to move in and out of the supporting role of the sound in other pieces..
Jonathan Kearney: there is a huge amount artists can should learn about sound from film making, there is a lot of practice based experience that we can draw on

: I am watching a lot of movies 🙂
What do you all think of the playing cards if anything…?
Jason Murray: Nicholas Roag films would be a good reference for sound

Jonathan Kearney: Rhiannon, that rest of that website that I linked to is useful — terrible design to the site but full of useful stuff

Jason Murray: Roeg/ Walkabout and Performance
 Its good working in the dark to start with but …

Jonathan Kearney: I was going to ask about the playing cards, I read them in one way due to the manufacturers name on the back (Sports Direct .com is a large sports shop with warehouse style shops and a huge website — they are known for cheap prices but exploitative employment practices)so I couldn’t really see beyond that
There was a pub like element with the Fosters glasses and playing cards…?!
They are the type used by the Reading Room for their Whist drives but the link you mentioned seemed relevant to me…. hopefully thinkgs may be clearer as i work through the material…

Yvonne Opalinski: Didn’t know that at all, which puts a completely different spin on the meaning. Before, it was a symbol of static life rather than active life, but now it could be representational of those who have been exploited, this is how they pass their days… sort of chewed up and spit out… it’s all they have left

 Jason Murray: I agree, Sarah, I thought Working Mans Clubs in the North of England
 Yes It is a place that is neither pub nor village hall but was a Reading room in the past for newspapers to be provided for the estate workers by local land owner and benefactor..
Yvonne Opalinski: Also the glass was empty of water even though the flowers appeared “fresh”, I saw that right away since I’m always changing the water for any fresh cut flowers we have, but again it’s meaning was alluring
 I have been ‘altering ‘ the cards as on my blog for maybe an ‘alternative’ game of whist in the Reading Room..
Jonathan Kearney: maybe the flowers were plastic?!
yes, but again, such a contrast from the English village hall with its table cloths and flowers etc.
Yes Plastic…
 Jonathan Kearney: Rhiannon I think the altered cards on your blog have some potential, but maybe you need to consider the reverse side and create that side as well?

Jason Murray: Rhiannon, watch the opening graphics for the animation Monkey Dust
Sarah Robinson: Oh! Interesting, Rhiannon. I have never known such a place. Things start to fall into place with this knowledge

Jason Murray: Major rhetoric/ Blair rhetoric

one of the things I want to do is open the venue as a ‘reading room again for a day…
 Peter Mansell: ah but reading what?!

Sound and Vision

In our on- line session last week Ed Kelly introduced us to more sites and ways of thinking about and making sound.

We covered the topics below:

The concept  of foreground (events) and background (ambience).

The more we listen, the more we can distinguish events, even in ambient settings
The line is necessarily blurred in real life, between the two
This is the difference between listening and hearing
Look at means of generating audio in real-time, rather than making fixed compositions.
One of these is Pure Data.

A little WebAudio demo that will get you used to the concept of “patching” :

(I couldn’t get this to work..Only in Firefox and Chrome?)

It was a two hour session with loads to listen to, look at at play with…

Lots of things to reference later and opened me up to thinking about maybe making or altering the sound I end up with on my videos.

Because I am still at the…doing but with no objective… stage , and what I am doing is mainly layering up projections ( I think… sort of …some of the time..)

I am not interested in making my sounds ‘pure’ or separate ( at the moment……)

The ambient sound and events within it is much more what I am interested in and the layering of these…

The confusion that arises.

But certainly Ed’s workshop showed what could be done….(relatively, once you have learned to program )!! if you want to use this sound and manipulate it differently.

For me I have been thinking that maybe sound is one of those things that anchors me ( when making work) or other viewers, to a specific site and location and time.

That is certainly true when I think about the relationship of the sound to visual components of my works on the Salt Way  ( another one below this I think) and the ambient recordings I made…( on trains and BUS REPLACEMENT SERVICES!!)

People who have commented on some of the Salt Way  work have referenced the sound and its impact… something I had not considered when making the videos…!!

Now I am really much more conscious of the layering of sound in the most recent work and also in work I have been making in the studio…. and thinking about what that means.

( see future posts)

The workshop also made me remember some of the Drawn Meditation drawings I had made several years ago… Image to follow?

This is an example of Ed’s Digital version of his sound drawing!!!!

Ed Kelly Sound Drawing

This is where I suddenly want to try out some of this for myself…. but it doesn’t fit with my proposal or does it… experience… mediated through my physical body and represented digitally…

Memory ?  How does this work..

File for later use maybe…

Anyway, here are the next two videos of the Salt Way

The first reprojected and re-filmed  ( again) and then re-filmed ( again)  from my Computer screen.


This one below here needs rotating!

This  (below) is a version of the first of these which has been enhanced by You Tube who offered kindly to fix the lighting….!

Things I may forget I have done!

Here’s a list of things I have been doing which do not yet ‘fit ‘ into directly into any work but are process and hopefully find a place somewhere at sometime.


Last night I created a Snapchat account.

I’ve been thinking about these Time- Limited social media like Snapchat and Vine and wondering about using them to present my work when it is not appropriate for or not yet ready for use in some installation -type exhibition…

They may give a viewing space which suits as a virtual time- based interactive and ?’democratic’ space for short video and images.

I have yet to try it and have to work out how to video and photograph what I am doing in the studio for this platform as it will be different from putting it on my blog.

Documentation of my process is already proving very difficult as I don’t treacly have the technical knowhow or kit, time or space to set up cameras etc to document the stuff I am doing with various projectors in a dark small space in my studio….

I guess I’ll find a way which hopefully isn’t too formal as I don’t want to spend hours on the documentation instead of the work…unless that becomes the work….!!! back to where I started hey!


I’ve been using my phone to video random clips of things that I do, that are unwitnessed by others.. such as showering and sleeping.

This has something to do with  the fact that part of me doesn’t really  feel it is necessary to ‘display’ what I have done.. that once it is done it is done… and that is the work.

Privacy/ secret/ unnecessary/ sufficient action…. not sure anyway it ids about ..if no one sees it does it mean it hasn’t happened.. the old falling tree in the forest thing I guess.

Or maybe i’ll use these in some other combination a la Pippolltti Rist!!


I went to see Pipolotti Rist at Hauser and Wirth on Savile Row in London on Friday 9th.

I have lots of video of the incredible and wonderful immersive ( and I do really mean immersive) installation.

It was inspiring and totally relaxing and I realised that lying down in galleries has become ‘ en vogue’ after Marina Abramovic  at the Serpentine in the summer and now this.

It was interesting for me as there were random layered clips  of things like a lit gas ring and water pools on top of more continuing imagery of plants.. NETTLES!!! Hey! and  human skin

So it was relevant from several points of view.


The content of plants and nature reminded me of the video on The Salt Way from which I keep meaning to revisit and mess with 2008.

Mine is more still camera and sky but has some of the same feel.

Though not her trademark vibrant colour… but I wouldn’t want that.


The way the layering becomes like a painting… I’d discovered this when layering the slides etc myself but it felt really relevant in this exhibition.


The soundtrack.. which was very gentle mixed sounds including music.

I’ve been thinking more about sound but not wanting to include any extra electronics or music.

I had a brief exchange with Ed Kelly about mixing but have had to concentrate on on cables/ connections and other visual stuff first so `i feel I can actually have some of the right tools to hand an maybe even be able to use them…

The whole effect was very gently ‘triply’ in a nice way and the gallery full of young people who looked like art students!!! and wore students clothes instead of grey, black with sever hair cuts and smart coats!

This isn’t meant to be judgmental but I felt comfortable lying on the floor with these guys and ‘in the right place’.

It changed the way the Gallery staff behaved as well with them all smiley and friendly and sort of having fun.

Even at the gallery nest door but one the atmosphere of generosity and openness has spread… It was magical!


I covered my iPhone in salt crystals and played video o I made of walking along Salt Way on it and refilmed.

There is some distortion but I just wanted to see the effect.

I have not picked the best clip visually as I was walking and talking with a friend and some of the conversation was audible and personal.

I will have to sort other clips with good visuals too if I decide to use this.


I have been watching Black Mirror back episodes and spotting the Neuromancer references….

Listening to Charlie Brooker  is interesting as he talks about things that were fantasy becoming reality after he had made each episode.

I had just finished reading Neuromancer when the Korean/ Sony hacking debacle started.

It was as if they had read the book and Case was responsible…



Also I have been watching Homeland and loving the Titles!

Overlay of video and stills seems to be ‘the thing’ but I want to do it in real space/time with analogue and digital together.

Strategies, Tactics and everyday life

Yesterday’s group discussion was based around The Practice of Everyday (media) Life – by Lev Manovich (2007).

One of the topics is the difference between strategies and tactics and how these may have changed or reversed roles in our digital lives.

I found this discussion very difficult and I’m not sure why?

This topic made me think of the Salt Way bridle – path near my house where I have made work which is an ‘ official right-of-way crossing two B-roads. It is an ancient footpath and runs next to Crouch Hill where I have also made work.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A neighbourly ritual ( 2009)

I often work around this area as it is physically close and has an interesting history from Anglo- Saxon times and possibly before.

Must research this at the museum as there is not a lot here on-line.

Anyway the network of paths made by walkers from the main road and paved ares reminded me of the discussaion.

 People have found their own ways up and down the hll.

 Some have become used by most people and are now rights of way but others just appear and disappear.

Tactics becoming embedded in the landscape but not officially mapped and others transient yet leaving ( temporary ) traces.The same with Prenteg in Gwynedd where common land is criss-crossed by ways that people have walked for centuries, often crosssing other people’s property or land.

I spoke to the Land Registry once who found it fascinating, but a nightmare to work with.

Land boundaries move in the same way with small pieces being absorbed  form common or other land over time.

Its not the same here where everyone is more boundary and path obedient (?) but there they are aware of the paths but don’t necessarily keep to them. No CCTV and sometimes no Google Maps either…..

 Anyway, one of the points of this post was to highlight how somw of the conversation about conversations leapt into life.

Last night at Buddhist Meditation in the Friend’s Meeting House in Banbury, a discussion started  about connections through Social Media even if you aren’t on them.


Friend’s Meeting House Banbury by Marjory Lester

Claire had been contacted by an old friend who had seen her on Facebook in someone’s post.

 Helen then said that she’d seen the image too as she is FB friends with the sam person as she knows all the same people ( has never met J who made the post, even though they live within a few miles of each other).

 She had then followed the link from the person she has never met (J) to C’s website and seen an image of herself with me that she didn’t know existed.

 Keeping up?

Discussion about Social Media and other ‘Over- Arching Social Implications (of Drones) ( Lecture by Paul Mobbs in  a previous post also at FMH sometime ago) and how our actions are mapped without us knowing.

Then this morning I follow a Linked- in message from Sharon Woodward and link to this project ( which is FAB by the way)

There I saw Louis, Helen’s son !

He had taken part in this project during the summer, though I hadn’t realised what they’d been making…..

Certainly examples of conversations verbal and non- verbal via digital media.

Remember this ( another note to self)

I was aware during our Skype chat yesterday of the comparative silence whilst everybody chatting loudly via text and the recording of that textually, the only noise was ‘tapping’ on my phone and the hum of my Time Capsule.

Pascale mentioned the sound of the Iman calling to prayer outside in Beirut and Jonathan said how interesting he found the background noise in a Skype call he had had with her sometime ago.

He also mentioned that Go Pro cameras over- record every 10 minutes or so, deleting and recording at the some time…interesting from the pov of forgotten and deleted memories which keeps re-surfacing for me.

Makes me think of my  Time- Capsule which is now full and deleting old files as it backs-up new ones….I can hear it doing it and it makes me feel very uncomfortable…..

There is something here about sound…

Martin may pop in later today so will talk to him..He has sent me an email which I’d like to reproduce here.

Will ask him,

Re: Derek Jarman…………………………

Thoughts and reflections on confusion, fragmentation and ephemerality on Tuesday!

Tuesday’s chat with Ed Kelly was especially interesting.

To start with I was engaged and excited by the content of video links Ed gave us and their reference to the concepts and nature of digital information and how this is relevant to art.

The first video showed how written text is unilinear but digital text is not. The Machine is Us/ing Us.

This felt quite relevant as I had been thinking more about written and printed text in my past work and artists I see as inspirational.

We chatted about code and machines a little, text as sculpture and corridors and  also about fragmentation.

A quote from Ed

So, the nature of that message is that we are all conduits of public information, but that the data is a medium of sculpture, of graphic representation (or audible representation – harking back to my work as a sound artist)’

The Khan Academy of Free education, bit like MOOCS I guess and other systems of e- learning. The idea of a non- hierarchical system of education.

Then the  chat started to become fragmented itself with every chipping in about all sorts of interesting things including dreaming machines ( algorithms sorting images), the flexibility and interactive nature of media and flash and allsorts.

I started to feel really frustrated as there were several conversations running at the same time.

Talk of glitches and music (Pierre Schaeffer) and Stockhausen and Eno and sound- art and an on going concern from Peter about not being able to access work as hardware changes.

This became a discussion about old analogue and digital materials and keeping old stuff or throwing it away and the first web page and sound work and sound artists and live music and Marshal McLuhan ( ‘the medium is the message’ —- the process is the product ) and who will be in London in February and ephemerality of digital media and………

I enjoyed it but felt we were just following random things thrown in and not discussing anything in depth and not sure what we should have been discussing.

Then we started to discuss ephemerality in digital and other art ;experience; process; commodity, consumption and it got HOT.

I realised how strongly I felt about process over product and what is most important to me.

How I am focussed on experience ( or like to think so).

We discussed Stonehenge and Lascaux briefly.

I see them as architectural spaces for communal use rather than ‘pieces of art’, whatever that means.

I then realised how much of my work has been about place and action within the place.

How I felt animated by the discussion because it was about topics that really enliven me.

 How I mustn’t lose that in my practice or my proposal.

Interesting that I felt able to say these things in a web-chat.

I feel sure I would have said less in a face to face discussion!!!

I felt that, in the end, we had all walked down different corridors of ideas with doors opened  by each other as we meandered through the conversation.

All of us finding different rooms of interest, in the same way we might research on-line… following our noses.

Hopefully each of us finding something relevant but without a didactic instruction…process led and an example of what Ed was aiming to demonstrate…am I correct?and does it matter?