Things I am learning that might be useful one day

Yesterday I ‘helped’ at another session of Oxfordshire Youth Arts Partnership (OYAP)  Digiarts session at The Studio in Bicester.

It is good for me to be with younger creative people and join in with ‘doing stuff’ which is fun without thinking too much..!

Last time we made shadow puppets, this time we were making FlipBooks and Thaumotropes.

I didn’t take photos of mine…I forgot and left them there as examples of possibly what not to do!

I created a very detailed storyboard  about an escaping balloon ( based I now realise on a picture book one of my sons had a long time ago!!) for my FlipBook but which didn’t work as the images were too close to the Flippy end!

I was introduced to the idea of KISS!

Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Which I hadn’t heard before.. but I guess is the same as ‘less is more’.

We decided that Keep It Simple, Silly. was perhaps gentler.. but hopefully still as effective!!

Adam made great animation though from the storyboard using Clay Frames- OnionSkin.

I hadn’t come across this onionskin idea as I have never done any animation…

It makes me think of the overlaid tracing paper drawings  of Unscheduled that I made in 2012.

Also the Photographic FlipBook from the images at Gunpowder Park for ‘ Wise or Wicked’.

Maybe I should look at that work again.

I’ve found an Open Source  software  Pencil2D which has onionskin, in case I need it at some time in the future.

Adam also mentioned the frame rates needed for good animation and using time-lapse.

Time lapse is something I have thought about with the Salt Way videos to mess things up bit and I may do so.

Still some sort of ‘layer thing’ going on here I feel…..

Otherwise, I don’t want to think too much about frame-rates etc as I want things to be ‘ as they are’ rather than constructed, and to reflect on what they have done rather than decide what I want them to do… if that is clear.

Odd really, as in my initial readings of Visualising Feeling: Susan Best, she is already talking about the time-frame of affect and how, for instance, anxiety is an anticipatory affect….interesting!


Strategies, Tactics and everyday life

Yesterday’s group discussion was based around The Practice of Everyday (media) Life – by Lev Manovich (2007).

One of the topics is the difference between strategies and tactics and how these may have changed or reversed roles in our digital lives.

I found this discussion very difficult and I’m not sure why?

This topic made me think of the Salt Way bridle – path near my house where I have made work which is an ‘ official right-of-way crossing two B-roads. It is an ancient footpath and runs next to Crouch Hill where I have also made work.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A neighbourly ritual ( 2009)

I often work around this area as it is physically close and has an interesting history from Anglo- Saxon times and possibly before.

Must research this at the museum as there is not a lot here on-line.

Anyway the network of paths made by walkers from the main road and paved ares reminded me of the discussaion.

 People have found their own ways up and down the hll.

 Some have become used by most people and are now rights of way but others just appear and disappear.

Tactics becoming embedded in the landscape but not officially mapped and others transient yet leaving ( temporary ) traces.The same with Prenteg in Gwynedd where common land is criss-crossed by ways that people have walked for centuries, often crosssing other people’s property or land.

I spoke to the Land Registry once who found it fascinating, but a nightmare to work with.

Land boundaries move in the same way with small pieces being absorbed  form common or other land over time.

Its not the same here where everyone is more boundary and path obedient (?) but there they are aware of the paths but don’t necessarily keep to them. No CCTV and sometimes no Google Maps either…..

 Anyway, one of the points of this post was to highlight how somw of the conversation about conversations leapt into life.

Last night at Buddhist Meditation in the Friend’s Meeting House in Banbury, a discussion started  about connections through Social Media even if you aren’t on them.


Friend’s Meeting House Banbury by Marjory Lester

Claire had been contacted by an old friend who had seen her on Facebook in someone’s post.

 Helen then said that she’d seen the image too as she is FB friends with the sam person as she knows all the same people ( has never met J who made the post, even though they live within a few miles of each other).

 She had then followed the link from the person she has never met (J) to C’s website and seen an image of herself with me that she didn’t know existed.

 Keeping up?

Discussion about Social Media and other ‘Over- Arching Social Implications (of Drones) ( Lecture by Paul Mobbs in  a previous post also at FMH sometime ago) and how our actions are mapped without us knowing.

Then this morning I follow a Linked- in message from Sharon Woodward and link to this project ( which is FAB by the way)

There I saw Louis, Helen’s son !

He had taken part in this project during the summer, though I hadn’t realised what they’d been making…..

Certainly examples of conversations verbal and non- verbal via digital media.

Remember this ( another note to self)

I was aware during our Skype chat yesterday of the comparative silence whilst everybody chatting loudly via text and the recording of that textually, the only noise was ‘tapping’ on my phone and the hum of my Time Capsule.

Pascale mentioned the sound of the Iman calling to prayer outside in Beirut and Jonathan said how interesting he found the background noise in a Skype call he had had with her sometime ago.

He also mentioned that Go Pro cameras over- record every 10 minutes or so, deleting and recording at the some time…interesting from the pov of forgotten and deleted memories which keeps re-surfacing for me.

Makes me think of my  Time- Capsule which is now full and deleting old files as it backs-up new ones….I can hear it doing it and it makes me feel very uncomfortable…..

There is something here about sound…

Martin may pop in later today so will talk to him..He has sent me an email which I’d like to reproduce here.

Will ask him,

Re: Derek Jarman…………………………