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Louise messaged me this photo of the yarrow emerging on the morning on the Public View…

Better late than never…YARROW

Some of the people who had been involved in the events, gathered over the evening at the summit.

Several of us were broadcasting the event via Periscope and others who had been involved but couldn’t be there in person ‘hopped on’…

Some people managed both- to be there at a distance and then join in person…


Some of the sharing paraphernalia…

People brought Champagne and flowers



The Covenant of Salt, ‘Twitter’ chocolates, and Mystic Writing pads were enjoyed by many… even those who claimed no artistic talent!

Games had unexpected winners..or no winners at all depending on the play.

People were Periscoping people Periscoping people Periscoping ………etc


Clara Duran was taking photos of the Summer Show in Camberwell at the same time, and watching proceedings on Periscope on Jonathan’s phone ( see later)

I hadn’t realised that they had also announced Clara and my Residency Award in Norway  at the award ceremony.


Here are images of some of the group’s work : Clara, Tristan ( our work has some similarities..) Pete ( who I have still never met!), Pascale, Donald, Yvonne and Sharon


Some examples of the simultaneous images taken and simultaneous events ( if the clocks on our phones and cameras and image files are to be believed ) in Camberwell and on Crouch Hill.









Below are some screen shots which show the involvement of the Periscope audience when I went to find Clare Carswell, who also took many of the documentation photos – Thanks Clare)

She had been following proceedings on the phone but then drove to the Hill to try to find us.

I had thought of putting up signs but it would have changed the event and the Happenstance element for people who hadn’t had direct invitations

Also it was fun to see people randomly wandering around, getting lost, finding each other, talking to strangers, and eventually finding us at the summit!


‘ I’ve never seen so many Lost People!’ – Thanks JimStr

People made it to the top, physically and via our Live streams.


Drawing time is Catherine Lette,  who was documenting her visit to the Summer Show Private View in Wilson Road, Camberwell and simultaneous experience of Crouch Hill, Public View and some of my work in the process

The Screen shots below are from my Stream


These are from Catherine’s @drawingtime phone and stream


These are from Sharon Bertram’s


Here’s an example of chat during the stream…Anything from dog snacks to Brexit

Which at least gives it some time-reference.

Importantly, people  visiting the Show did seem to be accessing the Periscope Broadcasts at least via the Twitter feed from the Username on the Chocolates!

[EDIT 21st July:  There were large numbers in the LiveStream Audience by the end of the Show – over 700 for the last broadcast ]


Finishing with some amusing screen shot showing middle-ages people whth Glo=Stick necklaces.

I’ll never forget wending our way down the Hill carrying the tent etc, winding through the woodland in the dusk, Glo-necklaces bobbing up and down in the distance…Sadly not on the Broadcast


The event went well with some good interaction and a reasonable audience in both ‘locations’, from 30- 159 on the stream…not that I’m counting! ( Ha!)



Local Historians – Brian and Margaret

Brian and Margaret are frequenters of Crouch Hill and nearby Salt Way  when walking their dog, Elvie. They are also local historians and members of the local Banbury Historical Society . Brian writes a weekly column for the print edition of local weekly newspaper Banbury Guardian.

Brian had arranged to come up the hill, sit in the tent and talk about the history of Crouch Hill and its historical importance to the town. However, the weather had been so wet that access to the summit was very slippery and both Brian and Margaret had recently had accidents, falling; so we decided it was wiser to stay in the house!

I broke the chat into streams of around 15 minutes to see if this had any effect on audience. There was what has become a common feeling of local and global communities joining. Some of the names on the stream were familiar; Andrea from Asturias, who I shared my cycling memories with, in an earlier post was there.

Again, someone from Blackpool recognised my username as having a specific reference to the area. This has happened at least twice before; I get drawn into a chat about which school I went to and which hospital I was born in!!!

This brings a strange and lovely personal context to the Broadcast for me and hopefully  other viewers, the way that communities collide and merge in an open network……

The conversation ranged from some of the more general history, contemporary residential developments along the Salt Way, archaeological investigations prior to building and the controversy surrounding them.

Brian also told a story of a birdwatching trip to the Battlefield of Edgehill site several years ago with local naturalist, Ernie Bingham and a follow-up ‘ security’ visit from the local ‘Copper’!

We looked through his extensive collection of books and he spoke about how the top of the hill was created artificially and that a local legend says that ” the Devil dropped it there…. on his way to the nearby church in Bloxham”  ( if my memory serves me right!)

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.06.46

During the chat I mentioned Alfred  Beesley’s  History of Banbury ( 1841). I hadn’t wanted to read in the official archives held in Oxford or Banbury libraries for this work.

My methodology is of re-mediation through people as agents, so it was a marvellous coincidence when Margaret said she had her own copy and went off to the shelves to get it.

That couldn’t have happened if we had managed to climb the hill!

Then she described  Chap Books, which were small, cheap, simple books and  on the streets to individuals and travelling sellers called Chapmen; who also sold  bootlaces, ribbons, lace,seeds and spices etc.  in the  17th to the 19th century .
Chap books were  were flimsy, ephemeral and passed from hand to hand with a readership  mainly  the poor.  They served like  broadsheets, ballads, and long songs,  covering a very wide range of topics from fairy tales to news of politics.   She had some re-prints with short verses describing the extreme Puritan views held in Banbury and also the  books printed by Banbury printers, Rusher  (whose poem I read from at the very beginning of this stage of my research, Reading William Rusher #Crouch Hill)

Brian also talked about some more recent activities on the hill including Steeplecashing and sledging which still continues…my younger son broke his foot doing just that !

We were joined, not just by the Periscope community, but also my son in a notification about his Amazon Prime account!

Another tender mix of the production of simultaneous, intimate and global space  through contingent social interaction within a re-animated past.

As I walked away from their house in the dull, damp weather I could see Crouch Hill with it’s distinctive summit from the ‘end of their road’…..


Sharing memories of Santillana del Mar

Connectivity: Problems and solutions

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to sort out the poor connectivity and pixelation problems with my Broadcasts.

Increasingly , people are hopping on and then dropping out. Although audience numbers as viewers on the scopes are not the reason for the work, it does mean that it is rendering the broadcasts ineffective, even if there are no viewers for other reasons… I appreciate that viewers are not enjoying the experience of the broadcasts and that the remediation is incomplete and inefficient.

I’ve investigated getting a new phone as mine is an iPhone 4S, reconditioned. I’ve  tried using a Vodafone SIM as this phone is unlocked, (Louise’s  Android works well on Vodaphone from this location) but with limited improvement

A new phone will have to wait a while until other avenues have been investigated, as I have a contract which is only due for renewal in July and the early upgrade fees are too high for me to afford.

After I’d broadcast as below I spent some more time in the tent playing around with my son’s Chromebook laptop which has 3G to see if I could get any sort of signal at all. I was hoping for a future event on May 1st to interview some people via Skype or replay some video material, show images and text from a laptop via Periscope for discussion. However no signal was available and as my phone signal ( 3 or vodaphone) is not so strong or reliable I could’t use either as hotspot.

I was playing around in the tent with two laptops, three phones and 2 SIMs when a couple came past walking their dog. I explained what I was doing in the tent with photographs, slides, laptops, miniature clogs etc  and why……They understood and were interested. Their  son is an art student at Kingston School of Art….

Sharing the memories

After having the conversation with Andrea from Asturias during the Yes and No game, about Santillana del Mar. I arranged a time when we could meet via Periscope to show here some of my ‘memorabilia’! Photographs, maps, slides, souvenirs and postcards …all shown via Periscope.

I contacted her via Twitter @andrepr3 along with some of the other people who’d been in the chat and were interested in coming along.  I ‘ve posted the link here  to the messages rather than a screen shot. When I realised that she wasn’t able to make the Broadcast as she was playing football somewhere else at the time I posted some of the images on Twitter as well, scanned for the original slides and photographs.

I spent a very long time trying to find replacement bulbs both in local shops and on-line, for the hand-held Boots 2000 35mm battery Slide viewer that you can just see in the clip  and is like this one here...if it still is on Ebay! but in the end, no success… I tried to hold the slides up to the phone camera and into the sun…. but of course it was useless… that was the point of the exercise really! A fascinating analogue/ digital juxtaposition though in what I hope was a humorously nostalgic action.

I had hoped to project some of the slides by saving the digital images to my phone and projecting from a battery powered Pico projector but sadly the tent isn’t dark enough ( I did try this earlier on when I first used the tent.

There is of course no power source for a mains projector.Using a generator would not be practical in this location and also makes the whole event too semi-permanent and controlled.

Above is a short edit of the broadcast saved to Katch with the Tweets on either side.

I made the video for the Final Symposium video but had to cut it because of time.

As I upload it it will be posted to Twitter via YouTube.

The edited version of this post will also be posted on Twitter… both  somewhat out of the timeframe…as I am finally posting from a draft in June!


An example of continuing re-mediation of archive and memory over time, temporality of space, networks of social space, linked to mapped space and simultaneity in action. Along with the ritual of sharing and rendition of analogue images via a digital live stream network and this again, this blog.

There is also a re-animation of embodied memory through the action of sharing of the images and my story-telling as I shared my memories and ‘re-lived’ the trip myself.



William Morris – ‘Art of the people’

24th March 2016

Today was the anniversary William Morris‘ birthday 24th March 1834 – 3rd October 1896.English textile designer, artist, writer, and socialist associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the English Arts and Crafts Movement.

[It also happens to be my father’s birthday… 1919. I could have chosen to read some of my father’s poetry or writings but feel, although part of my autobiographical memory, they are not relevant to this particular work].

I already had a copy of the book, Art and Socialism (1999) and decided to read from The Society of the Future (1887) originally delivered at meeting sponsored by the Hammersmith Branch of the Socialist League, November 13, 1887.

In it Morris affirms his convictions that the human pleasure of making and using items of beauty and please extends beyond ‘art’ and architecture to the arrangement of farmlands, the planning of towns and aspects of human life and the everyday. ‘Space’ as it may be interpreted from the point of view of social relations.

Here is a clip of my reading, on the 5th attempt because of poor signal… probably not helped by the rain!

I read from chapter The Art of the People, where he discusses art and labour; as below

I believe we should sow the seeds of a happiness which the world has not yet known, of a rest and contentment which would make it what I cannot help thinking it was meant to be: and  with that seed would be sown also the seed of real art, the expression of man’s happiness in his labour – and art made by the people and for the people, as a happiness to the user and the maker.

and The Society of the Future, into which he would like to be reborn…

It is a society which does not know the words rich or poor, or the rights of property, or law or legality or nationality:a society which has no consciousness of being governed; in which equality of condition is a matter of course, and in which no man is rewarded for having served the community by having the power given him injure it.



I had relatively few viewers for this broadcast (see figures on the video) and the chat was mainly an artist colleague, Clare Carswell  who had just started to use Periscope, was following me and notified about the broadcast, we discussed seeing the Elisabeth Price Exhibition and the owls on my umbrella,

a neighbour who realised  I  would be wet and told me that  the kettle was on’,

and Queen1982 from Essex who liked the chat and Scope and the scenery… when they could see it!

It is difficult when broadcasts ‘fail’ due to connection problems, and the broadcast was very pixelated. I know from experience , it is tempting just to move on and watch something else…

Just as in a gallery setting…

I did get chance to mention in the chat that Louise and I would be rolling Easter eggs on Easter Sunday, 27th; and invite people to join us!

For me, it was as always, an action completed – whatever the consequence : a remediation of Morris’ text, through my body, spoken out loud and broadcast… seeds sown and they fell where they may…and embodied within me thought he action of reading for further dissemination through conversation and discussion at a later date .

Like his contemporary Lewis Carroll, Morris was another scholar and person of influence living, studying and working in Oxford, 24 miles from Banbury and the site of Crouch Hill, but a ‘world away’ in terms of lifestyle and labour.

Banbury at that time ( and until 1980’s) was an agricultural market town,whereas  Oxford, where there is apparently evidence of teaching as far back as 1096, so making it the location of the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the world’s second-oldest surviving university and also of the Bodliean Library one of the workds oldest libraries..

Lewis Carroll, Time and Philosophy

Also on 21st March I read from Lewis Carrol’s Alice through the Looking Glass.

This book is already referenced in a previous post regarding the Johan Grimponprez exhibition.

It was the 151st Anniversary of the publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, so again a tenuous link for the date for a ‘Scope but I wanted to reference Lewis Carroll because

  • Deuleuze ( in his principle of horizontality) discussing  paradox and anachronism and Derrida wrt human written and spoken language both reference Lewis Carroll’s writings in their work 
  • To re-mediate some of Tenniel’s illustrations in this work. I’d referenced the Dodo as a link to fact and fiction; mutability and immutability in my BA dissertation and also there feels to be something of a ‘local’ association as I am placed fairly close to Oxford…. tenuous again
  • Carroll plays with and references time and space in his works and the non-linearity of the story-telling within the main narrative. How there is both logic and ambiguity existing together, with hidden and overlaid meanings. Essentially it was the line quoted in the clip here that really stuck in my memory.
  • The use of Portmanteau  (words) in his writing, where he combines words to produce new meaning... something  I am aiming to do in this work
  • My childhood memory of Alice and the consequences for how I now interpret the world.
  • How Alice has been absorbed into popular culture and remediated through cartoon and film

There may be other reference and links which I discussed on the Scopes but I can’t remember them…..

There are also ‘Scopes on Youtube

There was an interesting audience as you can see below, a combination of local and global .. some returned after disappearing when the planes flew over… see previous post.

William Morris Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 20.30.54

This clip was made for the Symposium  video but had to cut because of time…


I also love the fact that I am finishing off drafts of these posts and posting long after the event.. but they are being posted in my timeline on Twitter… NOW… so the whole time frame is mixed -up… inn anachronistic sort of a way 

or muxed-ip as my father used to say.

Reading William Rusher #Crouch Hill

From 28th December to 18th January  I read aloud from the book  Crouch-Hill: A descriptive poem, with some account of the sieges of Banbury Castle, in the Reign of Charles the First, &c  from Crouch Hill and live streamed my readings.

Often I was alone during the reading and streamed myself but sometimes a friend ‘Scoped me reading, or took documentation images. I didn’t engage in conversation with the viewers but did engage with any passers by on the Hill, briefly explaining what I was doing.

There were very few passers-by as it was often fairly inclement weather as you can see from the images

28th December

On this first day of reading the friend who held my phone had not streamed before and held the phone horizontally, hence the first image. I try to give minimum instruction so that anyone who helps me feels able to choose the images they see and want to share with others- however- sometimes I fail to give basic instructions. The friend with me usually helps me whilst walking her dogs, so there is an informality to the action and sometimes the dogs take priority. You know what they say about working with dogs or children…….

The presence of my friend and her dogs is important in the work. Not just from a practical point of view. The Hill is now a place of contemporary ritual – daily dog walking – with a discreet community of mainly very local dog walkers. The dogs and their owners meet and interact as do any community…dipping-in and out, the owners sharing usually relatively superficial conversation but with some more personal content on a frequent and regular basis.For this first ‘Scope I also streamed our return from the top of the hill, down through the wood to the east of houses below.

From my research, it seems that walks are often popular with viewers, especially if dogs are involved..

29th December

I’d been saving broadcasts to my phone Camera Roll but the Chat and hearts ( which are given by viewers tapping the screen if they like what you’ve done) are not saved. My iPhone 4S doesn’t allow me to screen- record on to my Desktop so if I wanted to review the  comments etc. I had to access the broadcast before the 24 hours were up and screen record from my desktop. This is how I’d saved those of Ordnance Survey. which I accessed by signing into Periscope on my Desktop.

Both these blog posts and the all the Broadcasts  have also been  posted on my Twitter account @sangrownun since 31st October 2015

1st Jan 2016

P1040792This was a memorable Periscope session! It was New Years Day and, I felt, significant because of that. I had a total of 82 viewers and 16 Replay viewers for this post!

Me, standing alone in the field at the bottom of the Hill ( it was too wet to get up safely), reading aloud from under a big, black umbrella. It seemed to go down well with the viewers, as the hearts and the comments will testify.

Obviously, people around the world have new phones for Christmas and are very bored. The numbers of viewers are interesting and tempting to pursue… but I am not necessarily interested in viewer numbers or a large audience…nor do I want this to be too much a theatrical Performance… However, if I do not respond to the comments there is no possibility of interaction.And I can’t respond if I am reading the poem!

I had some ‘trolling’ which is relatively common but mild in my case I think. I have also discovered that many of my Followers, are in fact, female porn streamers… Their notifications come in the early hours and all have innocent female names! The content is is not so innocent and not to my taste , but blocking them is easy.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.26.17Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.24.17Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.23.48Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.21.03Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.22.26

4th Jan

10th Jan


Both these readings focussed less on the personal, rather romantic content of the Poem by Philip Rusher and more on the Puritan stronghold aspects of Banbury, the siege of Banbury Castle and the Battle of Edge Hill in the Civil War

The action of reading aloud, re animates and re-mediates the Historic events in the past through medium of  poetry written in 1789, through my physical body on the hill, through my voice as speech  continued through a digital network accessed by a hand-held communication device. It brings the past into the present through personal communication and story-telling.

17th January

During this post I finished reading the poem, just as one of my neighbours arrived at the top of the hill.  My battery had just run out and the broadcast ended. We chatted about simultaneity and the similar everyday actions of others in different loactions.

Te hill was popular that day as you can see, not just with dog walkers but viewers… 132 of them. Obviously, snow, dogs and reading aloud is a ‘draw’.

I experimented a little after the broadcasting with Google Translate, to read some of the chat.

I have tried to find an app that apparently simultaneously translates the chat so that I can reply to it…No success.This obviously affects the interactive nature of the broadcasts, in addition to the fact that I am reading and can’t watch the screen at the same time.


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