Henge-Byte Serendipity?

This morning I received the invitation below by email.

It instantly reminded me of Edith and Manhattan and all that surrounds and is attached to those memories.

There is a link between these stills and the preliminary video I made when walking with Louise on Old Michaelmas Day ; Crouch Hill and Salt Way as usual. This popping into my Inbox has reminded me of the material nature of my work and that serendipity and synchronicity still exist.

As Deborah Curtis ( House of Fairy Tales)  said when we bumped into each other that strange day in July in the Marina Abramovic queue (and me with my on-line date met 30 minutes earlier for the first time! – poor sod)

‘ Fine Art Digital! but you’re such a material person!…if you know what I mean…’

82baff3f-0fef-4c62-b870-1edaf5acd756silent_movie_small  Michelle Stuart Silent Movie, 2010, unique inkjet photographs on Strathmore paper, 28 x 34 inches

The flow goes…

Edith  > music >  father > R3 > this morning > R3 > Tim Winton > ‘music peels the skin off you’ >  Edith  > her mother >  death >  bereavement  >  loss > Claire W > cassette tapes > her father > my father > video Number one etc. > collaboration?

I also think of ‘Dirt Music’ by Tim Winton as another book I must read. I will not have time to sleep.

Another concern is…I like writing this blog… I mean I really like writing this blog…!

In fact it is hard to stop to go and scan some slides.

Referencing. Must sort that out next….