Projection or Why do I feel as if everything I do has been done by a 14yr old in their bedroom, only better?

Well my analyst would say a lot about that title..if I had one..

and I probably should have…

I have realised that I haven’t actually posted details of the things I was doing before Christmas!

I was thinking so much about what I wanted to do that I forgot what I had actually done.

Now there’s a thing…

Well, as well as trying to get cables and projectors and then more cables and use other things as projectors and so more cables I did actually do some very basic overlaying of slides and video which can be seen below on to various surfaces.

I liked the greaseproof paper effect.

It was after this That I started to use the two analogue projectors facing each other and think about the space where they meet.

But here for the record are some vids and photos.

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I know the keystoning is out  but I don’t care I wasn’t look ing at that or thinking about it.

This is not finished work so I am just messing.

I really want to keep the frame of the vids so it is evident that they are made on a phone.

Something about me as an artist or whoever shot the vid as being a participant who is present with the spectator…does this make sense?

More on spectator/ participant later….

Just to keep it on the same page, here are some of the black tissue /two slides projections again.

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Work to date for group discussion of proposal

This post outlines my project proposal and looks back at some of work I have made since September.

The most recent is a video piece made for projection in combination with  ‘curtains’ of drawings on cling-film.

I’ve not done this yet though. I also need to reflect on this piece, specifically from a digital cultural perspective.

It could have ben made without digital technology but possibly is different as a digital piece. My reflections will be posted in full after the discussion….well not straight after!

Work shown was made most recent first.

 My key question is : how can digital technology contribute to the re-animation of action or event residue to demonstrate its co-existence with the present?

I am interested in the way we document and archive past events, the overlay of memory of past and present, and the fluid space in between.


  • To combine the use of digital technology with physical action, objects and images (remains of place, time and events) to produce work that evokes emotional affect in a viewer.

  • To use digital technology and traditional art practice to make manifest concepts such as impermanence, change, continuation and layered co-existence, rather than static archive.

Documentation video ( fragmented edit)

As below but with video projected through.


Documentation drawings on cling-film with digital projector


Layered traced drawings of documentation video below

Abstracted video documentation of action with cassette tape


Traced performance documentation images with fragments ( below) removed.


Print Residue 2 detail US 14.09.14150

Ink residue on glass plate after drawing monoprint ( from performance action documentation image)

Binary seals and tablets process150            Binary Clay tablet150

Clay tablet and cylinders with Hamlet quote ( ‘more things in heaven and earth’) in binary