Final Show: #CrouchHillBanbury

Despite the recent Periscope app update which now allows permanent archive of Broadcasts with chat, I made the decision to allow auto-delete after 24 hours.

The ephemerality and impermanence is an essential component of my work and process, highlighting the concept of dynamic socially created space.

Traces of previous broadcasts are now no longer visible as they were previously

Paradoxically, the events below are heavily documented through Screen-shots from the Broadcasts, created within the 24 hrs before they became unavailable……

it’s really hard to let things go…especially when you need evidence of your process….


John Ruskin – Work:

15th July

I read aloud from John Ruskin’s lecture ‘ Work ‘ delivered at the Working Men’s Institute Camberwell in 1865,( which is now the South London Gallery……..?)

to link my location on Crouch Hill in Oxfordshire with Camberwell. This also served as a point for further reflections on work, labour, art and relative positions in contemporary society.

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There were 130 in the Lifestream audience at one point and generally retention was better with people usually sticking it out for a while on each brief Scope.I’m finding the stats interesting to analyse despite not searching for ‘Likes’.

I decided to leave the tent up for the duration of the Show, over the weekend and for the rest of the week until Tuesday evening.

I wrote a note to explain and left it in the tent. I left contact details as well, out of courtesy.

Often, teens camp-out and sometimes just leave the tents.

I didn’t want it to be damaged, removed, offend someone unnecessarily or occupied by another person!

Martin Fiennes – Broughton Castle:

16th July:

Martin’s parents are Lord and Lady Saye and Sele.

William FIENNES (1st Viscount Saye and Sele).The only son of Richard Fiennes, 7th Lord Saye and Sele, he was educated at New College, Oxford, and succeeded to his father’s lordship (barony) in 1613. English politician and promoter of colonization in America. He was a Puritan in religious sympathy and a leader in the House of Lords of the opposition to James I and Charles I.

I invited Martin to Crouch Hill, where he spoke of his visions for the preservation of areas of countryside, whilst accommodating the need for housing into the future. He also talked of  his imaginings of the Puritan and Royalist troops, noisily riding up and down past the foot of the Hill along what is now a busy B road, prior to the siege of Banbury Castle, and the Battle of Edge Hill in 1642.

It brought the past alive for a moment or two, and changed my visions of the present.

He was surprised and amused by the 249 viewers.

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Dozing in my Tent:

17th July

I just started to broadcast  and lay down in a warm tent for a doze…showed the sky to  over a hundred people…Strange, this periscope business…

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33 comments! and a surprising number of viewers.

also found a note when I opened the tent…. it said ‘PLEASE DON’T ‘

I wasn’t sure what they wanted me not to do?
Stay….? Go…?

Some dog-walkers came past and had a chat

Paul Mobbs (@ramblinactivist) :

17th July

I’d invited Paul to talk as he has a deep knowledge of the Quaker Civil War history of the area and an involvement in peace activism in contemporary conflict.

He forms a link from this final work to my initial investigations in Croughton , the Reading Room and RAF Croughton.

In fact, when he arrived he didn’t want to talk about those topics at all but lead a popular walk around the Hill discussing local geology and its implications.

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Edith Eisler, 

18th July

This was the anniversary of Edith’s death in 2011. A  violinist, teacher, noted musician and critic.This is  a recording of her playing Hindemith 

I told the story of how my father became friends with Edith and her family during WWII, following their movement from Vienna to Britain.

Also their subsequent correspondence whilst my father found and located in Japanese POW camp in the Far East, and following his release.

This family correspondence continued, even following my father’s death.

Her kindness has enabled me to pursue this Post-Graduate study.

(Along with a Vice- Chancellors Scholarship from The University of the Arts London).

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iChing and Philip K. Dick

19th July

I am interested in the link between subjective evaluation involved in Divination practice and ritual with the binary code which underlies all things digital.

See this article here in The Guardian

and this J Proteome Sci Comput Biol. 2012; 2012(1): 3. Published online 2012. doi: 10.7243/2050-2273-1-3

I had hoped to use yarrow stalks from the Hill but the season was late and there were few available.

I’d also thought of using Glo-sticks but their popularity at the Public View put paid to that…everyone wore them home..

So I used the cards I’d used in previous broadcasts.

The whole event became ludicrous…more so than other Scopes, as Tia and Purdy, the dogs belonging to my ‘assistant’ were in playful mood.

In the end one of the dogs, Purdy, selected one of the cards…

I read from Philip K Dick, the visionary writer, who cites the iChing in The Man in The High Castle.

His alternative outcome from WWII, and the implications, are  worth re- considering now, I believe. The sun set, the moon was almost full.

In total with Louise’s simultaneous broadcast of the event, there were over 750 viewers..


These were the cards selected.


Humbleness and sincerity when comprehending will increase knowledge.


Dense clouds suggest postponing the action till after the rain.


The steadfast and persistent traveller will have good luck.

Make of that, what you will….

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UAL Summer Show: Camberwell College of Arts, Wilson Road, London SE5 8LU

20th July

I went to the Final Crit with my cohort at Camberwell. Saw many of my colleagues and enjoyed seeing the Show.

It was odd walking into an exhibition containing my own work but where I had delegated set-up to colleagues. They had displayed many of the bowls around the building but as these are now empty they had been removed.

The last remaining had been give a plinth, two bowls placed one inside the other with a top light in a dark space. It looked tremendous! Donald Takeshita-Guy had been mainly responsible and is keen on developing his curation skills.

It worked really well


Later, Clara and I met with the collective of artists to talk about plans for our residency in Norway in 3 weeks time. Very exciting.

Little Venice Studio  with Clara Duran, Keir Williams,  Dave Meckin, Alice Helps, Joe Fairweather-Hole

and then…..NORWAY RESIDENCY and Neptune Developers Camp, Melbu, Nordland

Neptun Introduction

and as Manuel from MAFAD said

” So long and thanks for all the fish”

Its been amazing,  Thanks Jonathan K!

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#CrouchHill Banbury #Public View #Camberwellual

Louise messaged me this photo of the yarrow emerging on the morning on the Public View…

Better late than never…YARROW

Some of the people who had been involved in the events, gathered over the evening at the summit.

Several of us were broadcasting the event via Periscope and others who had been involved but couldn’t be there in person ‘hopped on’…

Some people managed both- to be there at a distance and then join in person…


Some of the sharing paraphernalia…

People brought Champagne and flowers



The Covenant of Salt, ‘Twitter’ chocolates, and Mystic Writing pads were enjoyed by many… even those who claimed no artistic talent!

Games had unexpected winners..or no winners at all depending on the play.

People were Periscoping people Periscoping people Periscoping ………etc


Clara Duran was taking photos of the Summer Show in Camberwell at the same time, and watching proceedings on Periscope on Jonathan’s phone ( see later)

I hadn’t realised that they had also announced Clara and my Residency Award in Norway  at the award ceremony.


Here are images of some of the group’s work : Clara, Tristan ( our work has some similarities..) Pete ( who I have still never met!), Pascale, Donald, Yvonne and Sharon


Some examples of the simultaneous images taken and simultaneous events ( if the clocks on our phones and cameras and image files are to be believed ) in Camberwell and on Crouch Hill.









Below are some screen shots which show the involvement of the Periscope audience when I went to find Clare Carswell, who also took many of the documentation photos – Thanks Clare)

She had been following proceedings on the phone but then drove to the Hill to try to find us.

I had thought of putting up signs but it would have changed the event and the Happenstance element for people who hadn’t had direct invitations

Also it was fun to see people randomly wandering around, getting lost, finding each other, talking to strangers, and eventually finding us at the summit!


‘ I’ve never seen so many Lost People!’ – Thanks JimStr

People made it to the top, physically and via our Live streams.


Drawing time is Catherine Lette,  who was documenting her visit to the Summer Show Private View in Wilson Road, Camberwell and simultaneous experience of Crouch Hill, Public View and some of my work in the process

The Screen shots below are from my Stream


These are from Catherine’s @drawingtime phone and stream


These are from Sharon Bertram’s


Here’s an example of chat during the stream…Anything from dog snacks to Brexit

Which at least gives it some time-reference.

Importantly, people  visiting the Show did seem to be accessing the Periscope Broadcasts at least via the Twitter feed from the Username on the Chocolates!

[EDIT 21st July:  There were large numbers in the LiveStream Audience by the end of the Show – over 700 for the last broadcast ]


Finishing with some amusing screen shot showing middle-ages people whth Glo=Stick necklaces.

I’ll never forget wending our way down the Hill carrying the tent etc, winding through the woodland in the dusk, Glo-necklaces bobbing up and down in the distance…Sadly not on the Broadcast


The event went well with some good interaction and a reasonable audience in both ‘locations’, from 30- 159 on the stream…not that I’m counting! ( Ha!)


Final Show Preparations 4 and Public View

The chocolates arrived safely in Peckham yesterday, only to be eaten by all my colleagues, if Jonathan’s text is to be believed!


The locations of the bowls and the distribution of the chocolates will be up to my colleagues so I have no real idea if they will be on plinths displayed as ‘artwork’ or scattered around more informally.

I’ve been distributing invitations to the Show and the Public View on Crouch Hill, around the various communities I work and socialise with, have posted some invitations and chocolates, and pushed some through friends’ letterboxes.

If people have been involved in some way with the project they will be invited as well as dog walkers, carers group, leisure artists,  ( you can see the enthusiasm!) geocache advisor, chocolatier, printer and courier……

I will also put some invitations in a map holder and fasten it to the Trig Point at the summit. Some of the people who have been interacting with the ‘building development‘ may be interested in coming….

I’ve also sent the usual email invitations to the Show in Camberwell and will circulate via Twitter and have a few chats on Periscope beforehand to invite regular followers.

I hope, on this occasion, to have a meeting of communities ; Crouch Hill- Camberwell- Periscope.

I also have a loose programme of events for viewers during the Show, ensuring that something is present on my Twitter feed and Periscope app ( where there will be interactive cuhatvia the Live Stream)  whilst the Show is Open.

The Public View is rather more ‘structured’ as the other events depend of people who have said they are interested in being involved being available on the day…… below is ‘sort of a plan’.

Claire Winfield will be on an archaeological dig in Dorchester-THames but will be joining us by Periscope, and Martin Winfield will be watching on the desktop app and calling in on his mobile from ‘his’ mountain in Mid-Wales….or at least that’s the idea.All the events will be Live streamed via Periscope.

13th July

Prior to the event within 24 hrs of start of the Show. It is John Clare’s birthday (1793) and I will be reading  some of his poems about enclosure. The town of Banbury, here,  borders Northamptonshire where Clare lived and wrote.

I also plan to re-install Ordnance Survey  and read from the Wikipedia texts in the piece.

14th July  

The  Public View, at the summit of Crouch Hill, will take place simultaneously with the Private View at Camberwell.

I intend to perform a symbolic ritual of exchange of a Covenant of Salt. I will give visitors small hessian bags, hand made by an upholsterer in Poole, Dorset, from re-cycled hessian. The bags will contain salt. people will be asked to mix salt from their bag with salt in someone else’s. The grains can never be separated…..and so, a lasting bond is formed. This has some origins in Biblical Scriptures  but this is not why I have chosen it. It is also performed at weddings. The significance is the prescience of the old Salt Route, The Salt Way, which runs along side Crouch Hill and was used to transport salt from Droitwich to London. I feel it links up with many of the ancient salt routes which network across Europe and Asia in a similar way to networks and systems today.

There will also be Magic Slates which are a playful mimic Freud’s Mystic Writing Pads.



I will take the wooden buildings previously used in this events here, as recently, the encroachment of housing development across the boundary to the area, formed by the Salt Way, has been of local concern.

There is also a link to Lefevbre’s thoughts on urbanism.IMG_3763 I will also take, as far as possible, all materials, props and remnants that I have used in previous actions and events, for re- mediation/ re- animation  through conversation during the Public View.

The Camberwell College invitations that I have adapted ask people to bring drink ,and their dog if they want. I cannot carry bottles there…but I will prove some refreshments ( and the chocolates)  as in a Potlatch ceremony of exchange or ‘gift’…

Most people ask “What it it rains”….well I will be in my tent… or under the nearby trees in my waterproof.

I may or may not leave my tent up for the duration of the Show as a longer- temporary occupation…….I haven’t made that decision yet.


15th July :

Reading aloud from John Ruskin’s lecture  Work  delivered at the Working Men’s Institute Camberwell  in 1865,( which I think is now the South London Gallery……..?) to link my location with Camberwell.

16th and 17th July :

Any one, none  or more of these things……depending who is available and when. All are interchangeable.

Paul Mobbs, local Quaker historian and activist telling his history of Crouch Hill and the area.

A Skype chat with Juliet Henderson, the linguist  from Oxford Brookes University, I met on the 205 bus, discussing Derrida  and ‘differance’.

A resident of nearby Broughton Castle and relative of William Fiennes, (1st Viscount Saye and Sele (28 June 1582 – 14 April 1662) , English nobleman and politician during the English Civil War) talking about his knowledge of Crouch Hill.

Me reading aloud from various history books and novels about the area, possibly reading from Benjamin’s Arcades Projects,  or W G Sebold.

A visit from Jane and Richard, caretakers of the Reading Room, Croughton linking this project with my Research Paper.

Snakes and Ladders or Scrabble with a  local theme via Periscope

18th July:

A tribute to Edith  Eisler, who died on this day in 2011. A refugee from Vienna in 1940, musician and friend of my father’s, whose legacy has provided me with the funds to follow this course. Looking at her letters to my father during WWII and listening her play the violin.

Thank You.

19th July Reading the iChing and reading from Philip K Dick’s The Man in the High Castle.

That’s All Folks.

On the 20th July I will visit Camberwell for a Final Crit with the group and then go with Clara Duran to meet other artists for discussion about the wonderful Residency Opportunity in Sortland , Norway……!!!

From Snapchat to 4chan with some in-between

A Summary of some of the apps and Platforms I’ve looked at during the last 12 months .

  • My journey around apps started I guess with a fascination with Snapchat  and watching it in the Reading Room project see this post  last Spring .

My son had introduced me and I loved it… for daft middle-aged not teen reasons! No sharing images of  my body-parts, Thank You! … The trouble was that non- of my contacts joined! No community... One replied to my invitation with ” I’m not on Snapchat but would you like to meet in town for a coffee . “Well we are over 50!

In some ways these events  were key to  the paradox of  living within and between several digital and physical communities which is demonstrated also in my Research Paper. And probably the start of thinking about bringing those together within my process.

  • At the end of Unit 1 in October 2015, Jonathan mentioned Storify, story-telling platform, in a tutorial  so I  signed up and started to investigate it. I drafted this post then and have been editing since.

I kept looking at Storify and trying to fit what I wanted into it…..It is great for  adding content from social media but I did have some problems with the Search trying to find exactly what I wanted.

That’s pretty hard call even when just using a browser as I wanted such specific times and dates and of course had to consider Time differences in location of the event and also on the platform. Twitter time does not equal UK time for instance! The problem can be sorted by altering the settings within the browsers but I couldn’t seem to get the specificity I needed with Storify. I’m sure I could’ve done it a ‘long way round’ and imported the content as images ? but I didn’t feel the other all rest would produce what I wanted in the end, so I abandoned it…There for future reference though….

The  main problem though was that it still produces too linear a narrative.… although more recently for an Upgrade there is livefyre which may be worth investigating. At the time of I was investigating there was no Free Trial, otherwise I may have gone down that route! There are others and others!!! all with different emphases on image, text etc…..

 Later on I decided I  wanted to be able to include live feed from Periscope on  a storytelling platform….. I might have been able to do that  by using Katch but then that disappeared ( see below)

  • I had already spent some time looking at other simpler platforms for documenting the narrative of my process. Some image hosting sites I knew already…Pinterest, Flikr and have dipped into in the past. I set up Instagram and Imgur account to investigate further. The latter on my son’s recommendation because I had been thinking of posting on Reddit, when searching for synchronous events to document along side my actions  to demonstrate simultaneity  as in these described in   Protected: Same time, different places  and here

 described fully in Notes for Research Discussion Thursday 11th February 2016

  • I looked at a range of news sites on Youtube and also Buzzfeed, Huff Post and others.I’d also been directed to and ‘warned’ about ( my sons assume I need protection – they are possibly correct)  the content of 4chan and used some content for the video clips made in   Final Cut – these short pieces which became  works in themselves.

I was still desperately trying to make something non- linear within the constraints of the linear.There’s a long and rambling post where I discuss ( with my self) the vary aspects of that and how film- makers approach the problem.

I eventually stopped trying to tell the story of simultaneity and demonstrate it simply through the action.

  • But on my way I’ve been having ( and continue to have ) fun, playing with Vine here and Anthropology – ritual and space on Vine
  • Using Periscope as  medium of making and showing my work has evolved during my process. The app has developed and continued. The best way to find to what’s available is to watch and interact with other Broadcasts. I did a lot of that at the beginning but recently have limited myself to Broadcasts only. I may have missed out on some updates but didn’t want to get distracted by the app. Just work within the constrains of it, as it was in May. The full functionality depends on having a decent phone so things have improved since upgrading to 8GB iPhone SE. Just after I’d started to use Periscope, this happened:

Scope Day  Originally on November 7, 2015, 56 broadcasters in 37 cities on 6 continents showcased destinations in their respective cities/countries over the course of 16 hours, a sort of simultaneity demonstration. In December 2015 Issac Duckett, the CEO of SCL Brands / Slickchix has acquired the rights to Scope Day.

  • I have used, with varying degrees of success, YouTubeLive and  Google hangouts but rather stupidly deleted the evidence of attempted and successful Trials from my YouTube Channel when tidying up! but Here is one from YouTube below  and one here which was successful on Google Hangouts

is one remaining failure!

I downloaded the encoding software onto my old laptop necessary for YouTube Live stream  and managed a successful stream from my living room but then next time  I couldn’t even access Youtube because the OS no longer supports the updated version… I tried my son’s Chrome book and again had some success but I wanted to broadcast from the Hill where there is no Wi-Fi and using my phone as a Hot-Spot didn’t work for streaming, certainly not with the phone I’d got at the time.The Chrome book had 4G but  still didn’t work. Periscope is just So Easy in comparison.

From an audience point of view it allows anyone with the app to find your stream and watch. The accessibility is so much greater than Youtube where people have to search harder or know her to find you. The Map and List on Periscope make it straightforward and you can search for users using username.

I looked at Lifestream  but it is very corporate, the audience would not be the broad, happen across audience that I was hoping for. I didn’t investigate Snapchat Live.

  • Twitter  : All my broadcasts are automatically shared on Twitter. This gives my Twitter Followers even without the Periscope app the chance to see the Broadcasts for 24 hours.

I’ve been using Twitter more now, to share Vines and posts on my MAFAD Blog as well as posting and re-tweeting.So much so that it has become an essential component for my Final Show, as an access point for an audience

  • Google Translate: In the early days of using Periscope I had a large number of viewers from Turkey (and Russia) so I used Google translate to view the conversation. I could only do this from Screen recordings though. Here they are below,  rather long, clumsy and unedited; but they  show some of my investigation…

There was some chat about an app for simultaneous translation whilst broadcasting, but I couldn’t find it….


  • I was interested in the work of Blast Theory especially after the  Participation session with Jonathan and downloaded  Karen app, which was fun.
  • Katch was an app which saved automatically all Periscope streams WITH Comments and hearts  but it closed at the beginning of May. It was useful when I found it and the results of the archived content can be seen in several posts below

Lewis Carroll, Time and Philosophy   

Egg Rolling: Easter Day 

Games without frontiers?

Questioning the i Ching- games without frontiers continued,

All the other broadcasts  were saved to Katch from early March until the end April and I archived them from Katch to this Youtube  playlist Here. The comments (on an Excel spreadsheet), stats and video files were downloaded to my Desktop. It wasn’t available for the St George’s Day work, so this was screen- recorded on the Desktop.

I looked at lots of other Video and screen saving apps available on my 4S but non- worked well and kept to screen recording from the Desktop which if accessed using Chrome as a browser shows the hearts and comments on the replay

  • i Ching: I played around with this app as I aim to use the iChing in an action during the Final Show…possibly using the app…I’d used cards already see above 
  • Geocache: I’ve played around with too ,see here Protected: Geocache possibilities
  • I’ve debated the use of  vs other alternatives  as shortners for Twitter etc.. My son favours but I’ve stuck with so far
  • Soundcloud here 
  • Clyp as here 
  • I investigated Anchor too,”Anchor is radio by the people, where any voice can join the conversation. Anchor makes it easy to broadcast short audio clips to a global audience in seconds. Your listeners can talk back, sparking instant group conversations that were never before possible.”but found it rather dull at the time. Very corporate…Maybe I’ll investigate it when it’s been around a bit longer.IMG_3727.jpg


Creative Dementia Arts Conference 2016


This years conference was at St Hugh’s College, Oxford 14th and 15th April 2016.

My original proposal for this MA  ( as I remember it!) was  based on autobiographical and collective memory and I had some idea, I think, of linking my community -based work with my practice. I’ll explore how these links have developed and unravelled in another post but I’m including this resume of the conference to reference specific uses of digital technology and also a project I became aware of that I will follow up in the future, post-MA.

From a Networking Point of view the conference is always useful meeting with colleagues, Clare Carswell who is Lights Up Co-ordinator.

Lights up is a Monthly arts group for people with Dementia and their carers in West Oxfordshire. I have worked with the group on several occasions and work from the group was exhibited at an exhibition in January, curated and installed by Clare.

Hannah Cervenka ( who Co-ordinates Taking Part which helps to fund Community practice in the area) and Paula Bailey ( who I worked with on the Banbury Old Town Party community event for several years).  Both are Arts Development Officers for Cherwell District Council,  Karey Morley, who facilitates the ‘Times Gone By’ Reminiscence group at  Banbury Museum were also there and I had a great discussion about Community Practice with Pam Foley, sculptor amongst others.

Frames of Mind

The key elements of the Conference for me were the Workshop by Salmagundi Films , a not for profit arts organisation founded in 2004 by Zoe Flynn and Bo Chapman and based in Stratford, East London

Their workshop highlighted their use of iPads for people with dementia in care homes, framesofmind_300.png

“Frames Of Mind® (FOM) is our concept of using Stop Frame Animation as a therapeutic communication tool. With Animation anything can happen. It is a creative process which encourages the use of visual metaphors, to think outside the box, and this liberation from the ‘literal’ can enable participants to explore and communicate potentially difficult or sensitive issues.”

There is an article published in Dementia Care which gives further insight into their work.


I have tried to introduce Google Maps as a Reminiscence tool but have limited success. Working as a sole practitioner is  restrictive unless I work 1:1 or 1:2 which isn’t possible in the places where I work or with the groups that I facilitate, at the moment.

In the case of Frames of Mind there was funding to include Care staff in the project for training and supply of iPads to the homes for (in theory) a sustainable project. This goes back to the need discussed in a past post about working as an individual rather than a company…for funding and commissioning purposes.

For the future this may be the only way for me to go as a Community Artist……

We worked through the process of making a personal portrait and also saw how Stop Frame animation could used to make short autobiographical films for  people with dementia using personal objects or photos.

I don’t have an iPad but will invest in one, play around with the drawing apps and some stop-frame  and introduce the technology to some individuals and staff in the groups I work with. Too good an opportunity to miss. Again it will have to wait a little while.

The hand- held quality of the iPad really helps make the experience intimate and personal. Much more so than a lap-top which  can  seem too threatening to much older people.

UAL and Dementia Research

In one of the (many) leaflets I picked up There was a call for Papers for the Royal Society for Public Health Conference in 2017 on the Arts and Dementia. For the therapeutic nature of the arts to be recognised and researched is  a huge leap. The Research is both Qualitative and Quantitative which means it  can be used to attract funding and help reduce other costs! Dr. Hannah Zeilig from London College of Fashion, UAL is one of the Organising Committee for the Conference.

Again something to Research when the MA is  completed  to  consolidate my personal and community practice.

Gerard Byrne @ The Mead Gallery

This is a short review of  the event  Conversation with Gerard Byrne and the preview of 1/125 of a second his exhibition at Warwick Arts Centre.

This image below was taken from his exhibition at the Charles H Scott Gallery in Vancouver, Canada


but the layout was similar at the Mead, here.


The talk was useful but as I wasn’t really familiar with his work it was strange taking about pieces before seeing them.

He bases his work on place and the architectural features with their relationship to the culture at the time of building/ design.

He collages images and also spreads the resulting works over several monitors in the gallery adding a new layer of collage.

He states that he is looking for  complex encounter with the work and that it is not possible to see all the works in full on any one visit.

There was a ‘timetable’ of sequence of showings on the gallery wall…almost invisible and possibly written in pencil but it would be hard to plan a visit to watch a particular piece of work from that.

He described how our consumption of visual imagery is so effortless now through tv, video, Instagram…etc that he wanted the encounters to be ‘not effortless and not for consumption’

He explained how people’s relationships with images has changed since the growth of the internet and how we have reached ‘environmental saturation’.

He uses monitors to physically inhabit the space and bring in an awareness of the here and now.

Hie aims to create  a dialogical relationship with the work with almost theatrical timing. The configurations are created by collaboration with a software engineer who creates software specifically for the exhibitions.

This made name think back to our MA Group Skype chat the day before regarding the way that available Software affected creativity!

These ideas are very important for me in thinking about methods for display at the Final Show

There were several things that I felt applicable to my early efforts at film- making

  • He likes to keep some elements of the making of the work visible such as microphones and actors reading scripts. He describes this as ‘breaking the suspension of disbelief’ and playing with it. I’ll remember that phrase for constructing a lack of immediacy…I have used this previously in what I have made and like to do this for different reasons…bring into play a feeling of a witness’ being there’ and watching the event , so an external  presence within the location.
  • He also uses historical textual sources, which is something I’ve been doing recently... though not posted anything about yet.
  • He even includes stills or long takes of pages of books and magazines in the videos.
  • He messes around with the timing and perception within work. In particular this is seen in He searches for the contrary of saved ( 2014) which uses footage of  Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. Here he runs clips backwards at high speed and includes the audio.This something I’d like to mess with.It has a strange dislocating but hypnotic effect.He talked also about ‘Confronting the Present  with the recent Past, to challenge the Present.’ He constantly works in a way contrary to the idea of an image “on line” at least I think that’s what he said…I can’t read my notes. Anyway he also uses no linear narrative.
  • One of the  pieces uses a slide projector with text and images on separate slides. Some of the slides are of pages from books, as I might already have mentioned.I timed the slides to see how long eachh was shown for to allow the text to be read. I reasoned that he’d already thought this through…. 5 seconds. Something to remember.

He spend a long time talking about a specially commissioned work for the Mead Film inside an Image which was created in and about the Biologist Museet in Stockholm which was the first natural history museum to use a diorama and taxidermies specimens of animals.I found this work was hypnotic and strangely, poignantly beautiful.

It seems to be filled on a continuous loop with no edits and he described that as being ‘interested in the idea of suspension, no rest, no point or counterpoint – breathless continuum ‘.

He used a suspended camera ( * Idea!!!)  to shoot the footage inside the Museum which is lit by natural light from skylights at the top. He saw this as like a film (from a camera) inside an image.

There is an audio track of live animal noises over the video over the taxidermy so the sound provides a dynamic active in conjunction with the inert and inactive visual.

From the point of view of analysis w.r.t. my own work He searches for the contrary of saved  ( a quote from Waiting for Godot) was the most useful and something I will reference.

I did catch some references in his work to the work of Niamh O’Malley who I saw at the Bluecoat in Liverpool. She is also based in Dublin so I’m sure there’s a link…

EDIT Yes They Have exhibited together!!! His Kodak Written Colour Filter System references her layered works…or vice versa….

It made me think of here double sided glass piece and possibly projecting on to this.. Something I have thought of before...(* Idea) but never done anything about..

Here is a still from the Lisson Gallery WebsiteBYRN140004-1




Protected: Same time, different places.

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59. ‘Big Bang Data’ & Peter Lanyon

This is a Reblog of and quotes from Paul O’Kanes original article on  750wordsaweek, his art criticism blog.

I was particularly interested in this quote from Paul O’Kane below, which took me back to Tim Ingold’s ideas on the interface between  earth and air discussed in the  link above  and other of his writings.

I considered this when writing my research paper.

Fortuitously Lanyon also explicitly referred to his own idiosyncratic activities as a kind of scientific as well as artistic enterprise, often referring to the air, the (yes real, actual) clouds, the sky and the crucial behavior of ‘thermals’ as a kind of ‘Data’ that needs to be understood and appreciated in order to enjoy the delights of this slightly dare devil sport.

He discusses the nature of ‘Information’ and compares the two exhibitions finishing with the following:

Lanyon’s show, and the best things in ‘Big Bang Data’, involve humanity always showing that it is ‘bigger’ than the data it collects and works with, as we each share our very own new discoveries with a thus revived and enlightened audience.

Source: 59. ‘Big Bang Data’ & Peter Lanyon

Pop-up Show – Home film-screen broadcast

On 25th November  there was a Pop-up Show at college

Pop-up Show at Home.

I was working on the day of the set-up and show as I changed my workdays at the beginning of term, so couldn’t get down to be  involved.

Instead I decided …at very short notice.. to hold my own screening at home and broadcast it via periscope and a Youtube Live Stream

I’d tried to do a Live stream from the Reading Room during the Show last year but the fact that there was no Open -Zone signal or broadband  made it impossible to do from the inside of the building and even outside (I tried)

I invited a few friends round for the screening ( wine, nibbles etc), set up the projector, desktop etc  and ran a trial at lunchtime – which worked

I went to work and then came back at 4.30,

I was fiddling around doing some bits of edits to a couple of short pieces I’d madeEdge Hill videos 1 and 2 and variations in a hurry just the show opened in Camberwell at 5.30 that I didn’t notice (stupid!) the little ‘successful share’ box positioned itself right over the ‘Go Live’ box on the Hangout…

I was so busy opening the door to the ‘audience’. ( Yes some people did come, unexpectedly!) that I still didn’t notice… being a lifestream novice…. That although one box said Live Stream…. I wasn’t broadcasting. Didn’t realise until after everyone had left. So a Big Lesson learnt…

Jonathan ( tutor) did have a look after the show to see my Stream but of course it wasn’t there ( FAIL) However….

Live Streaming from Home 

I did Periscope for most of the event and have yet more screen shots to show that I did actually have an audience, in total for about 1 hour.


Rather annoyingly, I stopped broadcasting when the post- screening discussion really got going so don’t have a record of all the Crit.

My aim had been to screen the videos and some of the old work via Periscope.

I thought that the discussion and the event itself,was being recorded via the Live stream…….but not the case.

Great Crit Opportunity: Need to Clarify

Anyway the evening was very useful with much discussion about duration and Sebold, and some very clear crit about the voice over referring to Jihady John seeming like a red herring as it has no clear link to the Civil War…

I guess I have to be sure what it is I am saying.

This came across when the other videos were viewed and discussed

That if I am going to include political content I have make it more overt and direct otherwise it will be lost or confuse…

I’m still not sure if I want to do this as I feel the political, though important, is only a way of illustrating simultaneity, as it is what is so widely reported and also of significance and impacting upon out day to day.

Maybe I need to bring more of the ‘everyday’ in.

I’d thought about this when I did the Barford video sketch and included villagely local stuff but other stuff like Tumblr and Twitter posts about food and the Kardashians didn’t seem to fit…

Re-think necessary and to try and clarify what it really is I’m saying… maybe…

Part of me wants it to be intangible and fluid and open to lots of personal and wider interpretations.. about time and place, personally and socially- politics is inevitable in the mix, but I think I have used it more as a tool of illustration.

Problem is, the topics at the moment ( and the ones I choose to use) are so ( too?) potent.

Also there was discussion  about the use of hashtags to attract people to the posts and how to/ whether to aim for attracting a large audience.

Is a large audience what I want..? Is a selected audience what I want?  Do I want people to find it by accident? There was lots of discussion and clarification by me of my intentions..and confusion when I was asked things I wasn’t clear about.So all in all an excellent Crit.

Anyway, all in all it was extremely good practice, yet again, to fail, yet again, at Live stream and consider the implications from a practical/ technical and curation point of view of using a distant Broadcast as part of a Show…

One other point that was made was how I’d got the projector, media player, desktop, phone etc all set up and positioned on my old furniture…1920’s piano stool, 1930’s roll-top desk…etc.juxta-positioning of old and new and all that… and relevant.

Here’s a dreadful still from the broadcast of Frances and Martin, post-wine and mid-crit.



Ghosts : Paul Goodwin


Jonathan Kearney was  discussing with us the Ghosts series at UAL and asking for thoughts about  display in September.

Unfortunately it is unlikely that I can get to the lecture series or any accompanying exhibition but did make some comments (below) based on some of Jonathan’s questions back in September .

The ideas of diaspora are pertinent at the moment and have also been in my thoughts from the point of view of investigation of place from the point of view of archaeology and anthropology, the ‘remains’ I have ben thinking about whilst writing my Research Paper.

 It is too late to follow this line of thought in the paper but I will include these thoughts here

What are the fears and unease about embracing techno-cultural mutation in our societies?’
or is techno-culture already a overarching power?

I think associated with the feeling of the overarching power is the paradoxical feeling of needing to be constantly aware of this power and if possible be part of it…Other wise it’s power is even greater and it is ??? more malevolent…so there is this conflict.
Rather like when you are a child and you think there’s ‘ something in your room at night’ and you have to keep peeping out from under your sheets to see…’The Ghost’….with this unspoken power

Fear of being constantly connected — what is it doing to us – changing us — wedded to mobile devices

I think there is also the overwhelming fear ( similar to the above) of NOT being connected… in case we ‘miss something’ are ‘left out of a group’ are perceived to be alone by others and maybe feel alone our selves.
After all GHOSTS only appear when we are alone, usually seen by one person in isolation at one time.

So I think that SILENCE is key here and there should be some ‘ space’ ( real and virtual) within the this work where silence ( digital and other ) is experienced unexpectedly.

Lots of things happen in silence and spaces of non- happening and non- connectivity and this could be made apparent somehow
Those ghosts could be made visible ….?
Geofenced network  can  act as a physical embodiment of the virtual space which is ironically restricted to a physical location anyway.

Both the geofenced and more open networks together may emphasise the restriction of the boundaries as if walking through an area and coming across the boundaries after being in a more open area.
I wondered if it would be possible to open out somehow to other geographical locations ( site of performance and work ) and dip in and out of this for this emphasis.
Maybe if some of the on-line students are contributing work this could used in this way…. to live feed or performance type events.
I would be interested in performing some action from a distance that could be accessed ‘ live’

The community based work I did in The Reading Room ( which I am STILL writing up on my blog!!!! ) worked with making connections, ghostly presences of past and present actions, and communications.

Here are also some references to the work of the artists for use in the future. Relevant in many ways from the POV of Social Space, Memory and Communication.

Keith Piper : Relocating the Remains and  Excavating the Website My initial impression here is that I like the idea of the interactivity but the aesthetic is not one I feel I want to engage with ( Age, gender, race play apart here) but I will see what I can glean from it …

Gary Stewart : Mission to the land of Misplace Words This is much more my sort of thing! I’m sorry I missed this and will look out for more of his work to visit.

Sound and memory are fascinating and I do not want to get embroiled in this technology myself too much  but maybe its an area  where I could collaborate in  the future ( Martin perhaps …. )

 Note to Self

Sound is an important component to my work which I have a tendency to ignore..


Gary Stewart: Liminal a Question of Position

Lots of very interesting work here from some-time ago. I especially like the installation by Che Guevara Jon  and this X Space Virtual Gallery graphic