Florence Peake Workshop _ Modern Art Oxford

On Saturday 4th April I took part in this workshop by Florence Peake

This is a different workshop but it gives you some idea of what we covered.

We did some movement group work  and then a drawing made after our experience of the movements.

Later we made a short ( 2 mins in my case) individual performance using materials available and based on the drawings we had made.

I made a short piece, with Link Wray soundtrack from Pulp Fiction which was available on her iPod, and some green fabric and bits of wool.

It was sort of about stepping through an interface and connectivity through a central focus….. but no-one really ‘got it’…   except that it came across and sometimes playing with and sometimes fighting agains the fabric as I stretched it to tension with my body  and sometimes it escaped!

It was difficult to control( slippery) and so was just but only just delayed and out of time with the soundtrack…

Apparently though, it did related directly to my drawing though which was the re-mit.

Here is my drawing. It was good to draw and to move.

Its been a long time….


I forgot to ask someone to document it  so can’t really comment on what it looked like. only how it felt which was not the same as a witnessed performance as when I was just ‘doing it’ .

IT was useful exercise but as usual I forgot a bit about what it looked like… the visual…. and just thought about the doing….

Useful for me as a thought process but I tend to neglect the end point and what it looks like and so what is communicated….

Here are some of the other works but i don’t know anybodies names sadly.

The following day there was a group performance outside which would reference our own practice,…

However, I had some sort of ‘tummy bug’ when I got home and couldn’t go the following day.

There were also some performances the next weekend but I was doing some other stuff so didn’t get there.

What was interesting about this was the emphasis on the body,embodiment and embodied memory of movement in the first part of the workshop. Also, on touch as a way of mapping, not just using hands but other parts of the body too.

So very different from on-line contact and with a direct affect on us as participants.

I don’t know what it looked like as there was no documentation , which is interesting as it was performative but no audience….

I missed the next bit!

A good opportunity to do something which will hopefully bring together digital and ‘other’ in the next project.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also the day itself was very interesting as I arrived by train at the station, just as the EDL marched around and on the route I wanted to follow towards Bonn Square.

I walked a long way round to avoid the protest but was surpassed to see tourist watching with children in push-chairs.

I think they thought the police presence was for an Easter Parade of some sort, despite the padded jackets and helmets pus mounted police.. and the unpleasant atmosphere caused by provocative, racist chanting.

Here is a link to an ambient soundtrack of my walk and the report of the march and arrest.

There was a counter by the Anti-Fascist  protesters

I couldn’t get through the cordon to reach Modern Art Oxford and had to walk the long way round. People were oblivious to the potential aggression and hanging around. I descended into the MAO basement to the clam of the workshop but when I emerged at 5 pm the police were just dispersing after one had been injured, 3 arrested and one charge.

Very different from the trusting physical encounters in the workshop.

It made me think more about the approaching election and the key issues people will be thinking about when voting.

And how they encounter the various experiences that will affect their choice on Polling Day.

Directly as in Oxford that day or mediated via newspaper, Youtube, TV….friends.?



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