4- way projection – Slides and video

This work was made using 4 way projection from  two slide projectors ( Braun and Kodak Carousel) and an Epson and Pico projector.

The video projected was The Salt Way but with some delay between projections so not exactly simultaneous, and the slides were stills from a personal archive.

The images were projected on a body, which in some of the images has been covered with muslin to act as a surface for projection which is semi- transparent, allowing for the image to pass through on to the body beneath.

The body is situated at the intersection/ interface  of the 4 images.

The images and video shown have been selected for their role in making the process of experimentation visible.

There are another set of images which have been chosen for purely aesthetic reasons…..

The process was documented through photos and video using a small simple digital camera ( for taking snaps) and an iPod and Samsung phone.

Documentation was by myself and another observer/ witness.

I gave minimal direction regarding what to document.

Those people operating as a ‘ projection surface’ were asked to ‘use’ the muslin to view the images from their position ‘ inside’ the surface… they could from this position have an effect on the merging of the images to produce new ‘ mixed’ imagery.

With grateful thanks to Claire Winfield, Roger Shapley and Damon Dennis.

I have thought a lot about what I was doing when I made this..

Dave CHarlesworth’d tutorial helped especially the bits where I felt  with what he said……

It was never intended to be about the images produced although they were surprisingly interesting and often beautiful… It was more about doing something , some action , to make something clearer to me.

I think that what it illustrates to me is that I put the human body , as people, at the centre  of the digital interaction..

Maybe that the affect I am interested in , in my work at least, will come from the presence of people… participants and witnesses, collaborators… that an essential part of the work is other human presence..  as participative audience.

This fits with my community practice too… and so the two are linked.

I will have to consider this more…. just in time for the Mid- Point Review  next week and then another re-writing of my Draft Proposal I guess.

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