I’ve been playing with Vine quite a lot lately.

Not at all competently, as you can see,

Many of my posts need rotating and editing see here but I can’t do that…Yet!

There are some of Ed Kelly’s Sound workshop during the Low Res which I did when I reached the limit of my understanding and attention and one of  DG interacting with the exhibit at South London Gallery.

Childish I know … but that’s what I love about Vine.

And the HOURS I could spend on it if I …had the hours!

I did make a few  of Vines of a Periscoped dice throwing action on Crouch Hill, which you can scroll through and find…and I’ve embedded the  one which works best here :

Dice-Rolling on Crouch Hill Periscope stream Vined

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 17.50.04


This seemed appropriate as a Ritual action on continual repeat..

I liked that…

There’s also a couple of my son faffing with some music ( sorry Ferg) and few Liked re-Vines with Cory and Aaron… daft but make me chortle in that bloke humour sort of way ( I try to ignore the sexism…same as always..and look to the banality only) and then in the middle of the banal is the beautifully crafted and the political satirical.

Wondering if this is a way to re- broadcast my Periscope stream from the saved Camera Roll.

Why would I want to…. is it appropriate..when should I do it if I do.

For the Dice Rolling it seems appropriate.

I’ll re think for each action I guess.

I did feel it was appropriate for the action of at all times and in all places but only the laying down of the piece itself.

I can’t edit Vine on my phone (Old 4S and it won’t let me do lots of things…the apps have moved fast …can’t get the updates) so despite spending hours on a demo of iExplorer I couldn’t get the clip I’d made into the App on my phone

(UPDATE  4th MAY – I’ve got a new SE and now can’t get it to find the vid…not trying any more..till next time..)

Anyway I made this  clip and put it on Vimeo.

Maybe it’ll make it’s way to Vine eventually…defeats the object of timeliness really but Hey Ho…

One interesting thing about Vine from a personal POV is that it pleased me when one of Ferg’s Vine friends, ( met in real life and time through Vine) then went to Paris to a meeting of Viners and met the Real ( yes, the Real) Cory!

Somehow in a sad, sad way I felt ‘connected’ to the Youth of Today……and it was a good feeling……….

 UPDATE- 4th May- maybe I should reconsider Vining my Periscope streams… especially since the demise of Katch …..

Protected: ‘Re-visited’: November 22nd: Drawing Weapons and cut-up text

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Illustrated Man- Ray Bradbury and projection

I’ve been reading the Illustrated Man- Ray Bradbury  sci- fi book.   I used to really enjoy Ray Bradbury, John Wyndham and all this..

Farenheit 451 interesting politically but also now re- digital reading etc….and the ‘destruction’ of the book….

Unlike Philip K Dick which seems prophetic, this book seems very sparse and  focusses  on living Mars after the destruction of the world!- Not jolly but interesting bearing in mind the news this week about ‘water’ on Mars…

As I was reading the initial description about the illustrations moving  across the subject’s body I thought of the work  projecting moving images on to a body 4- way projection – Slides and video

When I did that I realised that the reason was that I wanted people and ’embodiment ‘ to be at the centre of my practice , if not the theory behind it –  moment of realisation 

Now I’m wondering if I should look again at this projecting onto flesh….the body as a screen…..


‘Salt of the Earth’, ‘Bitter Lake’ and ‘Bowling for Columbine’

Last weekend I went to see  the Sebastian Salgado film ‘ Salt of the Earth’

It was at the charming, tiny Chipping Norton Theatre – not many people there but interestingly in the ads before one for the joining  a debate about the Leverson Enquiry.

I’ve looked on- line for it…trying to remember the address, but it was on screen for such a short time I cant find it…Odd as the video was quite long….

Very pertinent as both Rebekah Brooks and David Cameron live a spit away from the Theatre….

About the film, it was shot by his son and Wim Wenders and fascinating though some of his images very distressing and as an autobiography left a lot of personal and, for me, ethical questions about his work and approach, hanging in the air.

I didn’t like the fact that his face was used as an overlay so much with him talking. Just his voice would’ve been fine and interviews separate.

It mixed him and his work up and maybe that’s what it was supposed to do: maybe, but the harshest of realities of some of his outstandingly beautiful images was enough of a contrast without the rather romantic approach to his life and decision making.

Still it was powerful film and interesting from a ‘witnessing’ point of view about what images to shoot and why.

Also how his interests developed as he changed…. because of the images he had taken.

A real reflexivity there..

I’d still have preferred to realise that myself rather having it directed at me with the portrait overlay.

Made me wonder about my recent effort…. and whether that says what I hope it does.

In contrast to that film, a Feature  available on DVD and at cinemas, is Adam Curtis’s,  iPlayer only, Bitter Lake which I don’t think I’ve posted about, but meant to…

I saw it a month or two ago and it really is transforming. An ‘enjoyable’ film in its own right, so intelligent in its analysis and the quality of its making.

I’ve only remembered to blog about it when Jonathan mentioned him in one of the Skype chats. It is focused on events in Afghanistan and how the situation came to be.

Lots of factual stuff presented very clearly within a ‘beautiful’ visual narrative that  also alludes to ideologies without overstating them.

Really impressive. I will watch more of his work.

It seems appropriate to watch these especially as journalism as a form of witnessing and documenting have come to my attention even more through the Reading Room work

I started the MA thinking about Documentation and Myth but things have sort of changed….I’ll have to assess how exactly.

Previously I was interested in the ‘truth’ of documentation and the effects of subjectivity etc..styles of Reportage but I need to address some of my thoughts about style in the very least…..

The other is Bowling for Columbine, which I watched some time ago.

Style completely different and of course, Michael More features in it.

What is great is the relationship he builds up with people and so what he manages to report.

It is the peoples’ ‘ truth’ as you can see it spoken but his interview style and way of working is really clever and of course the content is fascinating, and funny as well as horrific. A very clever combination.

So, I’m not going to make documentary film but the styles are still important.

I haven’t discussed cinematography or anything here…just really reminding me over the overall differences in style…

And also the effect the Leverson enquiry has had on the British Press and how we , as a public, perceive ‘it’.

A very different ideology from that in 1903 when the Reading Room opened!

Maya Deren

I’ve just opened a package from Jason  ‘ Don’t Have Nightmares’ from the FAD on-line gang and he has sent me some mags of old Movie Maker from 1966 and 1975 that he found in a charity shop. Pics inserted when I get chance.

I’ve just flicked through in a break from writing the Research Paper and seen a re-print of an article by Maya Deren…..!!!!!!! How cool is that?

I looked at some of her work AGAIN at the beginning of the course ( did I blog post that???) but its a reminder to look again….again….Thanks Jason!

Back to the RP on this most amazing of autumn days. My favourite time of year reminding me of days drilling wheat  till the sun goes down and that amazing scent of earth as you move across it, freshly turned. I want to ride my bike ..and go for a walk… never mind… the Research Paper calls.

Thanks again Jason!

 [EDIT : JUNE 2015]

The Reading Room: Retrospective description 3 : Activities and Reflections continued


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Film :

Reception and analysis-

I’d been working on this whilst visiting the Reading Room and planning the participative event.

It started as a few short bits of layered shot footage and searches relating to the location.

Here are some stills.

The finished piece is about 25 minutes long and very, very slow and, so some viewers say, mesmerising.

Others have said that it makes then ‘tingle’ from time to time….

My difficulty was making the film with relevant to the location and the audience in Croughton and maintaining a political link with the lack of/ intervention of digital comms tech in the area and the effect this may be having in a global context.

So the film may have sat on the fence and maybe I was trying to ‘ serve two masters’.

Certainly the film went down well with the Reading Room audience who interpreted  my message BUT  possibly the local emphasis took over from the effects of the comms at RAF Croughton?

I am not sure how this would be received elsewhere.

One comment from a friend said the political footage was not strong enough technically and therefore was lost, however I’m not sure. I didn’t want to make it blatant and lose the obscurity I’d created by the layering of sound and image..

I almost feel as if I need several versions depending on where they are to be shown.

Really I need to get this out there and see what others think.

I am not good at doing this.

I am still really bad at showing work….but this does need to be seen more widely to get appropriate feedback I think.

From the POV of this event it was fine.

The audience stayed and watched from beginning to end…..unusual for video, and possibly because it was ‘about them”

It was shown in the rather gloomy bar area but people gathered and watched together, though I did see the vicar dozing off for a moment!



It highlights the contrast between the lack of connection in the village and the comms  outside at RAF Croughton and also, I hope, the ‘psycho – geography’ of the Reading Room……

Making it was fascinating.

I’ve never worked on a piece this long before and looking on line for footage, I found myself moving into areas I’ve never investigated before.

Certainly I was in a different geograpical area on the internet. I found myself looking at footage of terrorist attacks caught on CCTV and broadcast on some Arab News Sites.

It was chilling to watch people ( doctors)  being gunned down in a hospital by terrorists wearing masks and people running  after bombs exploded.

This is the footage we don’t normally see.

I was in unknown territory and I could not put it into context properly as, of course, the voice over was in Arabic.

I felt uncomfortable and frightened. This was not a feature film.

In Summary, I need to think about whether I can make different ‘editions’ of the film for different locations and audiences.

I need to show it to more people.

I do not want to upload it to Vimeo or Youtube. I want to maintain ‘possession’ of it……..

Communication with Camberwell MA Show:

Analysis –

Basically this didn’t happen.

As I think I’ve already mentioned on a previous post relating to Audience, no-one got in touch by text, call, Snapchat… nowt!

Not during the Show but when I wasn’t at the Reading Room or during the event at the Reading Room.

Not friends, colleagues, tutors… no-one… not even people at the Reading Room called as a joke….

no signal when I was there but no texts or Voicemail picked up later…..

I could have handed out the leaflets away from the Camberwell Show and also Tweeted/ Facebooked/ SnapChatted etc about

this element of the event and so encouraged other input but I guess I was concentrating, as I mentioned on these two audiences…poles apart …….with no interim….

Possibly, because of the amount of effort I put into the organisation and execution of the event it feels as if `i ‘should have done more’ with it and let others see it or at least let them know it existed…. A-N and other areas amy have been appropriate.

I guess I didn’t want an ‘arty crowd’ to descend on the place physically but I could have put more effort in to have a ‘virtual crowd’ and not rely on the Camberwell audience….I’ve discussed some of the reasons why hey didn’t engage in the previous post.

Another lesson learnt. There are ways to widen participation without’ interference’ using digital and social media.

I should have used them better and not been so purist/ about this area.

Watching a Live-Feed of the event from the event –

Well, this just didn’t happen as I’ve described. No Broadband connection in or out of the Reading Room, though a tempting ‘theoretical’ link to BT Open Zone was possible.

Apparently this is visible all the time but you can never log-in.

Still, I did mange to work out how to set up a Live-Feed and did that, with the help of YouTube tutorials and my sons and the eldest’s Chromebook. See below:


Home-made cakes and Conversation:

Analysis –

Participation here was strong with all participants fully engaged during their visit to the event.

No-one just breezed in and out with a cursory look around.

The cakes helped, as did the presence of Jane and Richard who are Caretakers and Booking agents for the Reading Room  and who featured in the flyer.

The local people came in to spend time and chat and see what it was all about. So did the other visitors.

We had conversations about the ubiquity of the digital especially comms, the intrusion and usefulness, reliance or not upon digital technology, the expansion of RAF Croughton and unknown impact, surveillance of a different kind in the Cold War;

and we talked of other more ancient things…the nearby Iron Age Rainsborough camp, the stone that makes the building, the fires that were lit in the winter.

Things of ancient ritual and dwelling deep in the collective memory of this community

One visitor said that maybe to live in a place where there is No Broadband or phone signal will be a selling point in the future with these ‘islands’ of silence valued highly… with just face- to face real time conversations… Maybe.


The Interim Show: Reflections and analysis

16th July 2015:

My work: Images on the two sides of the flyer, the poster and the leaflet plus a poor image of the installed work…

The Show as a whole looked very good I thought with things working together well and curated very well indeed.

There was a wide range of materials and presentations and I enjoyed both elements much more than the previous years and found all the work to be thought provoking.

It’s hard to look at fellow students work objectively but I thought everyone displayed their work appropriately and to the best advantage…..apart from ME!!!

I made a seriously bad judgement I think….but with the very best of intentions…maybe it would have worked better in a gallery not a college show?… too much to see and this was possibly ‘top quiet’ for this arena…

I chose to display printed flyers with the image below on one side ( a ‘still’ from the video- though it was actually a manufactured image as described previously) and an image of The Reading room on the authorised.

This later was not a particularly ‘good image’ and not really intended to be… more a throw away type casual image than a carefully taken and processed one.

I did this to represent it’s actual state  rather than a more perfect representation…but I think it may have just looked crap.

The idea of having the image on the other side was a bit literal really but represented the other side of the Reading Room’s position in the village… close to the RAF Base and centre of Communications whereas it has none of this and still operates in the past.

I displayed them in a plastic display holder so that people could take them away and look at them, throw them away whatever and they were not commodities but Freebies  for dissemination.

Along with these there were leaflets as below which were intended to intrigue and provoke people to call me during the Show.

I would then have a personal conversation and the interaction would be part of the work.

I hoped to put people in touch with each other, provide references to the Reading Room and send Pins for the location so that there map of the area could be investigated on tablets or phones by people themselves.

The text gave some background history to my investigation of The Reading Room.

I also displayed a poster for the event the Saturday. Same as the poster I displayed in the village.

I had chosen a Font closest to the Font used by Newspapers in 1903 when the Reading Room was built.

In fact the Daily Mail was first printed then,  so examples were easy to find and Download. I used recycled Cartridge paper to make it look older but then with references to Mobiles and tablets to highlight the contemporary.

I hoped that the audience at the Show would take copies of both the image flyer and the text, call me to find out more about The Reading Room and then I could  also put hem in touch with people on the day of the event 18th and send like to Soundfiles and videos if they were interested.

I’d got What’s App, FaceTime, Snapchat, text, phone, email and also planned a Google Hangout Youtube Live stream from The Reading Room, if possible.

At the Private view I noticed very few people actually taking the flyers away so I sent a label to stick on the plinth.

No-one!!! No-one!!! not even my friends or fellow students called the number…..!!!

(Or if they did it was on the Saturday and there was no phone signal at the Reading Room so I didn’t know!

No Broadband for the Hangout either……)

I need to analyse why.

What I do know is that I should have shown a video at the same time.

In fact I finished  the video after the installation and showed it first at the Reading Room.

This felt right but what I could have done is show it on the Saturday at the Show simultaneously with the Event.

I really did think that people would call the number… I think I would have… but maybe only if I was sufficiently engaged by the work displayed….

Also I described the work as a pice of Participation Action Research.

When I thought of  this term to describe what I had done, I didn’t know it already exists as a Research Methodology, but it does. See Here

Strictly speaking I don’t think my work is the same as it possibly did not involve the community enough and … but it is an interesting Methodology I’d like to investigate further for community based work.

Regarding selling work and pricing I thought hard about this and decided that although it  was intended not to be art as commodity, that I would set a price as a piece of research and charge as if for my time setting up the actual event so £1000 for £200 for a 5 day week.

Colleagues’ work

Below are some images of fellow students’ work and link to Final Year Students.

Here is the link to the Final Year students work

I found Ali Clark’s work very interesting when I went back later and could watch carefully.

Not that sure about the soundtrack though…..

His piece in the Camberwell Space was perfectly projected so small.

Other students work:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Reading Room Event: Set up and Preparation – a few days to go……

12th and 16th July:

In between getting things ready to install at Camberwell for the Interim Show, I’d solve the problem of the wrongly cut lino and turned it into a benefit! see below by having both Positive and Negative lettering.

Fiddly to use but much more versatile.

I’d printed some posters to go with the cut-out newspaper ones used when I was using the Reading Room as a studio.

Took ages and very messy.

Making the posters seemed an important part of the process but I’m not sure it added to the Event in the end. It was important for me but did it work..?

After installing at Camberwell on the Tuesday I went on the Thursday  and set up the slide projector in case anyone brought any slides and tested out the new media player and film with the digital.

I’d been working on the final film to show at the event and it is about 30 minutes long.

I’ll have to reflect on this separately.

Richard is anxious about how many people will turn out for the event

Jane is baking cakes.

I’ll take biscuits and coffee.

Jon Shapley will come and document with photographs.

All the newspapers are brought in and placed so that Richard can position the tables. The workshop areas are set up.

Cut-up newspapers will be printed on newsprint. I’ve bought a small printing set to supplement the linocut but got rid of the large paper communal printing idea for this event as there is no table big enough.

I’ve asked my son to print out some QR codes for the links to Vimeo and Soundcloud for sound file archive and videos and I’m going to borrow my other son’s Chrome book for the Google hang-outs live feed to Youtube if I can get a signal on the day.

Reading Room Feedback from Group Crit.

 Below are roughly edited notes from the group crit on Tuesday 26.5.15

I was really pleased with the comments regarding the layering and how it works but I still have misgivings that it’s a bit of a naff way to show layering of time.

I hope that the unclear narrative means it is less line… that is what I want to show time and something which is non linear but layered in more than a past/ present future way..

Not that’s necessarily fits directly with the subject matter.

I think that I am thinking about the co-existence of different forms of communication in different times and the same place… and in different places at the same time…

After reading Walter B  and thinking about the letterpress/ print and its relationship to the internet and so on.

There are some core issues around certain areas of the material but i think I want these to be part of the main content but not the main focus of the work which will be the co-existance of this building and its history in the present day landscape.. both geographical and ? digital..

I am more and more interested in the psychogeographical side… especially as it comes to be related to the Pyschogeography of a digital space…

I will have to focus down at some point and after this crib went to get books from the library at CSM to think about things for our written research project.

I was interested in the comments below which seemed to fall into the following categories.

Speed: I was pleased the way the slowness worked…. hopefully to hightlight comparative speed in other areas… This was picked up on so that was good.

Layering:This seemed to work well for this group thought i still have misgivings at using it so obviously… maybe i can do other things to disrupt it in some way.

 Sound:This seemed to be effective and I DO like the ideas of layering this,.

I think the sound layering works very different from the visual layering and can be more confusing but there for disorienting which may be a good thing and also less ‘Romantic’ as away of disrupting time.

 I will look and listen to the site Jonathan mentioned.

 I agree with him absolutely that the sound needs to be more subtle… it was before I started faffing but was concerned that some ofd the main topics mayn’t be heard clearly.. maybe I should just allow ears to pick up the narrative as they wish , as I do the visual narrative.

 Symbols: I am sorry that the Sports Direct cards are too loaded with meaning  for Jonathan but understand what he means… I did worry about that but wanted to use them as a direct reference to the Building.

 I will try to alter them in some way but keep the reference… and not load the meaning more in the wrong direction… that could take an audience off down the wrong track.

 Also I was surprised how the individual objects were examined by the audience… I guess I am just used to seeing such objects in village halls and so on but others are not and they take on ‘extra special meanings’ particularly because of the ‘long- takes’.

 I just intended them to give a strong sense of place…… and with it  a possible dis jointing of time depending on their personal experiences… To an audience from a village near here they would not seem unusual but to a metropolitan city dweller in any city… they will be seen differently.

Some of my thoughts weren’t that obvious through he film … or weren’t picked up… the Hyper and layered mediation and the way of using the camera noise and movements to remove a sense of immediacy… though actually I think Yvonne did pic up on this. and said that it .”adds to sense of “this is a moment” and we are viewing peices but not priviledged to know what every detail means…it’s better because leaves room for interpretation” or at least I hope i understood this correctly.

So pleased to think about from the Crit. and I am so glad to be back in the group for this kind of thing.

I will post again soon about my next steps which are constantly in my mind but not making their way out very easily into work…..

I seem to have been reading and looking at so much different art that as Claire said… ‘ I need to go and lie down in a darkened room for a few weeks’ to let it all mesh together…Anyway

and some good ideas for watching films … which is fun research!!!

Quotes below:

I was trying to unravel your message, which in itself held my attention. I love the layering which was not at all chaotic, very calm. Internet juxtaposed with an old village hall…. the imagery was quite beautiful. I found the politics hard to place.
 The sound works well with the images, really transmitting various emotions.

At the start, the newspaper page flipping has an agitation about it, the noises of the people shuffling in, the political commentary becoming distant, removed from the very personal…it takes one in to reveal but not
something compelling and the layering begins to work. loved the imagery

Me too, I found the layering engaging, transparent qualities
 I found the narrative open or complext and difficult to grasp. 2) so myown sense of it was about the loacl/national and individual/group with the personal history juxtoposed against the national background of the election. 3) I enjoyed the pace of the video – it slowed me down

 I am listening on headphones here, so very aware of how the sound is also almost in layers or at least using left and right channels
 I haven’t tried it yet without the layering… but I was worried that it would be chaotic and confued cos theres lots going on.

The sound is so crisp

Did anyone notice the noise and jumpiness of the camera and if so any thoughts?
 but that adds to sense of “this is a moment” and we are viewing peices but not priviledged to know what every detail means…it’s better because leaves room for interpretation

some kind of threat to these places, village halls that is. It seemed kind of precious in your video… the serious tone of politics and giga something communities were a contrast?
 yes that is a good way to describe the sound – ‘crisp’ — at times however it felt that some sound was too dominant and a more subtle approach would help
 no the visuals didn’t look jumpy to me
 Was that intended?
Yes Jumpy and noise were intended
 yes the rode mic is very good, it is the editing where I think you can be more subtle
 the transition, audio and video based, were really smooth going and easy for me to move with
Yep I think it was better before i started messing with it…
 Levels wise.
yes adjusting the levels is just like adjusting the curves in an image, you have almost endless variations to play with
 It’s all new to me the sound thing and although I have headphones I can here stuff outside in the garden and get confused by it!!
Sound is a whole other dimension… so important for me

Jonathan Kearney:  about sound, there is a very technical but useful concept to think about here…
 diegetic sound and non-diegetic sound

Jonathan Kearney: you are beginning to play with this in this film but there is more you can explore
easiest definition here

Jonathan Kearney: so the sound of the turning newspaper page is diegetic, the sound of the radio discussion in non-diegetic

 that is especially relevant with some of the other things `i am working on but not fit to be shown yet,…
 The radio was on in the background as I made the screen recording.. I didn’t realise it would be recorded!Ha! but useful
Jonathan Kearney: it is a basic audio technique for film but it is also something you can play with conceptually as well

Yvonne Opalinski: Both tell a story…that’s how I see sound as a subtext that supports or subverts the visual
great way of putting it, ‘support or subvert the visuals
Thats really useful Yvonne as a way of describing how I want to move in and out of the supporting role of the sound in other pieces..
Jonathan Kearney: there is a huge amount artists can should learn about sound from film making, there is a lot of practice based experience that we can draw on

: I am watching a lot of movies 🙂
What do you all think of the playing cards if anything…?
Jason Murray: Nicholas Roag films would be a good reference for sound

Jonathan Kearney: Rhiannon, that rest of that website that I linked to is useful — terrible design to the site but full of useful stuff

Jason Murray: Roeg/ Walkabout and Performance
 Its good working in the dark to start with but …

Jonathan Kearney: I was going to ask about the playing cards, I read them in one way due to the manufacturers name on the back (Sports Direct .com is a large sports shop with warehouse style shops and a huge website — they are known for cheap prices but exploitative employment practices)so I couldn’t really see beyond that
There was a pub like element with the Fosters glasses and playing cards…?!
They are the type used by the Reading Room for their Whist drives but the link you mentioned seemed relevant to me…. hopefully thinkgs may be clearer as i work through the material…

Yvonne Opalinski: Didn’t know that at all, which puts a completely different spin on the meaning. Before, it was a symbol of static life rather than active life, but now it could be representational of those who have been exploited, this is how they pass their days… sort of chewed up and spit out… it’s all they have left

 Jason Murray: I agree, Sarah, I thought Working Mans Clubs in the North of England
 Yes It is a place that is neither pub nor village hall but was a Reading room in the past for newspapers to be provided for the estate workers by local land owner and benefactor..
Yvonne Opalinski: Also the glass was empty of water even though the flowers appeared “fresh”, I saw that right away since I’m always changing the water for any fresh cut flowers we have, but again it’s meaning was alluring
 I have been ‘altering ‘ the cards as on my blog for maybe an ‘alternative’ game of whist in the Reading Room..
Jonathan Kearney: maybe the flowers were plastic?!
yes, but again, such a contrast from the English village hall with its table cloths and flowers etc.
Yes Plastic…
 Jonathan Kearney: Rhiannon I think the altered cards on your blog have some potential, but maybe you need to consider the reverse side and create that side as well?

Jason Murray: Rhiannon, watch the opening graphics for the animation Monkey Dust
Sarah Robinson: Oh! Interesting, Rhiannon. I have never known such a place. Things start to fall into place with this knowledge

Jason Murray: Major rhetoric/ Blair rhetoric

one of the things I want to do is open the venue as a ‘reading room again for a day…
 Peter Mansell: ah but reading what?!