Research Paper- The struggle and the ? resolution…….maybe

This is a short post about the process of writing of my Research Paper so I don’t forget it…

I started over the summer with reading, knowing I was trying to cover too broad a topic . I got hopelessly lost in a  journey through local and national history.But I don’t really have a very linear idea of time and struggle with key dates and Time Lines and so on. I ended up not knowing what I was writing about in terms of past or present …

Eventually, after my tutorial I rearranged the paper and decided it was not going to  be in a traditional format. I got hopelessly lost in a ‘geographical sense’  as well and so started to think about the geography of the places, and time.

I really felt a physical sensation of negotiation of territory a little like a ‘flaneur’ but of time rather than place .I had things of interest I was attracted to but no real sense of direction. Not good for the objective questioning of a research paper. I lost track of what it wa about and had to work that out at the end.

I’d discovered the paper on  archaeological palimpsest  and had a book by Tim Ingold.

I really like some of what he says; his  lecture talking about  Lines not Blobs!! makes me think of some of digital blobs the Midterm review.

so negotiating a territory of communities.

He’s thinking of Biological and ‘natural science’. Interesting as his father was a mycologist! and you can see/ hear that in his ways of thinking…. rhizomatous or mycelium....?? one and the same

Then I discovered some Doreen Massey and her perceptions of ‘geographical space’

 Space is the dimension of multiplicity 

 Space presents us with the dimension of ‘the other’

and then thinking about Simultaneity in philosophical and  relativity theory….. and synchronicity in the same terms and even Jungian stuff.

God if I’m not careful my brain will explode!!

So what was the paper about….?   I could give it no proper structure and that was before a proper reading of some of Doreen Massey and Tim Ingold !!!!

Rather late on in the research paper I was still thinking about

  • performance of individuals from the p.o.v. of Richard Schechner,
  • experienced embodiment ( handy references here perhaps?)
  • performativity,
  • performative text,
  • utterance and writing

 and how they all played a part in the overall methodololgy of the research for the paper and then

the methodology of the writing of it..

I think I managed to pull it all together but still really need to think about how the space and time thing work with the idea of community/ ecosystem, simultaneity and performativity…. and then….

What the hell I am going to make to explain it!

Gareth Polmeer recommended Robinson in Ruins which I had seen in part when I was with John Seth but felt not relevant to my practice…Jonathan Shapley had recommended it again I did watch it and will describe this later


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