Public View/Private View

Below is a collection of images from the Camberwell  MA Summer Show 2016.

Two events took place simultaneously.

I was broadcasting via my channel on the Periscope app. from the Public View, on Crouch Hill, Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Visitors to the Private View at Wilson Street, Camberwell  College of Arts, London could access the Public View by the Periscope app and Twitter.

The chocolates displayed in both locations displayed my Twitter username, so the audiences could join the broadcast from Crouch Hill.

The Periscope audience also included random on-line passers-by and followers who had watched  during other broadcasts during the year.

A global audience of ‘friends’ and strangers sharing social, geographical and digital space simultaneously.

Other events took place during the days of the Show which are recorded in previous posts.

This is the final post of my Research Blog.

More recent work and connect via 

Collective Residency at Nordfisk Museum, Melbu, Nordland in August 2016 –

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Final Show Preparation 3: Practical stuff


Glass- bowls

The glass -bowls are all washed and sparkling, then wrapped in several layers of bubble-wrap, packing materials and in boxes ready to go. A strange combination of my personal ‘identities ‘ were referenced by using these boxes, I realised …. and I forgot to mention the choice of glass rather than ceramic. Glass is an amorphous solid but exhibits an atomic structure close to that observed in a  supercooled liquid phase. I have chosen to work  with glass before as it is both fixed and mutable – appropriate for documentation of an action because of this temporal quality.


I  popped into town to buy the parcel tape and  went to see how Belflair were getting on with the chocolates.

They were all in the shop and Gillian ( below) was busy wrapping them in the foils!



Wednesday 29th June: I took the glass parcels to Mail Boxes Etc ,  for Marian and Phil Cullen  to send to Wilson Road by courier.IMG_3732Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 15.27.37

Thursday 30th June: Got back in time to pick up the chocs, all beautifully wrapped, ready for sending tomorrow morning. Gillian was very excited and pleased with the results. So was I. I  gave her some invitations for Belflair to the Public View on Crouch Hill on the Thursday 14th  and took some to Banbury Print, and Marian and Phil at MBE.



Friday 1st July: