The Reading Room : 7th Visit: Whist Drive again

News from 23rd April.

This bit about David Cameron and Countryside Alliance here  and lots of pre Election bluster.

It seems harder than I expected to get ‘back -news’ on-line….I’ll have to look at all the newspapers I’d started to collect.

I’d started to ask people for newspapers from other countries that they either lived in or visited on holiday for some event at the Reading Room…..

Theres a lot going at the time about immigration,  the problem is growing. Britain was could up in the Election and so no references to anywhere other than the UK seemed to surface….or that’s the way it seemed to me. Very insular.

Maybe I’m noticing it because I am more aware of ‘other’ than I was.

I did find this, though, about migration and immigration.

The movement of people is growing, flowing out of Libya and Syria, across the Mediterranean.

All desperate.

7th Visit : 23rd April 2015

This time I went to the whist drive as a player! Just for the craic and also, of course, to see how the Reading Room operates when I change my position from observer/recorder….

These are stills from video and photos from my iPhone so some are ‘material’ and some documentation.

On the video where I am buying a coffee at the hatch you can here a little conversation about where I’ve been in the village and what I have seen.

It’s hard as I would really like to look at the village and wall paintings in the church and so on, but that isn’t what I need to focus on…

There’s a raffle and time moves slowly inside The Reading Room.

I love the cling film over the windows to keep the heat in… and the dead flies that collect there…

This feels a comfortable place to be but I am aware of the world outside.

Unfortunately the cable to the mic came loose so there is no sound for some of the videos…Mistake….