The more things change…..

After choosing not to archive my streams, Periscope now gives the option keep the Scopes for ever!…… I’ve just has a notification when I opened the app.

It’s been coming for some time in different forms, since the demise of Katch…as seen here  using the appropriate #.

But now it’s here automatically …if you want it!

In the meantime here are some of my streams  ..

21st May: I broadcast Louise and I looking through documentation of some of the work I made on Crouch Hill , some 8 years ago. Neighbours and our sons were involved in this work. We shared our memories and I reflected on the work, the space, then and now.

22nd May: I took down the pin-hole cameras and broadcast that process. Brian Little, historian and Elvie the dog, happened to be there at the same time.

29th May: I opened my birthday gifts from Louise on the Hill and shared the experience with the Scopers. There was little Trolling! Just jealous…

31st May : Walt Whitman’s Birthday. I read two Walt Whitman poems, Song of the Universal and To think of Time, from Leaves of Grass. These poems address, `time, Space, ephemerality, rural life and politics with thoughts of simultaneity. It rained very hard and I abandoned the reading because the wet paper disintegrated.

3rd June: Colleague, Jon Shapley, whose work also addresses issues of space, came  up the Hill and we discussed the nature of the space of Crouch Hill. I read from the summaries  key to my Research Paper that  I’d presented for the Research Discussion in February. He used to work in town planning, so I asked him to ‘build’ a new development, as housing is being constructed around the Hill as this project continues. There was some interesting ‘chat’  and lots of interaction as visitors to the summit altered the installation.



and its still continuing now… see Twitter Here and Here 

I also made a Vine : I was reading from Bailey’s thoughts on Time Perspectivism whilst Jon built a village.

5th June: I wasn’t intending to Scope but as we reached the summit, I heard people partying. Some people had had a camp-out. The first I’ve seen this year.. It was an unusually warm day. The space changed again


13th May: I broadcast Trace see in this post An inadvertent but significant simultaneity

22nd June: I broadcast For the Heart. I  read from classic texts, Hilda Leyel’s  Herbs for the Heart and Gabrielle Hatfield’s Hatfield Herbal on traditional herbal medicine, regarding the medicinal properties of Hawthorn. I’d intended to do this on May Day, but the May blossom was very late to flower and on the Summer Solstice, I hurt my back and couldn’t really walk at all. This day seemed appropriate to talk about traditional medicines to heal the heart. I broadcast it at 3.30pm, as others were holding a memorial for Jo Cox in Westminster and around the world. This time I was an intentional participant in ‘a simultaneity’, Scoped or not. 

26th June: Visited the Car-Boot sale at the Self-Pick Farm situated at the bottom of Crouch Hill., looking for bowls for the Show. I had several interesting conversations whilst Scoping. Particularly pertinent  was a seller from nearby Chipping Norton greeted by a viewer from Morocco, who marvelled at the tech. and said.. “So why do we need the EU then ” .. with all that tech…One of the sellers, Paul from Stargoat  recognised me from my involvement with publicity for the the Old Town party community in Banbury, some years ago. He played his guitar and chatted about music, David Bowie, walking the Wainwright Way and his home in Nethercote just outside Banbury.He also told a story about the role of his home in the exchange of information about nuclear fission to the Russians in 1948…I feel a project coming on….


10th March -20th March: Various continuing activities #Crouch Hill

1oth March 2016 

In Shutford: Looking at maps of Crouch Hill and other landmarks; Madmarston Hill, Jesters Hill, The Roman Road,…talking about mule walking, archaeology ….and looking at Claire Winfield‘s continuing Hazelford work, The Inheritors


12th March 2016

More map discussion….Can’t remember who with and don’t recognise their hand… Veronica…possibly….?IMG_2921

13th March 2016

I went up the hill in the sunshine, with Louise and the dogs, as usual but this time she had downloaded Periscope and Twitter… so instead of ‘Scoping on my behalf, via my account she could ‘co-Scope‘ as an individual witness… see image of me reading with the dogs nearby

She trialled up on the Hill to test signal strength etc and see what it was like. I was just making notes and thinking…

Later, on the way down we walked back down the field, as it was dry enough and looked closely at the new boundary hedge… considered it’s meaning… and then also pondered the advances of the building plot at the bottom of the Hill in what we call ‘the horses’ field’. It won’t be long now before the work starts….I don’t think we Scoped these ponderings…. can’t remember… maybe they are in my Katch Library on my Youtube Channel….or maybe not…

They were exported when Katch closed, by the and not in date order.. so they are difficult to locate and I haven’t filed ordered/them…

I deleted a couple which I originally thought irrelevant, even process-wise.. but then kept the rest… just a little bit random…

What to save… What not to save…

17th and 20th March 2016

I went up with my new ‘Pop-up’ tent to try it out. The Popping-up and the Popping Down!

Just to check practicalities. Not as easy to get down as it looks. Much laughter. All Scoped….

5 live viewers and 3 Replay on the first day!!! Why?! Also bumped in to some passing dog walkers and explained ( briefly) what I was up to…and a little about Periscope