The Reading Room: Further developments after the 8th visit

Towards the end of May I started to go printing crazy!

I’d introduced it to some of the groups I worked with, decide to use it for workshops with an Oxford Philomusica  Community Project at Northern House, and thinking more an more about the event I’d had in the back of my mind at The Reading Room.

I had hoped to hold this on July 4th but it was booked already for an Independence Day Barbecue by some people from the base.

I’d been fired up by the newspapers and thought of Gutenburg!

Here is some of what the Bodicote group did!

I’d also been looking at the images in the various newspapers and how they differed depending on the language and source.

I’d been making these replacement whist cards for the Reading Room Whist group to play with.

Instead of the suits they had images from the newspapers.

I ran these past the group crit on 26th May and it was decided that the Sports Direct logo was too loaded and i should put the image on the other side.

I’d considered that but decided to keep it as

the Sports Direct cards were so much  part of the Reading Room, along with the Union Jack, watercolour paintings of the village, Fosters glasses, plastic flowers and table cloths.

 All this imagery and the symbolism seemed to be really important.

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