Random String, Coventry 10.06.16

This event Random String Symposium , a Symposium on post-digital creativity, organised by Ludic Rooms based in Coventry felt without doubt one of the most relevant and moving events I have been to. I really feel part of this network and way of working.

That’s quite a statement, but for a symposium about digital technology in the arts the discussions and presentations were always centred around people and relationships.

Random String were started in 2014 as an attempt to challenge the otherness of ‘digital art’.

Three key themes were examined across the programme;

How can introducing interactive and networked technologies throughout the creative process enable a more meaningful relationship with audiences? How can technology foster interaction between people, rather than just interaction with the artwork itself?

What do networked and interactive technologies mean for the ownership of artworks and performances? Who is the author when co-creating, sharing and making work interactively? Do technologies enable new kinds of audience agency? How does the use of creative technologies redefine the notion of participatory arts practice?

Can technologies be a democratising force in the arts world? Can technology redefine the arts establishment, challenge our models of power and distribution, build new audience and enable new ways of working?

The whole day really explored the concept of Nicolas Bourriaud’s relational aesthetics  but incorporating the digital as a rational and interactive medium and tool, rather than standing outside of , opposite to or next to’ it’.

This is a quick post, so no detail except to mention the amazing Dom Breadmore @predacomdom, Knowle West Media Arts and Melissa Mean @MelissaMean, Juneau Projects @juneauprojects and Pete Ashton @peteashton who really ‘spoke to me ‘.

A quote ” the focus for the event is interactive/networked tech and that any discussions of power need to be framed within the context audience and artistic agency”

Dom Breadmore 23rd April 2016 11.17am

and a video should say most of what I felt… this made me and other cry….am my original Proposal question concerned how digital technology could generate affect… or something like that…Here’s the answer….



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