Bill Drummond …..where is he now?

I’ve been loosely following Bill on his progress after reading this article and already being aware of his work at Eastside Projects . I love the daffs, Bill, as many other people probably do!


I thought about him on St.George’s Day, 24th April, as it was also Asparagus Day. I went to buy some locally grown asparagus from the farm close to Crouch Hill, but because the weather has been so cold it was two weeks behind! I went to the local Co-Op and bought some which had been flown f from (!?) Spain…..


I had downloaded some asparagus based songs  (surprisingly there are quite a few) e. g. Chris Wood, Half Man -Half Biscuit , took the bunches to the hill and offered them to passers- by. No takers… surprisingly.

This was a Drummond-esque gesture, but semi-rural Oxfordshire isn’t quite the same as Birmingham…

I also checked out his website Penkiln Burn, to see how he was getting on……poster-1


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