Public transport, ideas worth spreading and ‘differance’

Communication and networking

Part One

I’d planned to go to London to a gig, and planned to combine it with a trip into College and also the library at CSM. I realised the morning that I was being way too ambitious and left in time to get to Marylebone, have a leisurely lunch with our Skype chat,and then get to the library.

For months I’ve been writing random thoughts and ideas that come at 4 am etc down on post-its but hadn’t done anything with them.

On the journey down I listed them all on sheets of A4, hand written. I love working on quiet trains…very conducive to clarity.

As I wrote, I screwed up each idea and made a pile. I had a paper bag with me…also with ideas scribbled on, and just before the end of the journey, tidied them up by putting them in the bag.

Then I was reminded of the concepts of dissemination, broadcasting  and the TED mission of ‘ideas worth spreading’. 

I had a sudden desire to throw the brightly coloured scraps with my ideas on all around Marylebone station and let them blow and settle where they may, be picked up and read or discarded…

If I hadn’t had overdue library books to return and tickets for the gig I may have done just that…. but I was sensible for a change, and just tore a hole in the bottom of the bag so occasionally the ‘ideas’ dropped out as I walked along. Some had fallen on the train floor , so I left them there.

I went to the station toilet, left some there

and then to  Gino’s Cafe  where I continued working and attempted, unsuccessfully, to join  the MAFAD Skype chat.

Part Two

I worked in the cafe for a couple of hours of more, eating and drinking and one of the waiters asked what I was doing. When I explained, he told me the following phrase “in bocca al lupo!” – “into the mouth of the wolf!”. The reply should be “crepi lupo!” or  “crepi!” – “may the wolf die!” so that I could overcome the beast! He wrote down my Twitter username and blog details, though, stupidly, I didn’t take his so don’t know if he Follows.

I went back to the station toilet – the ‘ideas’ had been removed… so I  left some more.

Whilst waiting at themes stop for the 205, a kind woman noticed that I had a hole in the paper-bag. She drew  my attention to it and I explained what I was doing and why. She told me a story about how she once found a painted canvas by a bin in Aldwych. There was email address on it , so she got in touch. The artist  ( a student) replied saying that it had been left  as part of their work… so she understood my action.

She read the post-it which had fallen on the floor. It had 4 words on it.

‘That’s what I should do with my life’ – she said.….and we got on the bus.

It made me feel rather uncomfortable, reminding me of a piece of work I made some years ago around divination.

Part Three

The 205 was packed and the woman, a little younger than me who sat next to me, asked my advice about bus routes. Being a bit of a bus-route geek I was more than happy to discuss and encourage the download of CityMapper. We stuck up conversation and my assortment of bags and bits of paper intrigued her. She was linguist and so the conversation easily extended to Derrida. I’ve been trying to understand more deeply  the concepts of differance, deconstruction, the relationship between text and speech and how these may be operating within my methodology and ‘finished’ works.She is also a painter, so we discussed the Final Show and I asked if she would mind the possibility of participating. She kindly gave me her contact details, as Juliet Hendersonwhich I scribbled down on one of my many sheets. I got of the bus at Kings Cross, dropping post-its as I went. She went on to Angel, I think. I spent a while in the library, then made my way to the Roundhouse, Camden…..spreading ideas as I went.


This day became, unintentionally, an illuminated illustration of my continuing practice of contingent action, as the  participation in a dynamic becoming of spaces of interrelations – all of it happening because of a rather ‘daft’ action’ and an openness to conversation – on everyones part.

I almost forgot, I went on to the gig and, sitting at the top of the Roundhouse, had something of an epiphany. Ridiculous really, but I’ve never noticed before the extent of reciprocity between audience and performer at a gig. Maybe it was because I was in an iconic venue, watching  a band that really moved me, with a friend from a previous life… or what…

I realised that by ‘sharing’ their talents they weren’t just showing off … the reflexive relationship was so obvious. It was like those therapy moments… something I’ve always known- only now I  knew it differently. It made me determined to re-assess and investigate that audience/ participant/performer relationship within my work, even further in the future.



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