Anthropology – ritual and space on Vine

After the actions and events on May 1st, I created this Vine from Damon Dennis’ talk and discussion on anthropology, ritual and space.

Damon’s UCL PhD Thesis is available as download here  Migration & Metamorphosis -On the Power of the Insignificant in a Moroccan city

 Here are two interesting quotes from the abstract

…….a close analysis of everyday life has afforded new insights into the creation of relational stability and migrant well-being through little understood, seemingly insignificant, phenomena.


In all cases well-being in this new environment is found not in the extraordinary or the idiosyncrasy, but rather through normality. By amplifying and introspecting the connectivities that emerge from acts of calculation in the everyday, this thesis contributes at once to a burgeoning study of ethno-mathematics and to the study of well-being in anthropology, drawing attention to the relational nature of actions and their foregrounding in fragile social worlds.<script

 EDIT: June

I’ ve made a couple more following my broadcast on 13th June… this could become some new work..

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