Proposal Update

I’ve finally written up some of the many things I’ve been working on and thinking about in an updated version of my Proposal.

This continues with work I’m doing now and will continue during the Final Show but I’ve only really worked in some basic thoughts for the next month or two.

I’ve got a note-book or two on the go, with more details in, as a working document but basically it’s a time to Test, Review and Refine.

My main difficulty at the moment is my poor old phone which has no disc space left despite deleting everything possible and  my Periscope broadcasts are pixelated.

Odd that anyone watches at all…more of this later..

New phone in the offing I think.

The proposal also includes a lot of references to other artists that I should continue to look at as I review what I am doing…

One of the most interesting references is this below

Anyway the updated proposal is here


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