Games without frontiers?

From the 28th March 2016 my broadcasts took a superficially less serious turn. I’ve played around with the idea of board-games and what they represent in past work, looked a little at Game Theory, made some  games: some to be played and others where participation was questionable. I’ve not looked at video-games really apart from possible links with contemporary combat training for drone flights etc. as I’m need some serious collaborative input to engage with this for a making point of view…

In the context of my work now I plan to use board-games as a playful way of possibly highlighting underlying current and past cultural ideologies and events which have some relevance to the location of Crouch Hill.

They also have a ritual framework embedded within the game play and also within the customs around which individual groups, families and communities play the games…(i.e. ‘ We always play a game of ‘Risk’ on Christmas Day’…..)

There is a gentle reference to simultaneity here too .. all of us playing the same game at the same time…similar to Video Games…. but with the analogue reference.

In some ways its is my reference to Harun Farocki’s large-scale video installation Parallel I-IV (2012-2014) at the Whitechapel Gallery

So on 28th March, which was a Bank Holiday for Easter Monday here in the UK, I played some games with Periscope viewers.

I wasn’t up the Hill as it was pouring with rain I think…or some other practical reason…I just wanted to test the practicality of playing a game via Live Stream, so I played The Yes and No Game and Mancala.


Hers’s a section of quotes from the Yes and No which in retrospect was probably the most popular of all my Scopes with and audience of 67 and 391 comments with 125 Hearts according to the Katch Sstats. I imagine this is because I was talking directly to the viewers, asking them questions and the game is strongly but simply competitive. I also included shots of my cat and my studio so it was very personal and intimate. I really enjoyed myself and so…. it seems did they. I seems to attract a few Followers on the one and did explain about some of my Scope for the future… so had some very interesting conversation.

I asked questions  from the cards included in the game but chose the cards relating to Britain, specifically and politics, customs etc  rather than for  e.g. entertainment.

It was interesting how everyone within the chat stayed for over 50 minutes and the interactions between them. Some obviously new each other already…..I can’t remember anyone ‘shared ‘the scope and invited their friends and followers formal or it jut evolved… I was too busy playing the game!

The purpose of this particular game was to explore the interaction whilst playing a game that may allow people’s personal thoughts to emerge and have some fun.So some elements of the ‘ludic’… spontaneous fun and playfulness

I apologise for the format below but it is taken from an Excel Spread sheet and I had some difficulties formatting it for here and still make it visible ..

You are losing
Let’s play the game
Well some one has to
 Always a chef born in Dundee      and grew up in Kenya
Yes well you could ask questions about fashion drinking and dance MAKES sense
Will the May 1st event be on scope I seem to remember a song about BAMBURY CROSS
U SAY U are not a historian but u are a great story teller I am sorry I must turn in but I will
Follow you
Take care

The second game I played was Mancala .. but this seemed very strange to play on my own.. but then on behalf of others….Unsurprisingly this had fewer takers! I was watching Youtube videos of how to play at the same time…. lots of variations.on a theme. The reason I chose Mancala as a conduit though was because of its ancient ( there is discussion about whether it is as old as [agricultural] civilisation itself) and wide cultural history  and its role as a ‘sowing’ game and ‘count and capture’ according to game play theory. Variants are popular in Africa, the Caribbean and US but not so popular in Europe apart form the Balkans and Greece ( this is a Wiki reference though…)

In a very simple way and possibly over literal, I was referring to  seed sowing and broadcast… seeding and spreading of ideas and possession/ territory whilst engaging with a global network which was relatively speaking …( apart from access to the technology and signal of course) without boundaries.



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