Egg Rolling: Easter Day

Here are a couple of clips from the Periscoped Egg rolling.

I made these for the Symposium in June but decided to put them in here instead of other stills as they

  • Took a long time to make
  • show some of the essentials of the event… the humour and some of the action

However they don’t show the links and references that underpin the event and locate it on Crouch Hill and near Banbury. I talked about these to some extent whilst we were ‘Scoping so they are available on my Youtube Channel if anyone cares enough to search through all the uploads!

I’m editing this post in June and just almost laughing outlaid at the excessive documentation of this supposed ephemeral event. Essentially, of course, I’ve done this for corse documentation and assessment but then even  this becomes a piece of work…

And it is useful/ essential to look back at the comments and analyse them and the audience.

Reflect on my style of video-making, position of phone camera and its relevance in my practice…

Even if it does just lead to the confirmation of my desire for a handmade, everyday, haphazard aesthetic.

Especially at this stage in my work……1 month to go!

The first is a longer clip which tries to show all the chat for the ‘Scope, its funny and links to viewers who came in to watch other events.There were several references to my location which is shown on the stream, and landmarks which people can see as they drive by Banbury on the motorway.Plus happy Easter wishes. Not a huge audience but  a good balance of audience chat and participation and just watching ‘a performance’ action.

I reduced this down to the bare minimum ( two invisible middle- aged women throwing eggs and a dog chasing after them…..)

but then even this clip was cut from the Final Symposium video…

References include:

Rolling Cadbury eggs…originally a Quaker firm, Cadbury’s though chocolate was an alternative to alcohol.

Banbury, is known as a Puritan, Quaker town, still with an active Quaker presence in the town and the surrounding villages.Now one of the main employers in the town is Mondelez and American company who bought out Cadbury, recently.

Cadbury were originally responsible for Bournville Garden village, Birmingham, a new concept of social housing. So there are links there with Social Space, urban environments and flexible ideas of geography and place

as well as collective memory of the people of the area… everyone talks about the ‘Birds’ or coffee factory

There was a contemporary link too as there was controversy over the fact that the word Easter was no longer used on the eggs… Here  I also included some discussion of Easter and the moveable date, The Book of Common Prayer (links with the Church of England  and underlying, hidden history, historiography and ideology), Easter in other nations occurring simultaneously and ritual processes, celebrations also occurring at this time.

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