The Ides of March and Spring Equinox

Yesterday, on 21st March I went up the Hill to ‘Scope about the Ides of March and the Spring  ( Vernal) Equinox.

Really I was ‘pushing it a bit’ from a calendrical, ritual point of view as the Equinox is on 20th March and the Ides, the 13th or 15th but I decided to combine the two events……so more of a symbolic action then a ‘true’ ritual’… but I guess this is debatable in ritual theory

Nothing very sophisticated…I just read some sections for Wikipedia.

I felt the Equinox was significant because on an equinox, day and night are of approximately equal duration all over the planet.

Iranian New Year is celebrated at this time of year  ( seems a lot more sensible to me than the middle of winter) and there are also Pagan and Wiccan celebrations, which seemed to capture the ‘imagination’ of the press this year..Daily Mirror  and Huff Post 

[An equinox is an astronomical event in which the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the center of the Sun, which occurs twice each year, around 20 March and 23 September.]

Theres quite a lot of confusion with Easter at this time as, of course this is a ‘moveable feast’ which changes every year and may coincide with this equinox.

I was interested in this ‘flexibility’ and fluidity combined with fixity.

I was interested in the Ides of March because of my memory of prophecy of the future… from school Shakespeare….The death of Caesar and the ritual of Pharmakos.. and the Derridean link with trace as below

In addition to the monthly sacrifice, the Ides of March was also the occasion of the Feast of Anna Perenna, a goddess of the year (Latin annus) whose festival originally concluded the ceremonies of the new year. The day was enthusiastically celebrated among the common people with picnics, drinking, and revelry. One source from late antiquity also places the Mamuralia on the Ides of March. This observance, which has aspects of scapegoat or ancient Greek pharmakos ritual, involved beating an old man dressed in animal skins and perhaps driving him from the city. The ritual may have been a new year festival representing the expulsion of the old year.

Please forgive these  Wiki entries including  below  but I have read this chapter Dissemination…which is how I recognised the link when I was reading about the date…

Pharmakos is also used as a vital term in Derridian deconstruction. In his essay “Plato’s Pharmacy”, Derrida deconstructs several texts by Plato, such as Phaedrus, and reveals the inter-connection between the word chain pharmakeia-pharmakon-pharmakeus and the notably absent word pharmakos. In doing so, he attacks the boundary between inside and outside, declaring that the outside (pharmakos, never uttered by Plato) is always-already present right behind the inside (pharmakeia-pharmakon-pharmakeus). As a concept, Pharmakos can be said to be related to other Derridian terms such as “trace”.

I had a few attempts at broadcasting as you can see from the Katch below , partly because the signal was interrupted, possibly by aircraft passing by…. two large planes, flying low to Brize Norton I assume from North East to South West of the Hill …and a helicopter ( which is very common) . Other attempts are on my Youtube Channel in the Katch Library


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