Lewis Carroll, Time and Philosophy

Also on 21st March I read from Lewis Carrol’s Alice through the Looking Glass.

This book is already referenced in a previous post regarding the Johan Grimponprez exhibition.

It was the 151st Anniversary of the publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, so again a tenuous link for the date for a ‘Scope but I wanted to reference Lewis Carroll because

  • Deuleuze ( in his principle of horizontality) discussing  paradox and anachronism and Derrida wrt human written and spoken language both reference Lewis Carroll’s writings in their work 
  • To re-mediate some of Tenniel’s illustrations in this work. I’d referenced the Dodo as a link to fact and fiction; mutability and immutability in my BA dissertation and also there feels to be something of a ‘local’ association as I am placed fairly close to Oxford…. tenuous again
  • Carroll plays with and references time and space in his works and the non-linearity of the story-telling within the main narrative. How there is both logic and ambiguity existing together, with hidden and overlaid meanings. Essentially it was the line quoted in the clip here that really stuck in my memory.
  • The use of Portmanteau  (words) in his writing, where he combines words to produce new meaning... something  I am aiming to do in this work
  • My childhood memory of Alice and the consequences for how I now interpret the world.
  • How Alice has been absorbed into popular culture and remediated through cartoon and film

There may be other reference and links which I discussed on the Scopes but I can’t remember them…..

There are also ‘Scopes on Youtube

There was an interesting audience as you can see below, a combination of local and global .. some returned after disappearing when the planes flew over… see previous post.

William Morris Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 20.30.54

This clip was made for the Symposium  video but had to cut because of time…


I also love the fact that I am finishing off drafts of these posts and posting long after the event.. but they are being posted in my timeline on Twitter… NOW… so the whole time frame is mixed -up… inn anachronistic sort of a way 

or muxed-ip as my father used to say.


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