Tutorial with Jonathan Kearney: 4.3.2016

Dogs and owners (various)


On Friday 4.3.16 I had a tutorial with Jonathan which is key to my planning  for the final stages of the MA

On reflection these are the main themes:Structure, Decisions, Control

I wrote notes and questions before the tutorial just to  help me plan what I needed to discuss even though I didn’t get chance to talk over everything directly.

  • We started with a short discussion about my need to work differently from in the past – employing much more planned and structured methods for presentation even when this is informal.  I described how, though my presentation to Jonny Briggs in the tutorial was confused, something must have been evident in the images for him to pick up on some central themes ..of Truth and Fiction , in particular.This has given me hope!
    • This will help me keep on track and not get lost and confused
    •  It will also impact on my method and methodology for on -going work and execution of Final  Piece.
    • The increased formalised structure I need for my working process to be effective is actually a great opportunity  which fits in with my Methodology.
    • Despite working with chance, contingency and coincidence, these have to be allowed to arise  within a structure ( like John Cage’s control of chance)
    • The structure allows more possibilities for chaos  as well as being  a practical  necessity
    • I have to be the agent of the structure so that the issues I want to communicate in my work can then be allowed to surface.
    • I described it as dropping things into a pool and the ripples which arise.

Most of the Rest of the Tutorial was based around decisions I need to make.

  • I’ll be able to make these more easily as I work with small events before May.
  • I described how I had re-visited Jimmy Durham and his thoughts on the importance of Small Events.                                                                                                                                           see this link from his exhibition at the Serpentine.

They are based around

  •  Physical limitations of what I can carry up the hill i.e. not a generator
  •  Physical limitations of how often I go….and influences of weather etc.
  • My needs in terms of projection on-site and the practical issues around having no mains electricity.
  •  Experimenting with projection inside and outside the tent.
  • The limitations of Periscope
    • How to find a user during a broadcast if you are not a Follower
    • How an audience in an exhibition space can access a Live Broadcast
    • Whether or not this is necessary
    • Trying to get simultaneous translation of Live Chat …? via an app – Anchor?

I’ve since discovered that it is possible to search for specific users whilst they are actually Broadcasting using their Username   :  Periscope.tv/Username

  • Use of a Live Broadcast and my presence or absence in the Final Show
  • What form the Presence may take and possible readings of agent…?     Tracey Emin…Jonathan thought that providing some documentation linking the site would destroy and unwanted links…
  •  My control of the Audience, local and Global…how to advertise any of the events..numbers of Followers vs  nature of the audience
  • The acceptance of limitations of linear forms like
    • Storify ( which I will play with some meow just to see what can be done)
    •  video
  •  The relevance of my Tutorials with Rosie and Jonny to allow mw to see more clearly the key aspects of my work
  • The need to use social interaction  ( with ‘props’) to produce a non- linear narrative
  • The relevance of Magic Realism in literature and how that has influenced me re- the political element and the overt/ covert presentations of certain topics within the work
  • The use of a Title for a piece of work and its explicit nature..and  my relationship with that
    • A Title as a sign, a location and a point of departure.
  • My Elevator Pitch- “say what you want to in 30 seconds!” (also a reference to the elevator work in Oxford at the moment)

Coming together

  • I described how over the past few weeks I had come to understand the significance of previous experiments wrt the discoveries made through the writing of my Research Paper.
  • How projection into a small intimate populated space, remediation and community event could come together in a series of works and a  final piece with a site-specific location.

Future Work

  • How this revised and refined methodology may work for future projects at other distant locations .
  • How Funding could play a  part in the practical execution of such projects

We finished by discussing the Open Questions Experimental Tutorial

It is based on a technique of reaching consensus from within a group called  the Clearness Committee used buy the Quakers and hitter act of not voting as a non-violent act.

We had a brief chat about peace as a process not a goal, the work of John Walham in 1750’s North America and his action against racism.



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