Tutorial 18.02.2016

On Thursday 18th February I had a group tutorial with Jonny Briggs and several other 1st and 2nd year students on the Low Residency.

Unlike the Research Discussion I had not really prepared for this at all before the Low Res. and planned just to use the post I had used for the discussion to introduce my work.

I’d also taken along the replacement piece of work I made for Ordnance Survey.

My intention was to highlight the underlying political slant in my work which was not discussed in the Reseach Discussion, to try to make a decision about how overt to make it in a final piece.

It keeps being at the centre of the work I make at the moment and has been lurking in other works so I decided that I needed to discuss this.

However, after an initial introduction I really started to lose the plot with my presentation, partly I think because I left really limited for time.

I got very confused with my descriptions  of  core concepts and of the work.

And  I couldn’t find work on the Blog…because of connection problems…. anyway I got hot and bothered and gave a poor and confused introduction to my work for someone so close to the end of the game!

What was amazing though, was how Jonny Briggs saw through the confusion to some of the issues I had addressed in my Dissertation for my BA and which are still central to my thoughts..

The ideas of Truth and Fiction.

He directed me to works by Bloomberg and Chanarin in particular Dodo.

This is remarkable as I had spent a while researching the Dodo in the Museum of Natural History in Oxford!

Again… What goes round comes round.. but differently.

The actual work they have produced is initially not visually similar to mine but the references are… so I will look more closely

He also recommended  Andrew Lacon who is discussing his work below.

It relates to archive and references within it although it is based on sculpture and photography.

When I heard him talk about Reference Works it fits with the way my mind has been travelling since I came back from the first part of the Low Res…

The ideas of Truth and fiction and the benefits of confusion and what Jonathan highlighted in the Research discussion …. Paradox..

I should be able to work with these ideas and with the ideas of reference and archive; possibly embracing confusion will take me back to non-linearity and feel comfortable with it.

I’m going to look more closely at the performative and  I started thinking of Connotations and Hayley Newman again.

Also about ways of introducing things into the environment but impermanently as I have done before,  but extending it.

In fact, although I wanted to cry during the tutorial as my memory let me down at a key moment, the confusion that resulted was valuable.

Key Ideas were still visible in it and I have left me with a direction to re-write my Proposal for the next couple of months.

Thanks Jonny.

The benefit of being in a group tutorial meant we could see others’ work.

I was very impressed with the subtle but significant, gentle deepening of Trystan  Williams work and of Natalie Jaekle , beautiful and sensitive with a great use of the sketchbook on her blog.



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