Notes for Research Discussion Thursday 11th February 2016

 The start of my Research and Practice last year

Autobiographical memory, Collective memory (Halbwachs) and the concept of Archive ( Derrida)

With performative aspects based on ritual practice ( Turner and Rothenbuhler) and personal and collective mythology.

Development of Practice

Layered projections and investigations of Immediacy/ Remediation as a process,

Initial exploration of  ‘The Reading Room’  thinking about archiving, witnessing and documentation; and then remediation of ‘events’ through conversation, news reporting,  and links with digital networks  i.e. dissemination.


which explores the collective memory and ritual action within a rural village community space and their relationship to global networks and systems, including nearby RAF Croughton, a USAF Communications Base.

I also set up a ‘re-enactment’ of the Reading Room in an Open Event, where I furnished the room with newspapers from global locations collected over the period of my visual research, held participative activities using print and newspaper text and  re-mediated the video by playing it back to the group who featured in it, and other participants;


A Live Stream and mobile phone communication was set up to link with the Interim Exhibition but wasn’t possible as there was still no BroadBand  or mobile phone signal in the building or in the immediate area.

The coincidences and contingency (and re- mediation through participation) which occurred within the video footage and the live event were central to my methodology.

Research Paper 

My Research Paper developed from further investigation of this location but lead me into unknown territory through deeper research into the archaeology, history and contemporary activities  within the Reading Room, RAF Croughton and the surrounding area.

I was confronted with concepts of Space that I hadn’t encountered previously.

My investigation became cross-disciplinary, (archaeology, geography, philosophy) with somewhat similar concepts being expressed differently in each.

The research paper developed initially from the concept of an archaeological palimpsest.

I found the structure and format of the paper almost impossible to fit into a formal academic structure but this informed my thinking about the content, the process of writing and my practice.

They all became one.

After completing the research paper I looked back over my work of the last 10 years beginning  to re-assess my past work in the light of this appreciation of space, and then to make recent  work including 2nd December 2015 – spaces in production

this video

and  Ordnance Survey.

I do this by

  • visiting places
  • investigating them as spaces, their ‘layered’ historical and present action,
  • making something,
  • placing what I have made in the location,
  • broadcasting all these actions via Periscope
  • experimenting with making video from documentation images and appropriated images from web media sources.


I request that the The Research Discussion on Thursday afternoon will be in the following format ( All timings are approximate!):

Please read the linked notes before the session


  • Bailey’s concept of palimpsest and time perspectivism (for 10 minutes). Bailey Summary
  • Doreen Massey’s thoughts on space (for 10 minutes.)Doreen Massey Summary and this interview on video if you have the time to watch.Even the first few minutes are useful 
  • Lefrevbre’s Production of Space- Social Space ( much simplified)  (for 10 minutes) Lefebvre Summary

How does Bailey’s paper relate to the others through understandings of a material (and temporal ) record within the landscape of human action,  the production of a social space through time and geographical space, and Massey’s thoughts on simultaneity?  (for 25 minutes).

Short Break to look at blogs and video links  ( for 10-15mins)   Discussion within  the group  will continue.

Are these themes visible  in my work and if so where or where not.?

What other themes are visible ?

General Feedback and any other comments general on work and working process.

( 15 minutes)

Key Artists and works:

 Allan Kaprow and Fluxus

Ann Hamilton

 Joan Jonas 


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