59. ‘Big Bang Data’ & Peter Lanyon

This is a Reblog of and quotes from Paul O’Kanes original article on  750wordsaweek, his art criticism blog.

I was particularly interested in this quote from Paul O’Kane below, which took me back to Tim Ingold’s ideas on the interface between  earth and air discussed in the  link above  and other of his writings.

I considered this when writing my research paper.

Fortuitously Lanyon also explicitly referred to his own idiosyncratic activities as a kind of scientific as well as artistic enterprise, often referring to the air, the (yes real, actual) clouds, the sky and the crucial behavior of ‘thermals’ as a kind of ‘Data’ that needs to be understood and appreciated in order to enjoy the delights of this slightly dare devil sport.

He discusses the nature of ‘Information’ and compares the two exhibitions finishing with the following:

Lanyon’s show, and the best things in ‘Big Bang Data’, involve humanity always showing that it is ‘bigger’ than the data it collects and works with, as we each share our very own new discoveries with a thus revived and enlightened audience.

Source: 59. ‘Big Bang Data’ & Peter Lanyon


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