Blog re-considered

I’ve been really struggling with writing this blog for some time now and have allowed it to become a barrier to my work. I have lots of drafts of half- written posts, uncompleted for a variety of reasons.

I have concerns over the content and whether or not it should be in the public domain (something I have discussed briefly in a previous post).

To some extent this is because of the ( possible) sensitivity of some of the content. I understand that some of this can be overcome through Password protection and Private posting so I have been re- considering ( long and hard) which, if either, is most appropriate for some of these posts.

Some of the issues are laid out here:

  • My community – based work is often with vulnerable people: the elderly, people with dementia and their carers and children, sometimes with disabilities.

Issues of confidentiality and safe-guarding are paramount when working in this area and the protocol is different for every organisation, so it seems and changes frequently.

I don’t always , at the moment, feel it is appropriate to display images of the groups I have been working with on this Blog.

Some of the meetings I attend as a community-based artist are with local district councils and other similar organisations and I do not feel it appropriate to discuss the policy content involved within these meetings on the blog.

  • My independent practice has involved some visits to public footpaths around used and disused military -sites.

At the moment I am still unclear as to what images should be distributed on-line.

I’m not clear about what my work is ‘doing’ and don’t want to post yet until things are more resolved.

I appreciate that writing the blog can help with this but sometimes I get so involved with the blog I get distracted from the work and would prefer to work through things in a different written medium. ( Diagram/ poster/ sketchbook/laying stuff out – a more ‘physical’ way)

  • I’ve also been finding that, instead of feeling inspired by the work of colleagues on the course, I have been feeling overwhelmed in a variety of ways, both in terms of quantity and content.

This has added to an unusual but pervasive lack of confidence. I’m investigating the reasons for  this! I know it’s about me not them!

I must keep reminding myself that ‘It’s not a competition! or a race!’ I’ve not encountered this feeling before…previously just been happy to ‘do my own thing’…..

  • Logging on to write has become unpleasant!

Having had a chat with Jon S, a colleague, about the thought process involved in writing with pete and paper and concentrating by removing ‘self’ from a digital environment, I’ve realised that one way to overcome this is to write in the old fashioned way in my sketch/notebook and then re-write in the Blog what is appropriate.

I have MacSpeech software so this shouldn’t be too laborious – and may help me to organise my thoughts more quickly.

  • Screens seem to bugger my eyes up and when my eyes are tired writing the blog is difficult. This increases my frustration and unusual but present negativity.

Another reason for the transcript idea!

And I must remind myself that, in the end…

This MA is about The Work not the Blog.


2 thoughts on “Blog re-considered”

  1. Hi Rhi,

    I can understand the practical difficulty of sitting in front of PC and writing a blog and so imagine the Macspeach software and hard paper notation idea a good one.

    The issues about privacy, subject matter and contexts appear much more vexing. On the one hand the purpose is to re-present the subject matter and so all the blog does is document that process. Isn’t it good to show the unseen? Unless of course if the subjects don’t want to be represented in that way.

    I find your posts interesting and stimulating and so am puzzled by your feeling overwhelmed by others blog work as it seems that the is a massive variety in our cohort with me posting almost daily and others posting much much less frequently. I suppose I am saying don’t compare your outputs to others and keep true to your intentions.

    Good luck and all the best (I am sure we will all speak next week).



  2. Hi Pete.. for some reason I have only just seen this Comment! so sorry not to reply sooner

    I think that for various reasons the feeling of being overwhelmed was not just confined to the Blog and its content!
    The feeling and the action it generated was actually very useful in making me re-assess and re-consider my process, the role of the Blog in the work and wider issues of privacy and conflicts within my work… which I will post at some stage.

    I feel much happier now that I am posting some posts privately.
    These often involves things which I would be happy to share in a Tutorial or crit but not in the Public Domain.
    Sometimes this is out of respect for people’s privacy and for Safeguarding reasons when working with vulnerable people or in other sensitive areas.

    In others I may, for instance, be writing about a topic that responds to something I have been asked to keep in confidence or professionals working in other areas.

    It can be good to see the unseen but the ‘reveal’ and the context is important. I do feel that not all posts are for all audiences.
    If there are any posts you feel you would like to look at I am happy to provide you with access. Please just contact me off the Blog. I am happy for most of them to be viewed selectively.
    Thanks though for the Comment.
    Always useful.


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