Key Points Reflection and Procedure

It’s been some time now since the end of Unit 1 and our assessment and feedback.

After leaving some space and starting to make new work this term, several things stand out as being most valuable from writing the Research Paper and experimenting last year.

  • The research paper highlighted concerns which existed strongly in my past practice  but I have other theorists to these explore 

I’ve probably written this before but am doing it again to emphasise. I read this quote today wrt my other ‘work’. It is particularly relevant here.

 ” We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” 

T.S.Eliot (from The Four Quartets)

  • I am also trying hard to focus down on conclusions drawn from my research paper.

From the Abstract:

Collective events, individual action and embedded practice act through embodied memory and both material and immaterial remains, as manifestations of previous actions and relations.

These act reflexively in a continuing atemporal narrative process of actions, events, interrelations and subjective experience.

So I am exploring through my practice issues of duration and temporality, social space and geographical location, action to highlight ‘a simultanaeity of stories’ ( D. Massey ), impermanence and fluidity as below :

I am noting down my Aims and Objectives again from my updated proposal and plan to refer to these when Reflecting on and Analysing my work:


To combine the use of digital technology with performative action, social relations, objects and images to communicate ‘a simultanaeity of stories’ ( D. Massey ), impermanence and fluidity.
To bring together local and global public audiences at the time of making and afterwards.


To present work as action or intervention which provokes thought or affect in a contigent audience
To demonstrate temporal co-existence and the intersection of underlying traditional and contemporary.
To explore ways of creating an experience which ‘spreads’ beyond a direct audience; either physically or digitally to other communities, local and global.
To create action and intervention that is ‘gently ‘ political and subversive but which may also employ humour .

In Unit 1 I used the blog as a personal journal of fairly relevant material and documentation but with no clear objective more from the point of view of exploration.

My practice tends to lack clarity in intention and some of this is the core to my work I feel.

I do not want to to be didactic and positively encourage coincidence and open interpretation, happenstance etc.

I have been encouraged away from the literal but realise that this often obscures any message I may have.

I really need at this stage in the MA to work out the parameters for any message- for it will never be linear- but cannot continue to be so vague.

I must work in a much more structured way.

Variations in my ability from day-to-day and hour to hour mean this is even more important.

I am going to try change the way that I post my reflections and analysis to this end.This means

  • I will limit my ‘Categories ‘ to help me concentrate on key issues and not waffle. EDIT June 2016: In fact I have increased my categories as I found them very restrictive but used key headings for the purpose of accessibility for my own reflections and assessment 
  • Because of the locations I’ve been investigating and some of my refections I’ve decided to change the visibility of some of my posts.EDIT June 2016 : I’ve made several videos Public and allowed embedding but then kept the posts Password Protected.
  • I’ve also realised that I  have become re-active rather than pro-active over the last…..years for a variety of reasons. This is inevitably part of my work, and I do not want to change that. EDIT June 2016 : I think this has changed and I have taken more control over the origin of my work if not the contingent activity within it 
  • BUT one of my tasks for this Unit is to reduce distraction and focus on the essentials I want to demonstrate. Not easy for me. ‘


‘Say what you want to say plainly and then take responsibility for it’

Ai Weiwei

My work may have layers of meaning but I really need to trust that the layers and ripples can echo out from simple action… after all that is what I am saying anyway…!

I needed to write this post as a short Affirmation/ Confirmation to return to throughout this final Unit.


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