2nd December 2015- spaces in production

This was the date on which there was Parliamentary debate on UK airstrikes in Syria.

I’d been researching the battle-site of the Battle of Edge Hill (The first and inconclusive battle of the English Civil War) and its present location as possibly the largest ammunitions dump in Western Europe (DSDA Kineton).

I’d been thinking about making something to place at the memorial and this debate prompted the work.

I bound together a copy of the Koran and the Book of Common Prayer, fitting  them together on the page for services on the second Sunday in Advent ( the nearest to this date). I used surgical crepe bandage to bind them and included a gauze surgical dressing.

I started making the object just before the debate started at around 11am and broadcast the stages of making via Periscope.

I had remembered the phrases:

‘At all times and in all places’, ‘World without end’ and ‘Amen’  from the Church of England Service of  Communion and Eucharist

I printed these texts on sheets of A4 and slipped them  between the books.

I then drove to the memorial on the Edgehill to Kineton Road and placed the object there.

I spent some time documenting the placement and broadcast the process.

This is a short edit of the process.

Some of the links here are

  • The Battle of Edge Hill to the Civil War and the beginnings of The New Model Army to the Army today.
  • Ritual action of collective memory  at a ‘site of memory’ ( the memorial)
  • The end of the Civil War and  the final revision of the Book of Common Prayer ( 1662) and its links with the Protestantism.
  • Puritanism and American colonisation.
  • Armed civil and global conflict based on religious belief over time and place.
  • The graves of those killed at the battle in the 17th century and  the site of the ammunition depot now
  • The use of the ammunition in present day conflict and its disposal at the site You can here the explosions in the distance)
  • The synchronous debate in Parliament and my small ritualistic action of healing
  • This small local action witnessed globally via Periscope and invisible but large scale global action experienced locally.

As I make this work, all these actions, past and present, act together at the same time to produce the space, at that moment, but in a dynamic continuum of local and global space.





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