Pop-up Show – Home film-screen broadcast

On 25th November  there was a Pop-up Show at college

Pop-up Show at Home.

I was working on the day of the set-up and show as I changed my workdays at the beginning of term, so couldn’t get down to be  involved.

Instead I decided …at very short notice.. to hold my own screening at home and broadcast it via periscope and a Youtube Live Stream

I’d tried to do a Live stream from the Reading Room during the Show last year but the fact that there was no Open -Zone signal or broadband  made it impossible to do from the inside of the building and even outside (I tried)

I invited a few friends round for the screening ( wine, nibbles etc), set up the projector, desktop etc  and ran a trial at lunchtime – which worked

I went to work and then came back at 4.30,

I was fiddling around doing some bits of edits to a couple of short pieces I’d madeEdge Hill videos 1 and 2 and variations in a hurry just the show opened in Camberwell at 5.30 that I didn’t notice (stupid!) the little ‘successful share’ box positioned itself right over the ‘Go Live’ box on the Hangout…

I was so busy opening the door to the ‘audience’. ( Yes some people did come, unexpectedly!) that I still didn’t notice… being a lifestream novice…. That although one box said Live Stream…. I wasn’t broadcasting. Didn’t realise until after everyone had left. So a Big Lesson learnt…

Jonathan ( tutor) did have a look after the show to see my Stream but of course it wasn’t there ( FAIL) However….

Live Streaming from Home 

I did Periscope for most of the event and have yet more screen shots to show that I did actually have an audience, in total for about 1 hour.


Rather annoyingly, I stopped broadcasting when the post- screening discussion really got going so don’t have a record of all the Crit.

My aim had been to screen the videos and some of the old work via Periscope.

I thought that the discussion and the event itself,was being recorded via the Live stream…….but not the case.

Great Crit Opportunity: Need to Clarify

Anyway the evening was very useful with much discussion about duration and Sebold, and some very clear crit about the voice over referring to Jihady John seeming like a red herring as it has no clear link to the Civil War…

I guess I have to be sure what it is I am saying.

This came across when the other videos were viewed and discussed

That if I am going to include political content I have make it more overt and direct otherwise it will be lost or confuse…

I’m still not sure if I want to do this as I feel the political, though important, is only a way of illustrating simultaneity, as it is what is so widely reported and also of significance and impacting upon out day to day.

Maybe I need to bring more of the ‘everyday’ in.

I’d thought about this when I did the Barford video sketch and included villagely local stuff but other stuff like Tumblr and Twitter posts about food and the Kardashians didn’t seem to fit…

Re-think necessary and to try and clarify what it really is I’m saying… maybe…

Part of me wants it to be intangible and fluid and open to lots of personal and wider interpretations.. about time and place, personally and socially- politics is inevitable in the mix, but I think I have used it more as a tool of illustration.

Problem is, the topics at the moment ( and the ones I choose to use) are so ( too?) potent.

Also there was discussion  about the use of hashtags to attract people to the posts and how to/ whether to aim for attracting a large audience.

Is a large audience what I want..? Is a selected audience what I want?  Do I want people to find it by accident? There was lots of discussion and clarification by me of my intentions..and confusion when I was asked things I wasn’t clear about.So all in all an excellent Crit.

Anyway, all in all it was extremely good practice, yet again, to fail, yet again, at Live stream and consider the implications from a practical/ technical and curation point of view of using a distant Broadcast as part of a Show…

One other point that was made was how I’d got the projector, media player, desktop, phone etc all set up and positioned on my old furniture…1920’s piano stool, 1930’s roll-top desk…etc.juxta-positioning of old and new and all that… and relevant.

Here’s a dreadful still from the broadcast of Frances and Martin, post-wine and mid-crit.




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