Ghosts : Paul Goodwin


Jonathan Kearney was  discussing with us the Ghosts series at UAL and asking for thoughts about  display in September.

Unfortunately it is unlikely that I can get to the lecture series or any accompanying exhibition but did make some comments (below) based on some of Jonathan’s questions back in September .

The ideas of diaspora are pertinent at the moment and have also been in my thoughts from the point of view of investigation of place from the point of view of archaeology and anthropology, the ‘remains’ I have ben thinking about whilst writing my Research Paper.

 It is too late to follow this line of thought in the paper but I will include these thoughts here

What are the fears and unease about embracing techno-cultural mutation in our societies?’
or is techno-culture already a overarching power?

I think associated with the feeling of the overarching power is the paradoxical feeling of needing to be constantly aware of this power and if possible be part of it…Other wise it’s power is even greater and it is ??? more malevolent…so there is this conflict.
Rather like when you are a child and you think there’s ‘ something in your room at night’ and you have to keep peeping out from under your sheets to see…’The Ghost’….with this unspoken power

Fear of being constantly connected — what is it doing to us – changing us — wedded to mobile devices

I think there is also the overwhelming fear ( similar to the above) of NOT being connected… in case we ‘miss something’ are ‘left out of a group’ are perceived to be alone by others and maybe feel alone our selves.
After all GHOSTS only appear when we are alone, usually seen by one person in isolation at one time.

So I think that SILENCE is key here and there should be some ‘ space’ ( real and virtual) within the this work where silence ( digital and other ) is experienced unexpectedly.

Lots of things happen in silence and spaces of non- happening and non- connectivity and this could be made apparent somehow
Those ghosts could be made visible ….?
Geofenced network  can  act as a physical embodiment of the virtual space which is ironically restricted to a physical location anyway.

Both the geofenced and more open networks together may emphasise the restriction of the boundaries as if walking through an area and coming across the boundaries after being in a more open area.
I wondered if it would be possible to open out somehow to other geographical locations ( site of performance and work ) and dip in and out of this for this emphasis.
Maybe if some of the on-line students are contributing work this could used in this way…. to live feed or performance type events.
I would be interested in performing some action from a distance that could be accessed ‘ live’

The community based work I did in The Reading Room ( which I am STILL writing up on my blog!!!! ) worked with making connections, ghostly presences of past and present actions, and communications.

Here are also some references to the work of the artists for use in the future. Relevant in many ways from the POV of Social Space, Memory and Communication.

Keith Piper : Relocating the Remains and  Excavating the Website My initial impression here is that I like the idea of the interactivity but the aesthetic is not one I feel I want to engage with ( Age, gender, race play apart here) but I will see what I can glean from it …

Gary Stewart : Mission to the land of Misplace Words This is much more my sort of thing! I’m sorry I missed this and will look out for more of his work to visit.

Sound and memory are fascinating and I do not want to get embroiled in this technology myself too much  but maybe its an area  where I could collaborate in  the future ( Martin perhaps …. )

 Note to Self

Sound is an important component to my work which I have a tendency to ignore..


Gary Stewart: Liminal a Question of Position

Lots of very interesting work here from some-time ago. I especially like the installation by Che Guevara Jon  and this X Space Virtual Gallery graphic


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