Version Control : Arnolfini

During one of my recent early explorations into Periscope I discovered a broadcast from the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol and had a quick look around their website for further information. I couldn’t find what I had originally witnessed but discovered this previous work Version Control from 2013 in which  artists use mediation, appropriation and re-presentation of established material.A shame that I didn’t get to see it at the time.

“On-going reinstallation and a series of performance interventions add a further layer of performativity, as the exhibition itself changes over the course of its duration.”

Google tells me that Version control “is a system that records changes to a file or set of files over time so that you can recall specific versions later.”

The Exhibition Guide is interesting reading Version Control web and the Family Guide gives a wonderful simple summary of the Exhibition by saying that

“The artwork that is shown in the exhibition explores the idea of making the past present or looking and thinking about objects in a particular moment. Some of the artists work with performance to investigate this idea. Through performance or theatre an event can happen live in front of us, but also show us a version of something that has happened before.

The artists want us to think about the moment in time that they are showing us.

They are also talking about how we might represent or re-visit a moment in history.”

I used the list of  artists in the exhibition as a resource and was reminded in particular of the effective and affective storytelling of Seth Price. How he uses enigma and gaps in the story to produce a ‘tale’. This work in particular uses metaphor,  myth and omissions.

and Giles Bailey ( EDIT : though I saw this video with the torn-up text after I’d made cut-ups at MOD Kineton….)

I could hear a Periscope alert tone in the background…or maybe just a text!


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