November 13th 2015 : Warwickshire

EDIT: A post about the events that followed is here  14th November: Waking Up to Change

Following on from the research I did for my Research Paper, the work at The Reading Room and Croughton and my Scoping from Crouch Hill, I’ve been thinking more and more about how this area is steeped in the history of the English Civil War.

It is something that locals refer to, especially the ‘myth’ that Oliver Cromwell planned the Battle of Edge Hill ( the first and inconclusive battle of the Civil War in 1642 ) in the Globe Room at the back of the pub.

Also, when I lived temporarily in the nearby village of Kineton ( Warwickshire) about 12 miles away, a friend put sheep in a field which bordered The Red Road – so called as the blood from this battle was so great a volume that it flowed down into the village of Little Kineton from the battlefield site.

That image is one that has stayed in my mind.

On Friday 13th November I set out at lunchtime to visit the memorial to the battle which is by the side of the B4086 between Edgehill and Kineton.

As I arrived at the memorial I was listening to the World at One on Radio4 on the car radio (no DAB).

This is what I heard. It brought a feeling of significance to my visit to the memorial  and implications for the thoughts of ‘simultaneity’ voiced in my Research Project, particularly because of the physical ‘overlay’ or palimpsest of the site I was visiting.

Now, MOD Kineton, previously CAD Kineton, previously inaugural battlefield site for the English Civil War between the Cavaliers ( Royalists) and Roundheads ( Protestants).

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 12.11.18

The headlines included  the justification for killing of ‘Jihadi John’ hear this clip ( used up free upload on Soundcloud so hope this quality is OK). Here is the World at One  sound recording, edited in Audacity, Clyp Upload.

I arrived at about 1.45 as the programme drew to a close and the Archers followed.

Here are some images and maps for location reference.


” Many of those who lost their lives are buried three quarters of a mile to the `south of this stone.”

This inscription reads ” To All those who gave their lives for their cause”  The Sealed Knot.

P1030903The Sealed Knot are now a Civil War battle re-enactment Society named after a  secret Royalist organisation which existed during the Civil War This would have ben left at a remembrance ceremony on the 23rd of October when they lay a wreath here and apparently at another site, Graveground Coppice, nearby.

This gives an idea of the location Edge Hill Memorial google images screenshot 2Edge Hill Memorial Google images Screen shot 1 The location is close to an MOD site as you can see from these images, so it is not possible usually to gain access to the other memorial, though I have read that access is allowed on the 23rd October to lay the other wreath.

I didn’t ‘Scope when visiting the memorial. I seem to remember that either my phone was low on charge or I couldn’t get a signal.Possibly both.

Visiting the memorial site felt odd. It all seemed so long ago and a rather romantic view of the past and this time of significant conflict in our history.

The overlay and significance of the site and the Uk’s involvement in present day global conflicts…..

I continued with my journey of investigation to Kineton to walk along the Red Road. This will be the next post.




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