A question of identity – managing my social media

A short post to remind me of things for consideration.

VPN or no VPN: Both my sons use one for streaming from American sources.But from my point of view; I don’t travel much, I don’t really have a network to access, and I have no need to get round any access restrictions at the moment…But from a security point of view, it maybe wise…?

Would my location still be detected? In some ways this is necessary, I think for my work…as it references location, but from a security point of view , I’m not sure.

I also wonder if I could use one to play around with ‘my location’ from the POV of my work in the future….Part of me feels, ‘why should I?’ which is childish, I guess…I’ll carry on thinking about this

My different professional identities

I need some different social media accounts for the different branches of my work work.

I am aware of possible conflicts between areas of my present research process and other aspects of my community practice ( art and my other profession)

I already recognise the need for different websites/ blogs for these as they have different audiences and need different access but am uncertain about Twitter, Periscope and others. As I investigate more and want to link some accounts to others…create some sort of commonality but retain differing priorities in each area.

There are areas of my work where expressing political views is inappropriate and ill advised, and others where it is essential..

A hard bridge to negotiate and I feel it will be a process that continues.



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