The Gift: Pascale gets her cakes!

On 31st October I had an email from Pascale. Her Banbury Cakes ( an exchange for the Bahrain newspaper she sent as a contribution  to  the Reading Room Event ) had finally arrived!

Along with a book recommended by Jonathan….

What would Marcel Mauss make of that! I read his anthropological ‘ The Gift’ several years ago  and had a look at the outline of this one to check-out the differences

To some extent, though I haven’t read the whole book, it seems that Mauss’s is based on anthropological observations but Hyde’s based on the mythology and meanings associated with the transition and exchange.

I’ll have to get a copy and read more..

What I did find interesting in that irritating ( but Useful) way that the Amazon algorithms have of telling you what you may like, I saw a couple of other books one by Hyde but also others on The Trickster and also Synchronicity.

I was feeling a bit ‘off’ ( ? tummy bug) so lay in bed for a bit…then….

Other things started to make sense and I think I am getting somewhere with my updated proposal…


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