What is Neuromorphic Computing?

After our conversations in Liverpool and on-line chat I thought this may be of interest!
And a mention of Buckminster Fuller as well!

The Public Brain Journal

IBM's Synapse neuromorphic processor chip imbedded in a computer board. IBM’s Synapse “neuromorphic” processor chip imbedded in a computer board.

It might be worthwhile to take a moment and inspect your current understanding of how computers work…probably some combination of zeros and ones and a series of electrical components to move those binaries back and forth. You would be surprised to know how far you could get down the path of building a modern computer (at least on paper) with that rudimentary of an understanding. With an electrical engineer in tow, you could probably even build a primitive mainframe computer (the ticker-tape or punch card variety). Would it shock you if I said that nearly all of the advances since then have been either due to materials and manufacturing advances? Software has made interacting with this hardware much more comfortable and computers have gotten incredibly powerful in the past few decades but the underlying architecture has roughly maintained that “ticker-tape”…

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