Today is my elder son’s 21st birthday…how did that happen? As his brother said ‘ a milestone’ … not only for him I’d say….

I’m also going to be travelling to Manchester later. The first time to the city in about 30 years apart from passing through on train journeys. I’m going to a family funeral in Salford and staying overnight with a cousin so, all in all, a significant couple of days which will be flooded with personal memories of childhood, family and University life and then all that followed will no doubt stream in.

I’ll try and detach myself a little from the process and watch it objectively and maybe even blog about it….

It’s particularly interesting as, because I am a single child (the  word ‘only’ has lots of cultural weighting…I prefer the Russian) I can share experiences of my family, friends, school etc with only a very few people; most of whom I never see as I moved away at 18. Already after a brief chat to ‘our Wayne’ on the phone he was reminiscing about the frogs in the pond in our garden and my father’s authoritarian style of child management!  More to follow. No doubt we will remember different events and the same events differently.

I’ll try to be objective but the results on here will be painted with a subjective and affective stroke.


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