Some new thoughts

As I haven’t made much work because of my Research Proposal  but here are some only ‘playings -about’.

It.s good to be doing something after all the writing and hopefully it will help things become clearer.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the wall painting in the church at Croughton. I cover this again in later post

The Weighing of the Souls


it is a Doom Painting . The ‘weighing of souls’,or  psychostasia, in Greek,  is a method of divine determination of fate, persisting  from the Iliad through to Christian theology. and extending  through Egyptian mythology and in Islam…..

I’ve been thinking about this  concept and how it feels to have a church with this painting within view of RAF Croughton and its links with global conflict.

I’ve also been trying to print various images such as drones, and casualties of drone attacks onto glass and onto US bank notes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I went over to see glass artist, Helen Slater who has  helped so much with glass work I’ve done in the past.She  told me of a way of getting images into glass. I’d been using inkjet copies and gel to  transfer  images onto the glass.

Here she is and some of the images she’s using in her work.


Not what I want but a useful  process  which may work.for me with my material.

I’ll try some things out…but ….

How does this fit into the space/ time continuum/palimpsest idea ?On the way back from her workshop I stopped in the village for our Skype chat

I saw this in the graveyard : My mother’s family name….not that common.

I saw it on Thursday 8th October



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