Ely cathedral and rural signals.

I heard a piece on ‘You and Yours’ about rural broadband to farms and isolated areas in Cambridgeshire and how Ely Cathedral is helping to ‘ spread the word’.

I though it was an interesting take on broadcasting ( originally  ‘sowing of seeds’) and the biblical or New Testament idea of ‘good news’ and ‘witnessing’ and all that……

Here is a quote and a link

“Air Broadband: Andrew Glover and Jo Dening gave a brief presentation of the merits of the Air Broadband system. There is already an installation in Ely cathedral, which serves surrounding villages and already has around 180 customers. Air Broadband can be mixed and matched with fibre systems. The proposal … is to put a repeater in the village so that a signal can be emitted from Valley Court Offices to the village for the benefit of the residents. The system only works for line of sight – trees or buildings will stop the signal. …. A repeater could be placed on the church tower, which may be able to service the village – this would require Diocesan permission.

Mr Wheeler thanked Air Broadband for their presentation and the representatives left the meeting.


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