Liverpool -Day 2

The following day I had a swim in the lovely pool and a huge breakfast and then spent sometime exploring the hotel and taking photos.

I found several Lounges/ dining rooms/ballrooms and a Masonic Hall! The latter was a strange co-incidence as the previous day I’d had a brief chat about Masons with Alejandro…..

The brass bannisters were amazing and the stained glass, wonderful. Anyway this isn’t Trip Advisor ……so then I met the others at Tate Liverpool but not before stopping to photograph the Lewis’s building. I felt as if I was in a European city not the UK!

The Jackson Pollock show ‘ Blind Spots’ was fascinating especially some of the works where he had used Japanese paper and shown the ‘seeping through‘.

We discussed the colour of the walls and how it affected the pieces being shown and also the fact that at least one of the works should have been shown with both sides visible.

I hadn’t really understood before the INTENTION behind his work and the lack of chance…. the agency in his performance rather than contingency and the importance of his ‘unconscious’ It made me re-assess his work. I read that originally his work was met with ” widespread indifference”…… not what any artist wants! dislike is better than that!

Here is a video about his work

I also went through to the  Glenn Ligon and was reminded of artists whose work I really like…. Gonzales Torres for instance.

Then I went through to Constellations on Floor 2 where the pieces are arranged by association from a central artist.

I saw some Naum June Paik... Flux Fleet ...

Flux Fleet 1974 Nam June Paik 1932-2006 Presented by the Hakuta Family (Tate Americas Foundation) 2013
Flux Fleet 1974 Nam June Paik 1932-2006 Presented by the Hakuta Family (Tate Americas Foundation) 2013

Christina Mackie Falling Boundary                                                                      iu-8and the Vienna Action Group though this is not from the Tate display.

We went on to a nearby photography gallery.Open Eye Gallery to see some very powerful LBGT portraits from South Africa.

I think Trystan went after this to replace his brick piece on the beach back at Crosby.

We all went on to FACT.

I was really surprised as they were showing Shona Illingworth- Lesions in the Landscape

I’ve already looked at her work  Balnakeil

I’ll make another short post about Lesions in the Landscape when I’ve had some kip.


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