Blackpool lights and sand in my sheets!

On the a-n website there was a reference to the Blackpool Illuminations and Light Pool an interactive exhibition at the Grundy Art Gallery.

It looks fantastic! especially this below:

As part of the LIGHTPOOL projection show you can have your chance to see your face on the world famous Blackpool Tower …. as LightPool’s very own “I-studio” allows people to be projected as if they were giants on the front of the iconic Blackpool Tower building. Step inside the booth and you will be magically transmitted up on screen where you can see yourself live.

Every Sangrownun’s dream!

As part of the  trip to Liverpool last week ( which I will blog about separately) we visited the Antony Gormley installation/sculptures on Crosby beach.

I got sand in my shoes and socks and, somehow, there is some in my bed now I am home….I love the way it spreadsmaybe some will find its way to Columbia with Alejandro, eventually…maybe some grains came from there anyway.

Here is a pick of the beach and  installation and….. a very long way off to the North….



and also a sight I haven’t seen since one of my last times by the Wyre after the death of my parents and clearing my family home :a sight of some significance, I feel :a migration



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