1Q84, Parallel Landscapes and Austria

As usual, I’m writing very retrospectively and somehow I make different connections then : space-time allows it. In a post about writing my research per I should hopefully discuss this ‘time perspectivism’ more…

In  August and September, I began reading 1Q84 whilst I was on holiday in Austria at the beginning of August. I won’t review the book as a piece of literature, though Murakami has become a ‘brand’ with his App and all…

It’s about parallel worlds which co-exist and moving between them... not a new theme… but interesting.  About how we perceive things, our own subjectivity and the judgements we make accordingly. The cover is one of those images which ‘depend how you look at it’ and when you change that you see it differently: moon – butterfly – chaos thing….


I thought about it on Sunday night when I happened to be awake and saw the Eclipse of the ‘Supermoon’. The eclipsed moon was rather like the distorted second moon in 1Q84…..

It was especially interesting as I was also reading Mattew Flintham’s Parallel Landscapes, his PhD which Gareth Polmeer recommended and I’d been reading a research paper by Geoff Bailey about the nature of palimpsest in Archaeology/Time.

So when I was in Austria I just couldn’t see things just the way they were.

I kept seeing other pasts….especially when I visited dams and so on.

Thinking of the workers who made them.

Also lots of thoughts about tradition and heritage, which of course are so important for contemporary Austrian tourism and sense of identity, collective and individual memory and so on……

It has happened before  when I’ve been in Austria, but this time the feeling was really strong.

Co-existing past and present, parallel or layered..

When I made the film for the Reading Room one of the audience wanted to know why I hadn’t used ‘Picture in Picture’ to show events existing at the Same time in Parallel.

I used overlay which is very different both conceptually and visually.

I think Overlay is more AFFECTIVE but I guess I could try both, maybe at the same time… that would be interesting.

There was another, more personal ‘ layer’ to the Parallels and Palimpsests…

I met Sarah, a colleague from the on-line course, in Innsbruck.

A parallel on-line world brought into focus with a personal meeting…

The parallel relationship is now somewhat different because of this same time, ‘real-time’ meeting.


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